Giveaway: Maids in Red housecleaning gift card!

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In the summertime, there’s so much to do and enjoy. Cleaning house is not at the top of that to-do list for most of us, am I right?

If the idea of having someone else come in and clean your house makes you feel downright giddy, you’ll LOVE this giveaway! One mama will win a $100 gift card toward house cleaning services by a new local cleaning company called Maids in Red.

The company has reasonable rates, so the $100 gift card will cover most of your entire fee — depending on how big your house is — unless you want to add on services like deep cleaning, fridge clean-out or other specialty services. Regardless, $100 will go a long way to getting your house’s sparkle on! {Maids in Red is even waiving the first-time-cleaning fee, so no worries there}

ABOUT MAIDS IN RED: Maids in Red is a new (local) cleaning company in Northwest Arkansas. The “in red” part of the name pays homage to the Hogs πŸ™‚

The company has flat rates (plus add-on services for reasonable rates) so you don’t have to guess how much they’ll charge. The founder, Andrew Flocks, said he finds the Maids in Red cleaners the same way many other folks find cleaners, by posting ads.

“But from there I devote time to multiple interviews and test cleanings,” he said. “I look at their work history and I run background checks to make sure they are going to perform a premium cleaning.Β  I do what you would want to do if you had the time to devote to it.”

We interviewed the founder, Andrew Flocks, last week on Motherlode. CLICK HERE to read the full interview with the Maids in Red founder to give you a better idea of how the company operates — including info about their 200% guarantee that you’ll be happy with your cleaning service.

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HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win this $100 gift card, throw your name in the online hat, mamas!

maids in red, mopTo enter, just click on the words β€œleave a comment” at the bottom of this post and tell us which room in your house could use a good Maids in Red cleaning right now!

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose a winner on Friday afternoon, mamas! Good luck! CLICK HEREto visit the Maids in Red website or call the company at:Β 

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  1. Every room could use cleaning when we move into a new home this summer, so I’d love to get some Maids in Red help for that!
    I follow you on Pinterest
    I subscribed to your newsletter

  2. WIth a toddler in the house, we could really use the open living room and kitchen cleaned!

  3. With it being summer time, that guest bedroom needs a good deep cleaning! This gift card would hit the spot.

    • Oh I forgot, I am on the mailing list, follow you all on Twitter and Facebook!

  4. I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law who is going to have a baby very soon.

  5. My mom has health issues and really needs help with all of the house. I am not able to help her right now. This would make her very happy. Thank you!

  6. My whole house could use a good cleaning!! Haha this would be so awesome to win! πŸ™‚

  7. I would love to try a cleaning service! I have been wanting to and just havent done it, this is perfect!

  8. With baby #4 due any day, this would be an amazing help (and a wonderful birthday present for me–my birthday is in 2 weeks)!

    I also commented on Facebook, follow on Pinterest and Twitter, and I’m a newsletter subscriber.

    Thanks for such a great website!

  9. With a 5 and 3 year old, every room could use a cleaning, but my kitchen the most!

  10. It’s just as easy to say which room does not need cleaning now! They all need to be cleaned!

  11. As a single mom of three, I share one of the two bedrooms in our home with my two year old daughter. As you can imagine, I’m cleaning my own room a lot along with all the others!

  12. All my rooms need a good cleaning!!!! Do we really want to talk about my dungeon of a laundry room right now? <> I try hard to forget that it is there.

  13. Single, full-time working mom with three kids and getting ready to start potty training a two year old! Would love to get the house thoroughly cleaned!

  14. My kitchen could really use a good cleaning!
    I commented on Facebook, follow you guys on Twitter, pintrest and newsletter subscriber.

  15. We have 5 people in 1700 square foot. I love my house but every inch is high traffic! I need the whole house but I’d say the kitchen needs the most work!

  16. My kitchen and bathrooms need this desperately! I follow you on Facebook and I subscribed to the newsletter. Pick me please!!

  17. All of them but especially the living room where my kids and their friends hang out the most over the Summer!

  18. My master bedroom could use a good cleaning right now. My oldest son is leaving for basic training in 1 week so I have totes everywhere packing stuff up!! I follow you on Pinterest and Twitter.

  19. We’re in the middle of WAH, homeschooling on top of summer activities, and a family health crisis. Cleaning is NOT my priority right now. What a great giveaway!

  20. Wow the house sure could use this. Would be great. The bath rooms and kitchen need it bad. Oh and don’t get me started on the dusting. Help please lol

  21. My kitchen could probably use the most help! Followed on FB, Twitter & Pinterest, too!

  22. Hmmm… the kitchen? And the craft room. And the master bedroom. ALSO THE SUNROOM! Okay, all of them. πŸ™‚ Send ’em on over mamas!!!


