Friday Funny: When mom needs her teenager’s help

Happy Friday, mamas!

My 15-year-old son, Jack, has become the “IT guy” of our family. He seems to have a natural gift for all things electronic. I think our reliance on his expertise used to be a source of pride for him, but lately he’s mostly annoyed that his is the name we call out every time the TV, computer, phone or iPad doesn’t do what we want it to do.

Yesterday, I asked Jack if he’d seen any funny videos lately that I could share here on nwaMotherlode. He said, “Yeah, I’ve got one for you that’s kind of mom-related.”

After I watched this video, I realized the joke is on me. (I really hope I don’t have the same hair and mustache as the “mom” in this video.) But I regularly remind Jack that he OWES it to me to teach me tech-related stuff, since I spent MONTHS teaching him how to wipe. Fair is fair. Have a great weekend, mamas.