Fireworks to try in 2018: The Lighthouse

We told our friend and sponsor Adam Keeley at Pinnacle Fireworks that one of the most frustrating parts of shopping for fireworks (as a parent) is not knowing what to buy, what the names of the fireworks mean, and which ones are worth the money.

So Adam did something awesome for us and all our fellow parents. He wrote an easy-to-follow Fireworks Shopping Guide for Parents (along with a giveaway for a $150 fireworks shopping spree). AND… he is doing a series of short videos so we can actually see some of this year’s new fireworks in action before we go shop! We LOVE this kind of mama-friendly service.

Here’s a video of a fireworks fountain called “Lighthouse” that looks like a real crowd-pleaser for this year’s 4th of July party:

Mamas, if you want to shop at a fireworks tent where knowledgeable people WILL be there to answer questions and where you’ll get each firework at half-off the price (without being forced to buy 2 of them), swing by Adam’s tent which is called Pinnacle Fireworks. It’s just off Exit 70 from Interstate 49 (and it’s right by the Walmart Neighborhood Market). The tent will be open starting on June 28th and going through July 5th.

NOTE: Ask for the Motherlode Mama discount, and you will get an ADDITIONAL 10% off of the price (which is already 50% off). Our thanks to Adam for the fireworks sneak peek videos as well as the special discount he’s giving to local parents. Click HERE to visit the Pinnacle Fireworks Facebook page for updates, more videos, special offers and giveaways