    (I also follow on pinterest, fb, twitter and receive the newsletter)

  23. Hi!

    My husband and I just did a very long and painful move from the country to the city of Fayetteville and have downsized. We’re just exhausted and overwhelmed at paring down from a 2400 sq foot house to a 1200 sq foot house! Because our previous house had many critters (it was a 164 year old farmhouse) we have to clean everything we’re unpacking. We’re also trying to clean everything as we’re moving in, like the kitchen cabinet shelves, etc. We could sure use the help with any aspect of this that Maids in Red felt they could help with! If they just picked a room, like the bathroom, and did a deep cleaning, we would be thrilled!

    I get your emails and follow you on Facebook.

  24. Every room needs a good cleaning. I would rather spend time with my granddaughter than clean house!

  25. Definitely the kitchen right now, but they could all use it! πŸ™‚

  26. My daughters bathroom and the laundry room both need some care. Those two rooms haven’t been high on the priority list right now during the last trimester of this pregnancy.

  27. My entire house could use a good cleaning but especially my kitchen/den area where we basically live.

  28. My kitchen! With 4 boys and lots of cooking it could really use a good deep clean!

  29. Every room of course but with a little boy the bathrooms are by far the priority. Anyone with boys knows what I’m talking about!

  30. It is difficult for me to vacuum so a good all over sweeping, mopping and dusting would help me out a lot.

  31. I feel like every room could really use a good cleaning, but honestly it’s a good deep cleaning I need. I need the dusting done because that is what I HATE to do. Baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, etc…

  32. What a blessing this will be to a local family. We are all so busy with work, kids, community, etc…
    Would love to have a good professional house cleaning!

    Shared on Facebook as well!

  33. Every. Single. Room. We have been so busy that the entire house needs a good scrubbing!

  34. WOW!! My kitchen could some added help! It seems I never get to the ‘extras’!

  35. I dislike cleaning the bathtubs, mopping, and dusting. So those would be great to have done for me. I am on the newsletter list. I follow on facebook and twitter. I also will comment on facebook.

  36. My kitchen and bathrooms could use a cleaning. They haven’t really recovered from when I was nausea earlier in my pregnancy.

  37. With me being outnumbered with the guys in the house I could definitely use a good clean in the bathrooms!!!

  38. My whole house is a disaster with 3 kids at home (one with special needs), so it’s hard to choose just one room. I would probably pick our living room/kitchen/dining area because it’s all one open room. I suscribe to your newsletter and follow on Pinterest. πŸ™‚

  39. Help with cleaning? Yes please! My kitchen always needs a cleaning, even though it seems I never stop sweeping, wiping, washing, cooking, baking, emptying, reloading, picking up, throwing out, reminding others to pick up, throw out, reload, etc. Actually, the kitchen could use not only a cleaning but a spa day since it is a place of constant activity. :o)

  40. We have a very hairy dog, so I would choose the living room with the most carpet for a good cleaning!

  41. Oh, I would LOVE to win this! My whole house could use a good deep cleaning, but I think I would definitely say the kitchen needs it the most!

    • I subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest πŸ™‚

  42. I’ve had no energy since being pregnant with my third, working full time, and trying to keep up with two toddlers. Add all of that to our recent move to another house, we have a lot of cleaning to do, especially in our master bedroom. That’s where everything gets hidden when we have people over. HELP!!

  43. My whole house could use it, but especially my kitchen! As a single mom, I try to spend as much time with my four-year-old as I can doing fun things. So, a good cleaning would be just amazing to free up a little more time for us to enjoy the summer!

  44. Every room in my house could use a good cleaning, but probably the kitchen and bathrooms for sure!

    • I am subscribed to the newsletter, follow on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. πŸ™‚

  45. Would love to win this for my mother. She can’t get down and deep clean anymore.

  46. Four boys make for an extra dirty home. Would love to win this. What a stress reliever!

  47. Would love to have my house cleaned. Love spending time outdoors and I can’t seem to be able to clean inside and outside anymore. This would be awesome! Thanks

  48. Of course I saw this the day after I scrubbed the grout on my kitchen floor with a toothbrush at 28 weeks pregnant! I would say my bathroom could use a good cleaning! With three kids and two adults all using one primary bathroom, it needs some help! This would also be great before baby gets here!

  49. Everything! I have a preschooler and and baby on the way! I’d love to deep clean my kitchen and no bathrooms but I just don’t have the energy! Pick me!

  50. What a great giveaway! If MaidsinRed came to my home they would be hard pressed to find a room in my home NOT needing their love and care. From a galloping horse my home looks tidy – things are put away, but if you took a closer look you’d see I never have time to vacuum or dust. Ugh!!! I subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on FaceBook!!!

  51. My kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that are the hardest to clean but I am always on top of them. It’s the living room/dining room combo. It’ s one big room and it needs to be gone over badly since our house has been in remodel mode for the past month. The remodeling will be done in a week and those rooms definitely need a thorough cleaning!!

