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Have you ever tried Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products?

Mrs. Meyers is a line of green (and effective!) cleaning products made by SC Johnson — a family company (who can resist saying the tagline?).

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HOW TO ENTER: Part of what makes Motherlode such a great resource for NWA moms is the advice we all share in comments and posts. For this one, we’d love to hear some of your best cleaning tips/tricks. All moms have a few unusual cleaning tips that they swear by. Click the comment button below and tell us a few of your faves. I’ll go first: use a dryer sheet to clean soap scum in the sink or tub. I also use a lint remover to clean my lamp shades.

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ABOUT MRS. MEYER’S CLEAN DAY: Believe it or not, Mrs. Meyer is a real person. Thelma Meyer’s daughter, Monica, started Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to create straight-forward, honest cleaners, that honor her mom’s old-fashioned values.

They consist of a collection of household products with essential oils from flowers and herbs that smell nice, but really pack a punch against daily dirt and grime. Their garden fresh scents include Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, and Geranium. All earth friendly, cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

WHERE TO USE YOUR COUPONS: Mrs. Meyers hand soaps are available at every Walmart, but not all the other products are. All of Mrs. Meyers products ARE available at and can be found HERE.  (MAIN page with 40 items, free shipping)

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  1. I use granulated dishwasher detergent with a little water mixed in (paste consistency) to clean the textured bottoms of my bathtubs. It takes the dirt right out!

  2. Dryer shets on the base boards! It really works. Cleans them while making the house smell nice to, also repells the dust from collecting on them.

  3. I let my puppies lick my plate clean so I don’t I have to rinse them before loading in the dishwasher!! Now, if I can just train the dogs to load the dishes when they are done with them I’ll be set!! ; ) Really, I have no tricks but I’m anxious to read what others have to say!

  4. I sprinkle baking soda into every load of laundry. Makes whites whiter, colors brighter, and takes away some of the static from my six month old’s clothes since I don’t use dryer sheets on her things!

  5. After cleaning them, use wax paper on silver faucets, shower heads, etc to repell the water from creating beads. Keeps my faucets and handles looking freshly cleaned in between my scrubings!

  6. You can make your own inexpensive solution to spray clean laminate floors, for using with microfibre cloth or such. 1 cup warm water, 1 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide (alcohol) to make it dry quickly and eliminate streaks, and 10-15 drops fave essential oil to mask the vinegar smell.

  7. I use 1 – 2 tbls white vineagar in the rinse cylce of my wash. Thwn I use only 1 – 2 tsp (yes tsp) fabric softener.

  8. My tip is to clean your bathrooms every week that way they never get too dirty and it will only take you a few minutes for each one.

  9. I ‘mop’ the bathroom floor with a hand towel or washcloth after a shower (dirty towel goes straight In the washer of course) It’s quick and makes me feel slightly better about not breaking out the actual mop more often.

  10. I love Mrs. Meyers products!
    Here is a cleaning/pest control tip…if you have ants, mix a few capfuls of rubbing alcohol and a nice squart of dish soap into a squirt bottle and fill with water. Spray those little boogers and their area and they will be gone. It is a great alternative to using chemicals and it has worked well for me since I started using this method 3 years ago.

  11. Baby wipes on all stains/spills–in clothes, carpet, bed spreads, etc… If it doesn’t completely remove the stain it at least losens it for your real cleaning solution! Peroxide on blood stains.

  12. Good old fashioned sunshine helps remove “organic” (food, human-made stains, etc) stains from a lot of my kids clothes. I just lay them on the picnic table for a day or two and some of those old stains just disappear!

  13. My cleaning tip is to get your kids involved at an early age! My 5 year old cleans mirrors & windows that I’ve sprayed with windex. My son uses the dust buster. They know where to find the towels, rags, etc. for spills. Yes, sometimes it’s easier/faster to do it yourself, but I’m hoping letting them help now will lead to continued eagerness to help as they get older.

  14. I use alcohol wipes on my kitchen and bathroom faucets to take away any stains and make them shine.

  15. Dawn dish soap is a great stain treater for laundry. It takes out grease and most other things as well.

  16. To clean your coffee pot. Fill it will ice the cover ice with salt. Swish and swirl ice/salt around in pot and presto the coffee pot is sparkling clean. Who knew that job at Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was 16 would come in handy!!!!

