Giveaway: Alice in Wonderland tickets at Walton Arts Center!

Who’s ready to fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and visit Wonderland? We are!

This Walton Arts Center show, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5, looks absolutely wonderful. We’ve got FOUR tickets so you can experience the tardy rabbit, a grinning cat, along with Alice and the rest, brought to life by Théâtre Tout à Trac.

You’ll also win dinner to U.S. Pizza! Love us some U.S. Pizza!! The ticket winner will get a gift certificate to feast on delish pizza after the show. If you haven’t experienced U.S. Pizza pizza yet, we’ll tell you that we really adore the famous crust and sauce. It’s crave-worthy and has netted U.S. Pizza a very loyal fan base of customers over the years. They have a new phone app so you can order your favorite pizza anytime. Their salads and sandwiches are amazing, too. Click here  or on the logo below to see their menu.

ABOUT THE SHOW: This imaginative adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s 19th century classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, unites actors and puppets to tell the story of Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole. Expect a whimsical stage set, conceived as a pop-up book, and beautiful costumes. This production was a winner of the Acadie-RIDEAU award at La Soirée des prix RIDEAU 2008.

The company’s production of Alice in Wonderland presents a unique reading of the classic that is still faithful to the spirit of the tale created by Lewis Carroll, with all the craziness, freedom, playful language and comic twists of the original.

Since 1998, Théâtre Tout à Trac has been exploring theatre through various mediums such as masks, tales and puppetry, never limiting itself to one specific method. Pursuers of imaginary lands, digging in invisible worlds and exploring a universe where the impossible is possible, the French-Canadian theatre company is known for bringing to life the most wonderful stories.

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Good luck in the giveaway! And remember you can still buy tickets to this show by calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479-443-5600 and asking about ticket availability.


  1. We spend spring break on the river camping. In 2008 though we awoke to rain, and camp being evacuated as the river was near taking over our tents and vehicles. Quickest packing we have ever done.

  2. What comes to mind is our Cobos San Lucas honeymoon. We rented an open top jeep and were assured that it never rains there. We spent one afternoon barricading the flooding doorways of our suite due to a hurricane.

  3. This summer my family and I went on a Disney Cruise. It was amazing! The kids and adults had a blast!!

  4. We rented a house in Florida for a week with my parents and sister when my boys were little and did the whole Disney experience. AMAZING.

  5. While backpacking in Central America, my husband and I were convinced to go to a carnival with a local family. We were driven to a town 4 hours away and our “hosts” wouldn’t hear of going home before sunrise. They were absolutely crazy! We were so relieved when we were finally allowed to pack up and go home early in the morning. Always an adventure!

  6. Coming back from a trip to Washington D.C. We stopped and anything that looked interesting. It took us several days to get get home.

  7. Taking my daughter to DisneyWorld before she started kindergarten was my highlight vacation. What fun to see her face light up with amazement at everthing!

  8. Went on a cruise with my hubby and 2 kids…our son was about 12 years old and had some new name-brand tennis shoes (can’t remember what brand) and one of our ports of call was Venezuela…we were warned about pick-pockets before we got off the ship, so we decided to just shop around the dock area and not go too far away. There were police when we got off the ship, but they were studying our son’s shoes like they were going to take them off him right there! We looked around a bit and decided to spend that day on the ship just sunning by the pool…!

  9. Thanksgiving at Disney World when I was younger! I will never forget my pbj and mac & cheese Thanksgiving feast!!!

  10. One of my craziest adventures was my vacation to the Bahamas. There were several people in my group who had never flown before, needless to say almost everyone I was with was crying on the plane because either they were scared or one of their loved ones was scared and crying. I will have to say that was an unforgettable and interesting adventure. Had a great time though once we were on land though! 🙂

  11. Just spent a week in August with 11 other family members at Disney World! It was fabulous!

  12. I am a single mom and we can’t afford fabulous vacations or tickets to the Walton Arts Center.
    We would love to win this.


  13. Crazy vacation? Hmm. We don’t really get to go on big vacations, but I can say anytime we take a road trip with the kids, even if it just be to go 2 hours away, it always ends with one (or two) of the kids throwing up in the backseat of the car!

