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Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Jennifer Luna, winner of the summer-long movie tickets and Amy Brown, who won the new mama spa package!

We all know that entertaining the kids during the summer can be a challenge and can sometimes get pretty expensive. So we’re giving one very lucky Motherlode reader enough movie money to get her family through the entire summer! This giveaway is worth a whopping $250 bucks in summer entertainment. And you can use the gift card at any of the area Malco Theatres and see the summer’s biggest movies, including choices like Cars 2, Transformers, The Help, the new Winnie the Pooh movie, Kung Fu Panda 2, Friends with Benefits, Zookeeper, Super 8, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Crazy Stupid Love, Green Lantern, Spy Kids 4 and the final Harry Potter movie.

Depending on how big your family is, you can see at least two new movies per month this summer with this giveaway package. And you can use the tickets any way you want — as date nights for you and your sweetie or family movie night for the whole crew. The gift card works at the ticket booth and the concession stand so you can decide as you go along how you want to spend it. Interested yet?

We are partnering with a research organization in this giveaway. We can’t disclose the name because the organization is conducting an independent “blind study” research project in Northwest Arkansas on the quality of healthcare for expectant mothers. Obviously, we here at nwaMotherlode as well as our readers all have a vested interest in the quality of medical care provided to women in our area and we want it to continually improve. To conduct the study, the organization wants feedback on healthcare preferences. Any mom can enter to win the summer movie ticket giveaway. As always, winners are chosen at random.

HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat for the summer movie money, just click the big orange button below and post your answer to this question: If you have ever given birth in a hospital, what part of the experience was good and what parts could have used improvement? If you haven’t given birth yet, what are the most important things you’d want as part of your experience? You may either post your answer below or send the answer to

A SPECIAL PACKAGE FOR NEW MOTHERS: The research organization is particularly interested in the opinions of local women who have given birth in Northwest Arkansas within the past two years who are at least 21-years-old and have private medical insurance (for example, health insurance through an employer, spouse’s employer or self-insured.) If you are one of these mothers and would be willing to participate in a small focus group — which is held locally and pays you for your time — please let us know in your comment that you’ve recently given birth. (By the way, you can put your name in for both the movie tickets giveaway package as well as the “new mom” package.)

An email will be sent to you by the research group to determine if you are available for the focus group session. (FYI… A focus group is just a gathering of local moms who will be asked questions by a facilitator about their birth experience so that their opinions can be documented. It’s super easy, doesn’t take long, and you’ll be paid just for saying what you liked and didn’t like about your hospital experience.)

If you haven’t given birth in the past two years or meet the criteria listed above, but you know someone who has, please pass along this information to her via email. The new moms who sign up for possible participation in the focus group will have a chance to win a spa gift certificate for some new mama pampering — massage, mani/pedi, and a facial! Sign up for the “New Mom Giveaway” by posting a comment or by sending an email to

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING: To increase your odds of winning either the “Summer Movie Money Giveaway” or the “New Mom Giveaway”, send an email to your friends/family about these opportunities and help us spread the word. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit!

Good luck in the giveaway! And thanks in advance for providing your opinions so our area hospitals can continue to improve health care for pregnant women. Remember to send a link to this giveaway to any mom you know who has given birth in the past two years. Thanks!



  1. The best part is it seemed so easy! The staff at Willow Creek does an excellent job. But the food could use a little improvement. I have heard of hospitals doing a special dinner for mom and dads after the delivery that includes steak. Now that would be awesome!!!

  2. The best part was the convenience of the nurses and how helpful every one was… the worst part was that one of the nurses in particular was not as friendly and professional… which makes the patient uncomfortable. All in all it was a great and beautiful experience though. πŸ™‚

  3. The best part is that day my family truly began! Austin is the best thing that has ever happened to our family! The food could have definitely been much better.

  4. The nurses at WRMC were wonderful! They made it pleasant and calm and were so kind to all of us. The improvement part would have been in the abrupt booting we got after less than 24 hours. I hadn’t realized we’d be headed home so quickly. Of course, that was 15 years ago so maybe it’s different now?

  5. the best part was seeing their little faces for the first time. simply magic!!! my children are 8 years apart, so experiencing it all over again was so much fun!

  6. With both of my pregnancies I had trouble. The first pregnancy I had the baby 17 days late and the second, 5.5 weeks early. So as you can see both experiences were vastly different, but in both cases I felt stupid and left out of the loop. I felt the nurses and doctors felt I was not competent enough to share what was happening with me and when I asked they would shut me down like I didn’t know enough be informed. I feel that over the years that has changed to some extent, but I also feel that could still be improved upon. When you feel things are being conveyed to you, you feel more confident and part of the process. I actually feel that way about all aspects of my life at work, home, etc…

  7. when i gave birth, the new Mercy had only been open for a short while, and it seemed whoever ordered my epidural didn’t order it in the correct manner, so i didn’t finish getting my epidural until about 10 minutes before i gave birth. thankfully, it worked immediately! otherwise we had a great experience there…the staff was great!

  8. I haven’t given birth in the last 2 years, but that is soon to change! We are going to meet our little girl any day now.

  9. Three births in the hospital…all different experiences. I think the best part of the experience is the end when you have your bundle of joy. I’m not sure any hospital experience is really “good”. The staff is usually shorthanded and just there to do their jobs. It is nice though when you find those that enjoy their jobs and what they do.

  10. I loved having both of my kids at Mercy Hospital (then St. Mary’s). I was most impressed with the care and concern after we went home – the nuns called to check on us and see if everything was going ok.