  17. I’m not a great housekeeper, but I love microfiber towels/cloths for really getting up sticky dust (the kind that’s been there for a while).

  18. I have put used dryer sheets in cabinets with sheets and towels and in drawers with clothes to keep them smelling fresher. Put dish sponges in the dishwasher to keep them clean.

  19. I save a lot of steps by having a cleaning tray under the sink in every bathroom. Not only can family clean up behind themselves but so can guest!

  20. If your pet has urinated on the carpet – use vinegar water in your carpet cleaner. For a prettier smell – throw in just a tiny bit of fabric softener!

  21. My favorite laundry tip is to put baby clothes with spit-up stains and #2 stains in the sunshine. If you leave them in the sun for a couple of hours, the stains quickly disappear. It always amazes me how well this works!!

  22. My cleaning tip comes from something I read, but that I don’t tend to do: Pick one task (i.e. dusting, vacuuming) and do it in each room before moving on to something else. also has a PLETHORA of cleaning tips and tricks (down to a science – I had to lay off before it became a religion)! 😉

  23. I always feel better when my bed is made and my sink is empty. And I use vinegar for almost everything!

  24. I clean all my cast iron pans with a paste made from kosher salt and oil. that and some hot water really keeps the clean, I also dry them over the burner on the stove.

  25. I let one child spray non toxic cleaner while the other child mops with their child size mop. They start on the other end of the house.By the time I get their it isn’t so much work to get the floors clean.

  26. I cook A LOT! When something sticks in my pan, I throw some baking soda and water in it, bring the water to a boil, and watch the pan clean itself. So easy, and it works!!

  27. I carry a wicker basket with me from room to room as I clean. I throw all the things that belong in a different room in the basket. I also clean from the back of the house to the front. When done, I go through the basket. My main “go to” cleaners are both homemade – for the kitchen I use a bottle filled almost halfway with water, then use equal amount of rubbing alcohol, the top the bottle off with a tablespoon or so of vinegar, for homemade “febreeze” I fill a spray bottle with water, add a little tea tree oil and then a little peppermint essential oil – shake it and spray everywhere for remove odors or use in the bathroom on surfaces.

  28. For tough stains on clothes make a paste out of liquid laundry detergent and oxyclean powder. Spray water on your stain and rub the paste on it. Let it set overnight and wash it in the laundry as normal. It works GREAT!
    Also, to get tape or sticker residue off of hard surfaces or skin use baby oil. It also works great to remove band aids off skin without making a child scream! After letting the baby oil sit a minute the band aid slides right off.

  29. What great tips all you mamas are sharing!!
    Vinegar will take out grape juice stains.. I thought Conner’s brand new WHITE Nike shorts and shirt were ruined but after soaking in water and vinegar, the stain disappeared!! I also kill two birds with one stone, I clean the shower/bathtub while taking a shower.. I can scrub to my heart’s content and then just rinse off! Or make the kiddos do it! (: THANK YOU

  30. LOVE LOVE Mrs. Meyer!!! Here is my tip for fruit flies: fill a small bowl with vinegar and add one drop of Mrs. Meyer dish soap…little guys just swarm to the bowl and the kitchen smells great:)

  31. I make my own disinfectant to clean granite. I bought a spray bottle and filled it 50/50 with alcohol and white vinegar. The smell goes away very quickly and doesn’t leave streaks. There are no harsh chemicals this way and does a great job. Also works great on mirrors. Vinegar is my friend!

  32. Some great tips here! My best tip is to fold laundry as soon as the dryer is done. Saves on ironing and keeping up with laundry makes me feel in control of something!

  33. Kat, I like to use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to mop my tile floors. Non toxic and works great!

  34. Oops sorry, I mean Kay. 🙂

    Another tip (don’t know if it’s been posted yet or not) is to use baking soda on the bathtub to help scrub away the soap scum stains. Works pretty well.

  35. Blue Dawn Dish soap works great on grease stains in clothing. Brush in and let it sit for 30 min (or less) before washing.

  36. Cut a lemon in half and rub on your grill to clean it off after grilling .. Lemon is also good to cut up and clean your garbage disposer.. clean scent too ..

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