  52. My master bedroom I’d always the collect all in our home. Could be the fact that it doubles as a busy home office.

  53. Every room! We just moved into a new home this past weekend so a good Maid in Red clean would be spot on!

  54. After having a couple of surgical procedures earlier this year my kitchen did not get it’s “Spring” cleaning and could really use it!

  55. Our guest bathroom just off the kitchen is the #1 most frequented room in the house. It ca always use a good cleaning!

  56. With 5 kids every room needs cleaning but mostly bathrooms. Would be a dream come true.

  57. My whole house could use a good deep cleaning. It’s not as fun to clean in the summer ,I would rather be outside soaking up the sun’s rays.

  58. Oh yes, please! My ENTIRE house could use a good cleaning since it is overrun by two toddlers!

  59. I am an 86 y/o recent widow who has lost much interest in housekeeping but my kids are all coming for a birthday party on the 17th and I would love to have a clean house. Winning the card would be great but I would like to hire them anyway. I have tried a couple of other people without much luck. Would like to hear from you.

  60. Oh my goodness. My entire house needs a deep cleaning. I think I’m the house that my friends might say “oh, she’s a real mom with real messes”… So hey, a good cleaning would be super freeing to me. When my house is in order I feel in order. Thanks for the chance. I sure feel
    More hospitable with a clean home.


  61. My bathroom is in desperate need of a cleaning! Being on bedrest has taken a toll on the house for sure. Would love for it to be clean when baby makes his arrival in a few weeks! Shared on Facebook!

  62. My kitchen or living room would be my top pick right now. Life with my three littles this summer is messy! πŸ™‚
    I follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, commented on FB and get the newsletter.

  63. It’s summertime and there’s nothing like two to five teenagers running in and out of your house daily Along with all of there filth to feel deserving of a free cleaning.

  64. The kitchen I hate to say, though one of the most “used” rooms of the house, could use a good scrubbing from top to bottom!!

  65. My daughter has neurological issues from a liver disease called Wilson’s. She has five children and is unable to take care of them at this time. I am staying with her right now and we are overwhelmed. Her house could use a deep cleaning! We need all the help we can get at this time.

  66. With four kids my whole house can use this service every day! (especially the kitchen)

  67. With recent health problems and two toddlers, seems like I’m struggling to keep anything clean, but our main bathroom is a depressing sight.

  68. The kitchen and master bath could definitely use a good, professional cleaning. I suffer from a chronic health condition and my husband has offered to hire someone to help once a week with cleaning the house but I stubbornly insist on doing it myself. Winning the gift card might just propel me into weekly maid service when I see how great it really is and how I don’t have to wear myself out so much.

  69. With 3 kiddos, it’s hard to say which room in the house could use this most……but if I have to pick, i’d say the living room or kitchen.

  70. with one busy little boy and pets, i am so busy with the three p’s(pee, poop, and puke)everyday that there’s never enough time for other cleaning. and oh my goodness how it’s needed! please, oh please, let me win!

  71. This would be the perfect way to get ready for the new baby! I’d say the kitchen and shower need a good cleaning, the windows too.

  72. If I had to pick just one room, I’d say the kitchen! Luckily, with this giveaway, I wouldn’t have to pick just one. πŸ™‚

  73. I’m the grandmother I drive 21/2 hrs every week to keep
    My 2 precious grandkids!! I try to help when I’m here this would be a awesome surprise for my daughter to clean her bedroom deeply!!

  74. My bathrooms could use a good cleaning! I am currently pregnant and it has been hard to maneuver to clean out bathtubs well. πŸ™‚

  75. This would be an amazing treat! I’ve never had professional cleaning. I could use help over the entire house! But my bedroom and bath would be my top choice for cleaning. It always seems to be put off until the last.

  76. The living room where the family spends the most time and with the front door opening right into it lots of dirt get tracked in. We can’t seem to keep it clean.

  77. Oh my goodness – any and EVERY room is in need of a good cleaning! I haven’t gotten past the “tidy up” stage of cleaning for years now (and usually not even that!). The Kitchen is probably the biggest mess, though!

  78. my grandkids are coming ………..i would so appreciate a clean home for them to come and visit me.
    i follow pinterest

  79. Wow like most every room needs a good overhaul. I would say my bathroom needs to most work.

  80. Hmm. I think the better question would be, which room in my house could NOT use a good cleaning? They all could LOL! Two kids + two pets = dirty! But, if I had to pick one room, I guess I would say my bedroom.

  81. I commented on Facebook, and follow ya’ll on Twitter and Pinterest, too! πŸ˜€

  82. I’m going on vacation next week and dreading coming home to a dirty house ! I’m sure
    that the bathrooms and kitchen will be totally “depressing” πŸ™‚

  83. Me against three kids who are home for summer….. need back up support against the dirt and dust!

  84. I’d have to pick my kitche. There are hard to reach spots on my cabinets that I’d like help with. But my bathrooms are a definite second!

  85. The whole house needs a deep clean but the kitchen is probably the worst! Awesome giveaway!

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