  11. The best part of my hospital birth experience was the awesome staff who let me do what I felt I needed to do by mothers instinct. (interested in focus group- I fit the criteria wanted)

  12. I want to enter for the movie give-away and the new mom package. Honestly, I was terrified about giving birth and being in the hospital, but to my surprise the experience was GREAT. I gave birth at WRMC and the nurses/staff were WONDERFUL–I can’t wait to do it again!

  13. Yes I have given birth in the Bentonville Northwest Hospital.I had a wonderful expierence in August 2006, Dr. Amy Sarver is a Great doctor. I was very impressed with the care I recieved the entire time I was there. This was my third child and the previous two were born at another hospital. I will say that my last experience was the Best!

  14. I remember the excitement leading up to the birth of my daughter. Everyone guessing when the baby would be born, how big she would be, what she would look like, etc. It was a great day and the best part of it all is that when Lauren was born I learned what true love really meant!

  15. I had my second child at St. Mary’s in Rogers. My doctor and nurses were really great, but it was back before the vbac ban was lifted, so I had to have a c-section. That was super disappointing.

  16. All three of my deliveries were very very long. It helps so much when the staff endures all of the hysterical outbursts and keeps on smiling (unlike my husband!). My youngest son was born with pneumonia and before I got a chance to really bond we were AirVaced to another hospital where he was in the NIC unit for a couple weeks. It was there that I was blessed to be able to see the nurses and doctors break down the walls and completely give themselves to the babies and their families. During such an emotional time it gave my family a peace knowing that my son was being loved and cherished when I was not able to be with him.

  17. The best part of my son’s birth was I was in the delivery room with the birth mom at Willow Creek where the staff treated me the adopted mother just like I had given birth to him and knowing that his birth mother loved him so much that she knew the best thing for him was another mommy who could afford to feed, cloth and care for him a the way that she could not do.

  18. I’ve had 4 kids at 4 different hospitals, only one in NWW, at Willow Creek. It was a great hospital experience, probably the best of the 4.

  19. I have 3 kids and while each birth was unique and special, there is just nothing like the first moment I held my first babe, it was magical!!

  20. I gave birth at St. Mary. There were three of us co-workers pregnant and due around the same time. We were all first time moms and they were scared about giving birth, I was not. As it turns out, I am the one that had complications and had to have a c-section. We all gave birth within 3 days of each other and all at St. Mary. The care given then was excellant.

  21. The food was definitely not appetizing and I really disliked that 30 minutes after having my babies they took them and I did not see them for hours. Nine months in my belly and all the work of labor and then they took my reward! I did like being able to rest without distraction and being taken care of.

  22. I’ve had 3 kids at Willow Creek in the past 5 years. The best part was probably the lactation consultant who came in and helped me when my daughter was born last year. Plus I enjoyed NOT having an epidural until 9cm (believe it or not), and the Dr. who did it made it custom so I didn’t feel sick like with the other 2. The 3rd labor was the best!

  23. All three of my births have been at home and all very unique. The most recent, in December, was especially fast, and my oldest was there for the very end. I remember him being so excited that she was a girl that he could hardly stand it, and then he cut the cord. He still talks about the day the baby came out with fondness <3

  24. When my first was welcomed into the world…it was Labor Day weekend. Fitting! I knew when I held that little bundle it was the sweetest joy I had ever experienced, the same experience when son #2 joined us a few years later.

  25. Although it has been a while ago since I gave birth at a NWA hospital, I remember how wonderful all the staff was. It was truly amazing to hold my new bundle of joy in my arms for the first time. He was well worth the wait and the expierence.
    One thing that I would have changed at the time however, was that due to the rain and snow out side melting and leaking into the room, I had to change rooms in the middle of all of it to play it safe. It was more than crazy at the time, but something to remember now!!

  26. My first was born at WRMC. I had to delay pushing until the dr. was scheduled to arrive for his shift, he sauntered in and ordered demerol to be given through my i.v. even though I asked for NO pain meds and was only minutes away from delivering, and the hospital never gave me a meal that day even though I asked for one several times. I got a bill for a meal a year later which I promptly mailed back with a few choice words added. πŸ™‚
    My 2nd and 3rd were home birth and C-section (breech) so I guess I’ve done it all!

  27. I’ve given birth in a hospital three times & two of the three times I had the best nurses!!! Having good nurses makes all the difference. One time, I had a terrible nurse & it was awful!!

  28. I gave birth at NW Medical Center in Springdale and at Willow Creek in Johnson.. I had good experiences at both hospitals. The nurses honestly can make it or break it for you. I was blessed with an amazing Nurse for both of my births. Here is my one suggestion… Some one should make you, or rather encourage you to take the time to apply a little make up and make sure your hair isn’t a hot mess! I could have cared less at the time, but looking back… WOW! I should have taken some time.. πŸ™‚

  29. My life changed that day. My twins were not due until Oct 24, but on Aug 24, 1998, my doctors found a blood clot in my lung and decided to do an emergency c-section since I was having problems breathing and they felt that the babies were a burden on my functions. They were 3#12ozs and 4#5ozs and they were born perfectly healthy! I did not get to see them until they were 3 days old because I was in ICU but their father and grandmother told me how perfect and beautiful they were. When I finally got the green light to see them, hospital staff wheeled me down in a wheelchair with oxygen attached. They truly were the most perfect baby boy and girl and a blessing from God. They changed my life in some many ways and I thank God for them. They are now 12 years old, feisty and full of life!