  14. Used to go camping with my family and best friend every summer when I was younger. Each year was a new adventure to say the least 😉

  15. Took my 5 yr old to Orlando. We went to Disney, Islands of Adventure & Universal Studios…he was sooo scared at first but after his 2nd or 3rd ride he was everywhere!!!! It was sooo awesome! Did I mention we met up w/ my 2 best friends from my High School and their kids? It was wonderful!

  16. Just took my kids to Destin this past summer for the 1st time as a single mom.
    One night we decided to walk to a restaurant to get take-out to take back to the condo. Well, the 1st restaurant was not taking to-go orders b/c their walk-in business was so crowded. So I knew of another restaurant that I thought was pretty close so we walked. It ended up being 1 1/2 miles down the scenic hwy. Finally when we got there we were able to grab a space at the outside bar to eat at. So we had an ocean view for dinner, but then had to walk back to the condo which took us 45 minutes and it was almost dark. We were exhausted by the time we got back, but a delicious dinner and gorgeous view!

  17. My most adventurous vacation was when my husband and I along with his sister and a friend traveled to the South of France. We all had limited finances and so we opted to camp for free on the beach. We found a great spot hidden behind a dune. In the morning we were awakened by sounds of people, and when we opened our tents we found that we had camped in the middle of a nudist beach. We were surrounded by people (many our grandparents age) who were not clothed.

  18. Oooo. my daughters b-day is Nov. 1. This would be a great ambush birthday suprise for her. Can’t think of a crazy vacation which just proves how badly I need one. Though there was the time that we missed our plane to Fla. because I thought I left my DL and all ID back in Fayetteville and made my husband drive all the way back only to find it in one of my zippered compartments on my suitcase. Oh well . . .

  19. My favorite vacation was when we took our son to Disney World and Sea World. Watching him enjoy all the new experiences was the best time ever!

  20. One summer we drove 3 days to Montana and 3 days back, hauling a travel trailer behind us and a 5 year old in the back seat. The last few miles were a bit of a challenge, but I have to say that the 5 year old weathered the whole thing beautifully. It was us old people who had a hard time with the length of the trip!

  21. I have loved Alice and Wonderland since I was a child. My son (age 5) loves it just as much as I did. It’s constantly being watched at our house. Seeing it at the WAC would just be great!

  22. We love to travel and it’s an adventure every time with our children. This summer we visited sixteen national parks in three weeks. Lots of fun!

  23. A Crazy moment that we like is when we were camping and we sat on the bed in the pop-up camper in the mornings and watched the baby coons looking around for leftout food at our site! one night I left a container of cocoa out and they ate all of it !

  24. Crazy to say the least…. last Thanksgiving, road trip 14 hours in the car with a 1 and 4 year old. Our daughter (1) got the stomach flu, and had it almost the entire 4 days there. I went through nearly all my shirts the first day from vomit (yeah…) then my son threw up on me our last night there. He and I were sick all the way home. Needless to say, the 14 hour car ride home the next day was exhausting. I prefer to stay home over the holidays now for sure 😉

  25. My most marvelous vacation was recently taking my girls to Colombia to visit their relatives that we don’t see very often. Their experiences there will hopefully stay with them forever! Seeing my oldest daughter with her 100 year old great-grandmother was an awesome experience that I don’t want her to ever forget!

  26. A spur of the moment ski trip with 3 children for spring break as a single mom. Decided on Friday to go and left Saturday morning. Good times!!!

  27. My most marvelous vacation was my vacation to Nantucket for my honeymoon! It seemed too good to be true. The island was so perfect and picturesque it seemed unreal. Our honeymoon couldn’t have been better!

  28. I would love to be there with my 5 year old grand daughter and one or 2 of her little friends.

  29. Mexico! It’s been so long since I was last there I had forgotten the many kids who sold gum on the streets. We had one little girl follow us for two miles. She followed us to boarding at our cruise ship. We thought we were going to have to take her home with us because she surely wouldn’t know her way back. Until she began to follow another to follow another couple whose boat just arrived.

