Free Tacos & Tickets: Bob the Builder is in the house!


Can Motherlode give away tickets to see Bob the Builder? Yes, we can!

We’ve got two tickets — one for you and one for your favorite pint-sized Bob the Builder fan! Bob and friends will be making a stop at Walton Arts Center on Sunday, Feb. 15, for two adventurous performances at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Our tickets are for the 5 p.m. show and you’ll also win a gift certificate to Jose’s Mexican restaurant to use before or after your Bob fix!

How to enter: Just write a comment on this post (click on the word “comment” at the bottom) or e-mail Gwen & Shannon at about your child’s favorite Bob the Builder DVD. (We were always partial to Pets in a Pickle!)

Based on the popular international television show that airs in the US on PBS KIDS® and PBS KIDS SproutSM, Bob the Builder™ LIVE! Spud’s Big Mess is a singing and dancing extravaganza for budding builders and their families. The 90-minute show features ten original songs as the characters embark on an adventure that promotes positive messages of caring for the environment, recycling, teamwork, cooperation and, of course, the importance of a can-do spirit.

HIT Entertainment, one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and rights owners, in association with UK-based I.P. Live, announce the debut of Bob the Builder™ LIVE! Spud’s Big Mess – Bob the Builder’s first touring stage show in the US in five years. Presented by Magic Arts & Entertainment, Bob the Builder™ LIVE! Spud’s Big Mess stars Bob the Builder, his business partner Wendy, and his trusty machine-team members Scoop, Dizzy, Lofty and Scrambler. They are joined by other favorite friends from Sunflower Valley, including the mischievous scarecrow Spud, Farmer Pickles and Mayor Bentley.

The show begins as Bob and his team build the first-ever recycling center and wind farm in Sunflower Valley. It isn’t long before some items go missing and a few of Bob’s friends mysteriously disappear. Faced with a mountain of garbage, they must figure out who is responsible for the mess and work together to fix it, while dealing with Spud’s antics. Can they all pull together and get the job done? Yes they can!

Interwoven into the storyline are takeaway lessons for kids and good reminders for the grown-ups. In support of the eco-friendly messages of this show, attendees are encouraged to read the show program online at In addition, show materials will include special recycling tips and eco-themed activities for kids. For more information about Bob the Builder, and the Can-Do Crew please visit

Tickets for the live musical range from $18-$32 and can be purchased either online at or by calling the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600.



  1. I’d like to enter to win the tickets! My son loves Bob the Builder, but we don’t have any DVDs. We have some episodes saved on our DVR and also some on our AppleTV.

  2. I really appreciate your website. You all are the BEST!!! I especially enjoy the appliance articles….

  3. We also love “Pets in a Pickle.” I loved watching it with my oldest son and now enjoying watching it with my toddler.

  4. My son loves the episode with lots of snow where Bob and Wendy had to clear the way for everyone else, I am not sure what the name of it is. We have it on VHS!HAHA! My older kids have been watching this show for years and now my 2 year old loves it. Thanks for your website, I love it and read it daily.

  5. My has recently discovered Bob the Builder. We don’t have any videos, but he has seen a few episodes on TV and he loves Bob the Builder books.

  6. We love Bob the Builder!! If we win this we’ll hopefully be able to get a few more tickets! How would we decide who loves Bob the most!! Pets in a Pickle is definitely our favorite!!

  7. I have a 3 year old that would to go to this show!!!! So throw my name in the hat please!!! <3

  8. My kids LOVE Bob the Builder. We have just about every toy and movie that they have made. We have a very large rubbermaid tub of Bob the Builder stuff. Multiples of all of the Can Do Crew, and even Bob and Wendy! My oldest, Clayton, started watching Bob at a very young age, and he still watches today. We even have “Bob the Builder: A Christmas to Remember” in the DVD player in the car right now. On our way home last night Clayton was quoting the movie right along with it. His favorite Bob the Builder movie is “When Bob Became a Builder”. Clayton even dressed up like Bob the Builder for Halloween one year. He looked just like Bob, but with blond hair! Between the ice storm and everything else that has been going on around here I completely forgot about the show! I am so glad to see an opportunity to win some tickets to this show. I KNOW Clayton would LOVE it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. My grandchildren love Bob the Builder and know most of the songs and words to the movies by heart. They would love to see Bob and his friends. “When Bob Became a Builder is his favorite.

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