  30. I loved the epidural and the good nurses at Washington regional Hospital.
    I would not have changed anything.
    Thank you!

  31. In a hospital for me, both times. With my first child, she came on her due date. I had to have emergency c-section, which was scary. The anesthesiologist at Willow Creek was an angel! He held my hand in the operating room and told me jokes throughout the whole surgery. Talk about a great bedside manner!

  32. I have had 3 babies in 3 different hospitals in nwa, 2 of them in the last 2 years πŸ™‚ My 1st “hospital experience” was at St. Mary’s and probably the worst because the hosp was old and the room was so small and hot, then the TV broke. Plus I had a spinal and the Dr said I had to lay flat on my back for 8 hrs after delivery (miserable and hard to take care of and nurse baby). The worst baby experience was my last because he had to be taken to a different hosp to go to a NICU. My second hospital experience was probably the best because it was a nice hospital; they had great staff and seem to go the extra mile to make me feel like we were special. Each hospital and delivery had their own best and worst, but they were all great.

  33. I delivered all 3 of my beautiful daughters at Willow Creek. My youngest one arrived just 13 days ago! My experiences there have been great. With my births ranging from a preemie who spent time in the NICU to a large baby with whom I had a very short labor to my most recent one with whom I was induced, I’ve experienced many aspects of that great hospital. I wouldn’t deliver anywhere else! I’d love to be included in both the movie giveaway, plus the new moms too! Thanks!

  34. For the most part both of my hospital births went pretty well. The only issues I had were dealing with the sensitivity of some of the staff. I had to leave my baby in the NICU and was very upset about it. While dealing with this hospital staff expected me to deal with the billing department as well. I think that they could have been more tactful in the way they dealt with that.

  35. Third time’s a charm. The easiest and best delivery was my 3rd. Everything went smoothly and I was so calm. My little girl is precious!

  36. I have one child and another on the way (Jan 7th, 2012). Washington Regional has always been my hospital of choice and I’m really glad I chose them to deliver my son. I’ll also be using them for our second child. The nurse’s are absolutely wonderful and give you one-on-one attention. The best part was I got to keep my baby in the room with me the entire time as they encourage it and discourage time in the nursery. I LOVE Washington Regional and could not imagine delivering anywhere else.

  37. Nursing staff makes all the difference in the delivery room!! I had a great experience with my nurses at a small rural hospital in Iowa. I had a life threatening complication during the delivery of my son. While he was fine, the doctor and nurses literally saved my life with some quick thinking and some “on the farm” training. All the fancy technology won’t save a life if the people don’t know how to use it!

  38. I birthed one at the old Mercy and one in the new Mercy hospital. The staff was wonderful at both! My 2nd born was in NICU for a few days and the nurses in there were awesome! the only thing I would change is checking out seems to take forever, and better communication. It was hours before I found out that he was in NICU. And that was after I went looking. A mom would rather know right away!!!

  39. I had a great experience at Washington Regional when I had Nate. The only thing I saw was negative was how early they’d wake you up to take your blood pressure.

  40. My daughter’s expected delivery date was April 2, 2001 but I really wanted to have her on St. Patrick’s Day and figured that would so not happen. As luck would have it I went into Labor on March 16th and delivered her on the 17th of March at Willow Creek, she was one of the first few babies born there.

  41. I had one child by c-section at willow creek and one by c-section at WRMC. The birthing experience at Willow Creek was great, but the post-birth care was disappointing. It was a weekend and they changed my room and bed twice (I’m tall and my feet hung off the end of one bed)…twice they forgot to send my meals (because someone had marked the chart that I had been discharged already). WRMC was a fabulous experience from beginning to end. The staff was caring, the food good, and the room very clean and comfortable.

  42. I have 4 birthing experiences and they kind of all run together. I will say I got 4 healthy, happy children out of the deal so no complaints from me. All were delivered at WRMC and they did a GREAT job.

  43. Jacob came on his due date, unfortunately due to the cord being around his neck! I am so thankful for the doctors and nurses (and anestesiologist!)at Washington Regional. They took great care of us all. Madison was born at Mercy on a Friday in December looking so much like her big brother. The weekend-staff seemed a little light at Mercy. I’d recommend an early-in-the-week baby if one has the option! πŸ™‚ Or, go to Washington Regional! πŸ™‚

  44. My son Ben was born in the Naval Hospital in San Diego, California. One of the greatest things I remember was that a young male Philippino Coreman taught me how to breast-feed. It was something I will never forget. Love, care and concern come in all diversities, please let us always remember this!

  45. First of all, I am a “new mom.” My little boy is a year and a half and I would LOVE to be entered into the spa giveaway. Also, the best part about giving birth to my son was getting my epidural πŸ™‚ and finally holding him in my arms. One thing that could have used improvement was having more guidance and encouragement during the delivery process. The doctor and one nurse weren’t very encouraging or very helpful.

  46. I had both of my children at St. John’s in Rogers and I have to say that both situations were wonderful. The staff was helpful and caring. I only had one nurse that I didn’t care for and she was on the night shift. My first child I had to walk myself up to the delivery unit, not sure what happened there. LOL. But all in all it was wonderful and I was so thankful for all of the attention that I got. Wonderful hospital.

  47. I had two babies (both c-section) in less than two years at Washington Regional and had a great experience. I even had the same nurses which was nice and comforting. I received great care, as did our children. I really like the rooming in and the security of the maternity ward. People cannot just walk into the hallways.

