Happy Mother’s Day 2015

mothers day 2015It’s one of our favorite days of the whole year — this special Sunday when we celebrate motherhood and all the blessings it brings with it.

We hope you spend this day with the ones you love, and we hope you “feel the love” from the people who call you “Mom.” We thank you for all you do for the heart smallpeople in your life, and we thank those of you who areĀ  “like a mom” to someone who needs that loving presence.

One of the reasons we created nwaMotherlode.com more than 7 years ago is because we feel strongly that there’s a special connection shared among mothers — a sisterhood of people who understand just how big this role is and how much it means to moms, to kids and to the entire world. We pray that this online gathering place for moms and women in Northwest Arkansas continues to be helpful, informative and entertaining.

From our homes to yours, we wish you a fun, relaxing, blessed Mother’s Day.