  30. Have never been to the walton art center before….my kids would love this…..

  31. My husband and I were in Las Vegas. We were on the city bus talking to some girls from South Carolina, and one of them said, “Oh my gosh, a fight!” We looked out the window and these two guys were fighting on the sidewalk and one of them pulled out a knife! He cut the other one and ran. I have NEVER seen anything like that in my life. It was scary and crazy!

  32. My grandaughter turns 17 Nov. 4th she is going to play Cinderella at the arts live. I would love to take her to this production.

  33. Most memorable vacation was Spring Break of last year. First family vacation (with just the 5 of us) ever. Disney, Savannah Georgia, and Myrtle Beach in 10 days! Craziest thing that happened was getting a phone call from my dad that my niece Emry was fixing to be born 11 weeks early. I remember standing in the middle of all of those people pushing past us, holding hands and crying and pleading with God that he would spare her life (We were told she would die). We didn’t care who was watching 🙂 In line for the “Haunted Mansion” my dad called yet again and said she was born all 1 lb 3 ounces of her, breathing on her own. She is now 7 or 8 pounds and 7 months old! Watching fireworks that night over the castle was surreal and so special as we were praising God for her life! Best vacation ever!

  34. As a kid we would go camping at the lake a mile from our house in the summers. Amazing how we felt like we were on vacation, but we could still go home and wash clothes and feed the dogs!

  35. My husband and I went to CO. It was an amazing sight to see the huge mountains and how beautiful the scenery is.

  36. My most memorable vacation was last year. I took my 7 year old daughter to California to Disney! It was a trip I will always cherish. Her first time to the beach, to california, on a plane, and Disney wrapped in one!!

  37. I don’t think I’ve had the most wonderful one yet… We’re taking our first cruise in January though, and I’m thinking THAT’S THE ONE.

  38. The Craziest Most Marvelous Adventure similar to Alice’s?? Well, I believe in fate and that God is guiding me always and so I have to be careful what I pray for. I did pray to be able to keep up with my college buddies at our last hike but was not prepared for a much longer climb. I did not take enough water and was almost taken off the mountain by a paramedic helicopter. Thank God my cell phone got coverage and I was able to call off the 911 request my girlfriend frantically made. You see, I had fallen and hurt myself and she ran down the mountain and thought I needed help. We could not reach her to tell her I got my consciousness back and could walk. She was very upset at me for calling off the helicopter as I had ran out of water. Luckily I didn’t faint again and made it safely down on my own.

  39. On our honeymoon, we took a cruise out of New Orleans. We had just crossed the AR border into LA and our gas light came on. It said the next town was 24 miles away, so we figured we could make it b/c we have a pretty fuel efficient vehicle. We were wrong…we ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere LA in the middle of cotton fields with no phone signal. It took an hour before someone stopped to help us, and that was after my husband had already walked 5 miles to find gas! A honeymoon we will never forget.

  40. One of the craziest vacations I have taken was with my girlfriend to Cancun Mexico. No husbands and no kids. We were young and inexperienced travelers. We booked our hotel near the “locals” and away from the touristy areas thinking we would get better deals when we went shopping. Little did we know we had taken ourselves away from civilization!!!! No elevators, no english, and who knows what for dinner! We were afaid to be out after dark (with no manly protection). so we got caught up on girl talk.

  41. We went on an African safari! It was amazing! Getting charged by an elephant gives you a rush that you cannot imagine! I cannot wait to take our kids there when they are older! Out in the bush with no lights, cell phones, tvs, etc… just the sounds of wild! I loved every minute of it!

  42. Would love to take my daughter to this show! Theatre isn’t in the budget!! : (

  43. I would love to take my little girl to see this play. Mother , daughter night would be awesome. She has been very sick and is just now getting better by the 5th she would be up to going out. 🙂

  44. Bungee jumping off a bridge in New Zealand would have to be the craziest thing I have ever done on vacation. Please do not tell my kids though, I do not want to give them any ideas!

  45. Drove to San Francisco with our 2 month old. he was great by the way. had a wonderful time!

  46. My daughter would absolutely love this. I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid.

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