    The one part that could use improvement, at least in my opinion, is letting the baby visit the mother in recovery after a c-section. I saw both of my babies briefly after they were delivered and was then told it would be at least an hour until I would be back in the room and could see them again. My husband argued and pushed for both of ours to be allowed into the recovery room, which they were. A nursery nurse came with him, but it was some of the sweetest time we spent together.

    I am interested in the focus group.

  48. I delivered on September 11th,2009 to my second son Cash at Northwest Medical Center Benton County. I ended up having an emergency c-section about 30 minutes after induction started. The staff was amazing they kept saying how calm I was being and I kept thinking that thank God I was in the right place I knew they would do the best job they could and keep my child and me safe and alive. Cash came into this world perfect and I had the best post natal care as I was the only mom on the floor the whole weekend I had the staff all to myself.

    I’m interested in taking part in the focus group

  49. I had my first baby at the end of March at Willow Creek. I probably couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I delivered him naturally and the nurses and staff were very encouraging through the whole experience. I was thankful to have their support. I also liked being able to control the lighting, temperature, and environment of the room.

    The part I did not like was going through triage in order to check in since I went into labor at night. We received a hefty bill for that, even though I couldn’t control when I went into labor!

    I am definitely interested in participating in the focus group!

  50. Delivered in Colorado – loved the hospital, staff, EVERYTHING. Most important loved the little girl I got to take home with me!
    Altough labor and delivery – all natural – wasnt that bad, I wouldnt do it everyday.

  51. The nurses are the key to a good hospital stay. I’ve delivered 2 babies at Willow Creek and both times, the nurses were more than fantastic. They went out of their way to be helpful, caring, and to make sure my needs were being met.

  52. I agree that the nurse is key. My nurse got me through labor and delivery when my epidural didn’t work. That was the good. The bad: I was supposed to be discharged at 2pm and we didn’t leave until after 9pm because every time we were about to leave, a nurse would realize that something didn’t get done. Like blood tests or whatever. Very frustrating.

  53. I gave birth in a hospital but with a midwife nurse practitioner. It was very important to me to give birth naturally. One of the most surprising things about my birthing experience was how hard I had to fight for this. I had a normal pregnancy and normal delivery, but you would’ve thought I was asking to have my baby born with pink, orange and purple polka dots. My midwife was out of town for most of my labor so I saw a range of doctors. At one point one of them told me I was going to have to have a c-section. WHAT? I’m progressing normally.
    I did not have a c-section, nor did I have a polka dotted baby. Our bodies are designed to do this.

  54. It has been 15 years since I delivered the last of my five children. The last three were born at WRMC. Labor and delivery went great. Nursing care was good. My last child was delivered a few hours before the tornado hit Van Buren in April 1996. The staff handled the situation very professionally. The quickly and efficiently removed all patients from the rooms and relocated us to an inner hallway. That is definitely one night we will not forget! One thing that would have made it a better experience would be to have a roll-away bed for the father. The recliner was comfortable for a short time, but not for an extended time.

  55. I delivered both of my daughters in the hospital and had a great experience both times! I would say that the nurses you have are a huge part of your hospital stay, they could make it good or bad πŸ™‚

  56. With our first child we decided to NOT find out his gender until his birth. How exciting it was that day when we went to the hospital knowing that we would meet our little boy or girl! Great expirience and great nurses for both kids! Thanks Willow Creek!

  57. I was so surprised when my first baby was born. She looked totally different than I visualized. She was beautiful and I was so proud, but totally different.

  58. I gave birth at Washington Regional 2 1/2 years ago. I loved my doctor and the nurses. I ended up having an emergency c-section due to my son’s heartbeat dropping and of course I was not prepared for this. The staff was great in preparing me for what was going to happen.
    The one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that young children were not allowed in the room after the baby was born. I had a couple of people who were not aware of this policy and were not able to visit me because they had a young child with them and no one to watch the child in the lobby.
    Even though I gave birth over 2 years ago, I’d be happy to participate in the focus group if possible.

  59. Our first birth was natural, not induced, without an epidural due to complications, and the second was induced with an epidural, and I have to say, the epidural wins out by a long shot!

  60. All three of my boys were born at Mercy in Rogers and all were born naturally w/o an epidural. First one came when he wanted but the other 2 were induced. The induced labors were harder and really, my only negative comments are I wish the nurses would have listened to my past experiences a little more on my last labor and I wish the laction nurse would have been a little more patient with my first one.

  61. I had my 2nd baby a year ago. It was a planned c-section because my first one. But I was totally okay with that. My care the 2nd time around, in the same hospital was much better. I’d be interested in the focus group. Both of my girls were early and I went into labor on my own, but each was totally different. So much fun and excitement. It’s fun to tell the stories.

  62. The day I had Stacy was the greatest day ever. She was the first gran-daughter out of four. The Dr. asked me right afterward if we wanted another child as I had her natural. I said I would be back in a year for our baby boy, which was the second greatest joy 22 months later. They have blessed us with 3 gran-daughters.

  63. I had my son at the current Washington Regional Hospital when it was newly built. I felt well-cared for and the nurses were amazing. The atmosphere was calm and the rooms seemed “better” because it was a newer facility. The only thing I remember being ticked about was that my doctor was delivering two babies at the same time, mine and another baby. I was ready to go and basically had to wait a while for him to be done with the other birth. I remember thinking “are you KIDDING!! What do you mean WAIT!!”

