Free eye exams for infants

One of our sponsors, Drs. David and DeAnne Witherspoon Optometry, recently told us about a national program designed to help parents get free eye exams for their infants 6 to 12 months of age. The program is called InfantSee. Click here to visit their website and read more about the program. 

These eye exams for infants can help detect major vision problems so they can be treated early. There are several physicians in our area who participate in this program. Below is a listing of those eye doctors. Call any of these eye clinics to get more info, or you can speak with our sponsor, Drs. David and DeAnne Witherspoon, by calling 479-464-9702.


  • Dr. Allyson E. Mertins
  • Dr. Tammy Grammer Morris
  • Dr. Bobby B. Decker


  • Dr. Kimberly Ann Owens
  • Dr. Jeffrey B. Myers


  • Dr. Megan J. Petty


Siloam Springs:

  • Dr. Kenneth Childers
  • Dr. William Philpott

Bella Vista:

  • Dr. William Yoos
  • Dr. Belinda Starkey