Listen to This: Relationship Renovation Podcast

We’re straight-up podcast enthusiasts and always get excited about new show recommendations.

But our favorite thing is when a friend sends us a particular podcast episode they think we’ll love (or speaks to a particular situation we’re dealing with in our life). So we thought we’d share specific episodes we love with you, ranging from parenting to relationships to personal growth.

Relationship Renovation is a new favorite.

Listen to this episode:

Episode #146 of Relationship Renovoation: Transforming Thought Patterns: Foster Deeper Connection with Your Partner

About the podcast:

The Relationship Renovation podcast is hosted by licensed therapists and married couple, E.J. and Tarah Kerwin. They’re raising a blended family with four children. Their podcast is focused on helping couples make their relationships more connected and secure, so the everyday stresses of life become more manageable. 

Why we love this episode:

This was the first Relationship Renovation episode we ever listened to, and what a great one! This thought-provoking episode has great info about how our internal dialogue impacts our relationships. Specifically, the Kerwins talk about the negative “self-launching” thoughts that can affect the emotional safety and connection with our partners.  They share personal experiences and guidance on how to identify and address destructive thought patterns. 

Honestly, this episode was so insightful and helped us realize how automatic thoughts and narratives influence our interactions with our partners. We love that they offer practical steps for how to handle this in our relationships. This episode is really is compelling and truly helps you start to notice how your thoughts launch without your permission. Listen with your partner for maximum impact. 🙂

Happy listening!