  64. The worst part of my hospital experience was that I had an emergency C-section at 7 months and nothing was going well … when along came about 12-15 student nurses and formed a semi-circle at the foot of my bed without my knowledge OR permission. The instructor (a guy, of course) began saying, “Watch me put this catheter in with someone in kidney failure.” Let’s just say it didn’t go well, and there were no more student nurses for my stay. Oh, I know they need to learn; I’m all for learning – but not in that circumstance, please. The best part? My sweet Miracle baby, Lindsay Nicole (now 24).

  65. I’ve given birth in the hospital 5 times, 2 states, 4 different hospitals and doctors, natural, epidural, every which way but a C-section. Hands down, my best advice is to get a doula, regardless of the outcome, she is an advocate, a friend who knows you in and out of labor and helps you navigate the birthing process. My husband is my best friend and advocate but not the same as a woman who gets it and me…

  66. The day my sweet Ian was born was amazing. He arrived via VBAC after 17 hours of labor at home, in my bedroom. He grumbled a bit and looked up at me from the perfect vantage point, my chest.

  67. Bad experience having preeclampsia at willow creek when it first opened! No doctor to be found on the weekend to ween me off magnesium! Good experience good doctors!

  68. I have 3 boys. 2 were born at Willow Creek and 1 was born at Wasington Regional because of insurance changes. I really liked the birthing/recovery suites at Willow Creek. The staff was really friendly. My only complaint is that my poor husband nearly starved to death– I had preterm labor with our first child and was hospitalized 2 times before he was born. There was no cafeteria and all food options were too far away. I used a labor coach for child #2. I would definitely recommend using one!

  69. My kids would enjoy winning this giveaway. Willow Creek and Mercy were both great facilities with wonderful doctors and staff.

  70. My first child was born after being 12 days late. My inducement started on the 10th day and she wasn’t born until the 12th day at 1:40 AM. I was so hungry and all my husband brought me to eat was crackers from the vending machine!

  71. I gave birth two times at Washington Regional; once with a midwife (wonderful) and the second time with a nurse and doula. Both natural (had no time for an epidural). Both awesome experiences. I had birthplans and got help sticking to them. I am a walker and they let me loose to walk the halls without all the wires hanging everywhere.

  72. I have given birth 4 times and the good part is my doctor. I love my Doctor. The opportunities are that they have a nurse come in every 5 minutes while you are exhausted to check your vitals. After a few of these nurse visits in the middle of the night, my blood pressure is pumping with rage.

  73. I have given birth twice @ 2 different hospitals.
    The best part was the Epideral both times and a continuous flow of it! Secondly, at Washington Regional since I had normal pregnancy and delivery, the night-time nurses left me alone to sleep and didn’t check my vitals every 4 hours like they did at Willow Creek! Another good thing was getting the studpid IV out of my hand after it had been in for 48 hrs.! Ouch! & Of course, Overall the best experiences were giving birth to my 2 beautiful, healthy children! That are the joy in my Life!

  74. I have given birth 1 time at NW Medical, they were great, my dr was great, however the lady putting in my iv needed some more practice but not on me!

  75. I gave birth to my second child at St. Mary’s Hospital. The staff was excellent, however, there was not enough of them. It was difficult with only one doctor, and several women in labor. My baby was ready to come out, but the nurse kept telling me I had to wait until the doctor was done with another patient!

  76. I have not given birth yet, but what I think I would appreciate more than anything is wonderful staff that is encouraging and kind. A sweet person can change a whole experience for anything, not just giving birth I believe. So that is what I think I would want. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for doing these wonderful giveaways!

  77. The best part is all the help you get while you are at the hospital, even a little pampering. The worst is when you are heading home & realizing you are responsible for taking care of this new life, husbands help, but you feel primarily in charge.

  78. I have had two wonderful little girls bothe born at willow creek. Both were great experiences. My youngest is 3 months old, so that birth is fresh on my mind. Everyone was very kind and comforting and very helpful. The only thing I hate was the hourly rounds!! its good that they do them, and understandable why… that doesn’t make me like them haha! both of my babies were born in early morning or middle of the night and i was soo tired i just wanted to be left alone. I couldn’t have asked for better service and they were very very helpful.

  79. The hospital that I had Sofia at was wonderful they were very attentive, and the rooms were set up to look like hotel rooms instead of a hospital. All of the equipment was hidden in the walls behind art work that was soothing. They had a couch and recliner for comfortable seating when family came to visit. It was great! I got my epi. too late so that was not fun but other than that it was a great experiance.

  80. I had my son at Willow Creek Hospital. I LOVED the nurses and Dr. Partridge was AMAZING! I was put in a room with another patient while they monitored my progress which I didn’t love, but honestly I was so in the zone it didn’t really matter. Once I got moved to my own room with an epidural things were awesome! The staff let a herd of about 15 in the room while we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world. It was so special to be able to share that with all the people that would be loving and caring for this sweet little baby.

  81. I went in for my scheduled appointment and the doctor told me that weren’t going to let me go home but instead I needed to let my husband know that I was headed for the hospital! What a surprise! All went well on that hot, muggy, Alabama June day. I am a blessed mother!

  82. The best part of course was meeting my son. Everyone at the hospital was very friendly. Overall the experience was great. The worst part: my son was born on a Friday night and the lactation nurse had went home for the weekend so I was left basically on my own in that regard…

  83. The best part of giving birth was the comfort and care given at Northwest and at Willow Creek. The absolute best part of the experience was holding each of my children for the first time. The staff knew how to make that moment incredibly special. The worst part was feeling that I was a burden to the night nurse at Northwest. I also didn’t like getting whatever doctor was on rotation that night. I would have loved it if my babies had been delivered by my doctor. I had three children and I missed my doctor every time!

  84. I gave birth to my sweet baby girl 12 years ago at Northwest Medical Center Springdale, the nurses were wonderful and my doctor was too. I since have 5 step children that all enjoy going to the movies. The 2 boys were telling me just yesterday all the new movies that are coming out this week that they would LOVE to see. Movie tickets would great for us!

  85. I love the nurses at WRMC. In my first pregnancy I had 23 hrs of labor followed by a c-section. In my second it was planned. I had problems in both and the nurses were wonderful…very informative and caring. I would however had liked to see the Dr. a little sooner after the surgery.

  86. I gave birth almost a year ago for the second time in NWA and would like to join the focus group.I commented earlier.

  87. The best part- the epidural!!! The worst part- the registration process when you get there πŸ™

  88. Oops…didn’t mention in my last post, but I’d be happy to have my name in the hat for the movie tix and/or the “new mom” spa package. =) Since I have a 15 month old, I’d love to participate in the focus group if chosen!

  89. The best part of course was seeing our son’s face for the first time (just like Daddy)! The nurses were wonderful; we felt like royalty. The only down side was the anesthesiologist we had right before going into Ceserean delivery. I was scared about having to resort to c-section, but then when I wanted to ask some questions from him, he quote “I’ve done this 100s of times, I think I know what I’m doing,” really rubbed me wrong!

  90. The best part about giving birth in a hospital…
    I guess the fact of knowing the doctors and nurses areright there to take care of your baby in the case of emergency.

    Other than was kinda nice to get to snooze a little while they took care of them too.

    LOVE being a mommy…to three beautiful daughters, which are now 21, 23 & 25!! wowza..
    THAT went by sooooo fast!!

    Cindy Cagle

  91. The rooms at WRMC were nice but I had my babies early and had to go through the ER. My doctor was on call and I had to wait 30 minutes for her to get there. The nurses didn’t seem confident and kept telling me not to push until the doctor got there.

  92. The best part was holding my babies for the first time! Any complaints I might have had were overshadowed and quickly forgotten once I had my babies in my arms.

  93. I have a 16 month old that was born at WRMC. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the nurses! They are AWESOME. I went in on a Sunday night and my nurse put me at complete ease (not a easy task with a first time mom) I was in the hospital for 5 days and I don’t think I have a complaint (besides the bill πŸ™‚

  94. I am blessed with a 17 year old son, and a 19 year old daughter. With both I gave birth at the old WRMC. The best part was, of course, holding my very healthy babies for the first time. I do however suggest one thing. When giving birth to my daughter, there were a lot of students in the room. I was very young and didn’t want to hurt any ones feelings. I wish that could have been more of a private moment that my husband and I could have shared. By the time I had my son, I was able to just say NO !

  95. I had my first son at St. Marys and my second birth was at Willow Creek. I definitely had a better experience at Willow Creek than St. Marys. It was just more comfortable and the staff was friendlier.

  96. I remember when my first daughter was born, I felt like I had joined a secret club…of moms! After her birth, I felt an instant connection with any other mother I saw out in public or anywhere else. It was a very special feeling and I loved it.

  97. I am a new mom. I have an 8 month old daughter, Jocelyn, and a 4 year old daughter, Madelyn. I gave birth in Little Rock with my first. The worst thing about that experience is that I was transfered to a closet room after the birth. I have a degree in Interior Design and am aware that when hospitals run out of room they will seriously make space out of anything. Anyway, it was extremely small. I had to turn sideways to go between the end of my bed and the baby bed. There wasn’t enough room to put her at the side of my bed. Another, thing that went wrong is that my nurse did not empty my bladder. This made me extremely sick. I was in complete shock that my worst part was after my daughter was born. I was very scared and thought something was going very wrong. Thankfully there was an easy fix. But, you don’t forget something that scary. Now my BEST experience was with my second daughter, Jocelyn. I was not moved after the birth and that was very comforting. I was able to sit up my room the way I wanted and not have to worry about packing it all back up. Also, the whole labor and delivery was just calmer. It was a peaceful experience.

  98. I’ve had my first baby at Washington Regional and my second at Willow Creek. No medication either time. Overall, both experiences were good.

  99. Oh my, it has been a long time ago, but I surely remember the warm fuzzy feeling when I held my first daughter for the first time, it was great. Worst part? When you are modest, MOST of the experience can be called the worst part! LOL

  100. I saw GOD today, best describes it!!BY George Strait. what a blessing!!
    Little EDEN:)

  101. The best part for me was getting to watch my older son stare at his new baby brother with such love! I know it won’t always be that way but it was so precious! I delivered by RCS at northwest in bentonville and everyone was amazing! Probably the best anesthesiologist I have ever been around! Love my doc too!! Was such a great experience!

  102. I meant to add I just gave birth in may! Would love to be part of the research group!

  103. I’ve had 3 great experiences at both Washington Regional and Willow Creek. I was lucky enough to have my own doc, Dr. Scott Bailey, deliver all three. But the best part is the moment when they say,”It’s a BOY/GIRL!”. I may be old fashioned on this one point– but I can’t imagine ruining life’s greatest surprise!

  104. I had a baby last August, at Willow Creek Women’s Hospital. Our baby had low oxygen levels and was in the nursery for 30 hours after her birth. My sweet doctor, Dr. Cole, came in to check on me the next morning after surgery, and when I broke down in tears, he soothed and comforted me, and allowed me to go down in a wheel chair to see her. The nursery nurses were so kind and loving and told me I could hang out in there with my daughter all day if I wanted to. It was such a memorable time in there with my baby. The entire nursing staff was extremely busy at the time, as there were LOADS of babies that week, and yet they still made me feel important and cared for. It was my second c-section at WC, and I am so incredibly impressed with the staff there. They made me feel I was the most important person on earth, during a truly life altering time. It’s such an emotional and sometimes traumatic experience to have a baby, and I feel like there is a team of “moms” there, taking care of you and your baby. They are truly wonderful. I’ve now had 3 surgeries there and I couldn’t say enough about the WC nurses!

  105. I had both my children at Washington Regional (2006 & 2009). Both experiences there were very positive. The nurses and doctors were receptive to my decision to have a natural birth (no drugs) or intervention. The only complaint would be the horrible food. Although 2009 was much improved over 2006’s menu. I much rather see them offer better food so the food is NOT wasted. If you are spending the money, spend it wisely.

  106. I gave birth at 2 different hospital in the area. The difference was with the nursing care. Mercy had the best nursing staff.

  107. My labor was quite long with my forth baby, 20 hours to be exact and pushed for 2 (compared to 30 minutes with my first three). One of my nurses was definitely lacking nursing etiquette….. She had shared with me that I needed to calm down a little as I wasn’t the only one in pain in the hospital. My husband jokes to this day saying he just knew I was going to drop-kick her. The most wonderful experience was the pampering I received afterwards and the mothers from St. Vincent coming in to pray over our precious baby.

  108. my experiences were pretty good.. I LOVED my Doctor! Dr. Hix delivered all 3 of mine! there is something about a doctor that will pray with you before your c sections! GREAT doctor! I had my first at washington regional and my second and third at willow creek. I can hardly remember my first experience with the staff. I do remember someone from accounting coming to my room within minutes of me getting out of recovery from my c section. I thought it was very tacky because I had not even held my new baby yet before they were hounding me for money! πŸ™ nursing staff was excellent at willow creek 4 the nursery but the nursing staff for me could have been better better. I was diagnosed with post pardum cardio myopathy (heart failure after delivery) and nobody wanted me as their patient because it is not common and nobody knew how to care for me! so I wish there was more education on some things… I would give my experience with area hospitals a B- (maybe a C) πŸ™‚ The overall best part though was that I got 3 sweet babies πŸ™‚

  109. my experiences were pretty good.. I LOVED my Doctor! Dr. Hix delivered all 3 of mine! there is something about a doctor that will pray with you before your c sections! GREAT doctor! I had my first at washington regional and my second and third at willow creek. I can hardly remember my first experience with the staff. I do remember someone from accounting coming to my room within minutes of me getting out of recovery from my c section. I thought it was very tacky because I had not even held my new baby yet before they were hounding me for money! πŸ™ nursing staff was excellent at willow creek 4 the nursery but the nursing staff for me could have been better better. I was diagnosed with post pardum cardio myopathy (heart failure after delivery) and nobody wanted me as their patient because it is not common and nobody knew how to care for me! so I wish there was more education on some things… I would give my experience with area hospitals a B- (maybe a C) πŸ™‚ The overall best part though was that I got 3 sweet babies πŸ™‚

  110. my experiences were pretty good.. I LOVED my Doctor! Dr. Hix delivered all 3 of mine! there is something about a doctor that will pray with you before your c sections! GREAT doctor! I had my first at washington regional and my second and third at willow creek. I can hardly remember my first experience with the staff. I do remember someone from accounting coming to my room within minutes of me getting out of recovery from my c section. I thought it was very tacky because I had not even held my new baby yet before they were hounding me for money! πŸ™ nursing staff was excellent at willow creek 4 the nursery but the nursing staff for me could have been better better. I was diagnosed with post pardum cardio myopathy (heart failure after delivery) and nobody wanted me as their patient because it is not common and nobody knew how to care for me! so I wish there was more education on some things… I would give my experience with area hospitals a B- (maybe a C) πŸ™‚ The overall best part though was that I got 3 sweet babies πŸ™‚

  111. The best part of giving birth in our hositals was the nursing care. Our nurses were very kind and attentive. The worst part? My husband would say it’s hard for the dads to stay in the rooms. He stayed with me since I had c-sections, and it was pretty uncomfortable.

  112. The best part was the nursing staff. All three of mine were good experiences. The best thing was the epidurals!

  113. i just gave birth in nov. 2010 fot the first time in the nwa area we just moved here a lil over a year ago. there are definetley some benfits to delevering here verse southeast kansas and one of those was willow creek hospital. they made it very easy for me during the labor and delivery and the nurses afterword were amazing!

  114. I gave birth at Washington Regional. I really enjoyed the friendly, caring staff. I think that they could improve upon their food! πŸ™‚ I would be happy to participate in a focus group to share more about my experiences!

  115. I had 3 babies in 4 years and each hospital experience was different. The most recent one was born at willow creek and was overall a good experience. My only complaint is that I only labored at the hospital for 6 hours (the rest was at home) and I had five doctors including two residents. There was a shift change and then when it was time to push the oncall dr was doing an emergency c-section. I understand their reasons but it was a little overwhelming to keep having different drs!

  116. The nursing staff at Willow Creek was wonderful. We had our third child there, and I felt that we were taken care of very well. However, they had a resident that came into the room and couldn’t find the baby’s heartbeat for the 10 minutes that he kept trying. Then he started saying that there might be something wrong. A nurse came in shortly after and found it within seconds. Needless to say, after a couple of events with him after that, I wouldn’t let him come in the room anymore!

  117. I have three babies, well one is my 10 y/o daughter, and then my 4 y/o, boy-girl twins. They were all born in Centeral Arkansas, at Baptist Memorial, where I worked for 15 years. I could not have asked for better care each time.

  118. I had my first, a boy, 18 months ago and delivered at Washington Regional. Planned C-section that went well and had great care. Number 2 is on their way and this one will be a surprise!

  119. My son was 9 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born. I had him in the old St.Mary’s Hospital and everyone there was so great! I still take Aaron to see the same Dr at Mercy Medical Center after 10 years and will probably never go anywhere else. Thank you!

  120. I had each of my three children at Mercy Medical in Rogers, each experience was different. Ultimatley, I loved the doctors and staff. What I didn’t like was the first experience with the lactation consultant and the pressure to breast feed… which I did, and actually wanted to, however for a first time mom, the pressure was too much.

  121. The hardest thing about my hospital birth was I was going for a home birth. I still had a wonderful experience and a healthy baby girl so there is nothing to complain about. : )

  122. I was so impressed with the lactation nurse at Willow Creek when I gave birth to my son almost three years ago. Breast feeding was important to me and thanks to the lactation nurse, I was a successful nursing mother. However, as far as improvements go, I would like to see more info on natural birthing without the aid of medicine.

  123. its been 30 years since i had a baby but i remember they took very good care of me what i didnt like one nurse was very mean i think she had been there to long.

  124. I had both my children at the old WRMC. The first was a c-section, and the second VBAC. I didn’t have many problems during the birth, but afterwards the nurses argued with me about my requests to breastfeed. Both times, my babies were given bottles in the nursery, instead of allowing me to feed them.

  125. I had my last two at WRMC. I had a great experience with all three. The best thing was they allowed my husband to follow them everywhere after ours were born. It was wonderful to know that they were so willing to allow him to watch and help with all the things that were required during that first time away from me.

  126. The hospital could be cleaner….I am appalled at how dirty hospitals are and it really grossed me out when I had my twins.

  127. I have given birth 3 times in hospitals – 2 times in Texas and 1 in Washington state. I would like to see it personalized more and not so impersonal. (of course it was over 29 years ago when I gave birth the last time so it may have improved.

  128. I’ve been induced for my last two babies that were born here in NWA. Very good experiences for the most part. I’m not one to speak up too much though and after the fact, I wish the nurses would have been more encouraging and helpful in nursing. I finally had my 1st sucess nursing with my 3rd baby but only because of a good friend who came to my house a few days after I delivered.

  129. I had my daughter at NW in Bentonville less than two weeks ago. The nurses and doctors were encouraging and patient. The only improvement would be that they listen that I was allergic to some antibiotics instead of me having to remind every nurse that came in.

  130. I am blessed with two beautiful children! And both birthing experiences were so totally different from each other; but both beautiful and special! My first suggestion would be for the hospital staff to help the mom-to-be by only allowing a very few people in the room throughout labor. When our first child was born, it seems like EVERYONE was there to welcome him to the world. And as much as I loved they were all there for us, it was very difficult for me to ask certain ones to leave the room; especially my parents. I felt bad for asking them to leave. But having decided to go “all natural” there were definitely moments when I just needed my husband and I to go through the experience alone. But instead, I was trying to “force a smile” through the pain, for pictures.

    As far as good things, I think the most important piece of the actual labor and delivery part of pregnancy, is the relationship and bond the mother-to-be develops with her labor and delivery nurse. Even though during both of my deliveries, it was time for my initial nurse to leave work, she didn’t. She stayed with me and my husband throughout. That meant so much to both of us.

  131. I had my fourth child in Fayetteville Sept. 5 2008. I went into labor on labor day and had to be hospitalized and stopped my labor for 5 days. She came almost 8 weeks early. I had placenta Previa and had to have a c-section (but I had already had 3 c-sections, so didn’t bother me) After I delivered and was put in recovery, I wouldn’t stop bleeding. I had to have two blood transfusions and the nurse in the room had to keep pushing down on my stomach that had just been cut open to push the clots out. I couldn’t have any pain meds because of the blood loss. But I remember the blonde headed nurse with the sweet voice that was so worried and did EVERYTHING She could to keep me comfortable. Even though my mom was there and holding my hand, I really believe that one nurse was the one that got me through the worst pain I have ever had to endure to date in my life. Of course the joy was finally getting to meet my daughter and when she finally got to come home after two weeks in the hospital our family felt complete. I have always wondered who the nurse was and wanted to tell her what she did for me.

  132. I have given birth in the past two years (just barely, my girl is 2 in September!) and would be happy to be part of the focus group if I can.

    Giving birth was a pretty good experience for me despite the fear of going into labor six weeks early! I felt like I was well cared for and understood what was going on, they didn’t rush me out and the NICU was absolutely awesome.

    What could have been better? Not going into labor early πŸ™‚ and maybe a little more attention from the nurses in the early hours after she was born, since I was alone and didn’t know what was happening with my girl…

  133. Best part about the hospital birthing experience for me was knowing I had the knowledge and equipment around me if needed. Fortunately, I had two healthy babies, but the piece of mind the hospital brought me was priceless. Also, the hospital staff was great. Food would be the thing I would change, but I think hospital food will always leave a little to desire.

  134. Giving Birth, I really love having my babies at Mercy NWA. They treat me like a queen on the LD floor. The nurses there are so nice and caring. I think the biggest downfall about giving birth and an area for oportunity was a different hospital in Fayetteville in which felt I was treated more like I was being processed in a factory than given time an attention that I needed at the time as a new mom.

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