Kids playing Pokemon GO in NWA? Here’s your Poke-Mom cheat sheet!

Pokestop, fountain
This PokeStop is one of several at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, Fayetteville

If your kids are like ours (or maybe you’re into it, too!), all they’ve talked about this week is Pokemon GO.

jigglypuff pokemon goOur teenagers have emerged from their bedrooms, blinking in the bright sunlight. They’re definitely getting more exercise. And we’ve taken full advantage of the bonding opportunity by driving them around town hunting Pokemon.

If you’re not completely caught up on the craze, there’s a Poke-Mom’s Vocabulary Cheat Sheet at the bottom of this post to help you speak your child’s Poke-language.

In the meantime, we want to help you earn some “cool mom” points by knowing just where to go around town to “Catch ‘Em All”. It’s also just a great excuse to get out and explore NWA!

Here’s a list of the Best Pokemon Go Hunting Grounds around Northwest Arkansas (and we’ll continue to update the list as we learn about new locations):


Northwest Arkansas Mall

The PIGShibition sculpture at the NWA Mall is a PokeStop. Tip: Lots of the PIGShibition pigs around town are PokeStops as well as murals and other pieces of art.

Dickson Street

Eevee on dickson
Great hunting on Dickson Street!

This street has been even busier since Pokemon GO play started; it’s teeming with trainers at night.

Poke-event alert: On July 30th, for adult Pokemon players, there’s a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl. The Facebook event page says, “Meet at the corner of Dickson and Arkansas (where all those great pokestops are)! Pub Crawl with great people, catching Pokemon and meeting fellow trainers!” Click here to read more about the event.

It’s totally true about the intersection at Dickson and Arkansas being filled with PokeStops. We stopped by there last night and scooped ’em up like crazy! And you’ll definitely be in good company since there will be lots of other trainers hanging out with friends and phones, too.

Fayetteville Square

After successfully hunting Dickson Street, you should head over to the Fayetteville Square. You can find lots of pretty flowers and a passel of pocket monsters.

You’ll also find Pokemon in some of the great shops lining the square, including The Mustache Goods and Wears.

Lots of PokeStops (look for the Fulbright sculpture) and lures here.

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

You’ll have to pay to see Pokemon in the gardens, but it’s so beautiful, that’s ok! Tip: If you go on Tuesday nights (from 5-8 p.m.) this summer, it’s FREE. We were there recently and the place was brimming with Pokemon and trainers trying to catch ’em.

Lake Fayetteville/Veteran’s Park

WOW, this place is hoppin’ with Pokemon and trainers. You will capture mucho Pokemon just by driving through the park here. They might even hop into your car:


Ozark Natural Foods

You can stop by and battle your level 5 Pokemon at the co-op! Then you can fuel up for your next stop. 🙂

Washington Regional Medical Center

Several friends said they’d scored Pokemon while visiting inside the hospital or on the grounds.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

It’s a PokeStop! The pastor even has some “max potion” (a.k.a. water) outside the church for trainers.

Fayetteville Public Library

It’s a gym! There are also several PokeStops in and around the library.

Gulley Park

Lots of stops there, players.


Springdale Public Library

Poke Party, SPLPoke-Event Alert: The SPL and surrounding grounds are filled with Pokemon! And the library is having fun with the whole craze, calling all Pokemon Trainers to come to the library on Monday (July 18) at 4:30 to catch Pokemon and make their own Pokeball to take home. “Take advantage of our lures, charging stations for low batteries, and free Premium Pokemon Trainer Fuel after catching Pokemon in the heat!”

Holiday Inn Convention Center

The convention center has definitely seen a few Pokemon visitors this week!

Downtown Springdale, Emma Avenue

This is a cool stretch of downtown with restaurants, flea markets and the Shiloh Museum. There are lots of Pokemon hanging around there.

Also? We hear that a fun Springdale mama is making HAND-CROCHETED poke balls and hiding them around downtown for players to find. How cute is that?

The Jones Center for Families

While you’re headed down Emma, keep going until  you reach The Jones Center. The campus is crawling with PokĂ©mon! There are 3 Pokestops there, and a Pokemon Gym inside the facility. Squirtle has been known to hang around, too. You can see him here staying cool by the pool:

Jones Center, squirtle use


Downtown Rogers

Lots of PokeStops here!


There’s a PokeStop right outside the doors.

Global Outreach Center – Immanuel Baptist

It’s on 26th St. and it has a huge globe that you’ll see from the road.

Benton County Memorial Park & Cemetery

Check by the statue near the entrance.

Rogers Aquatic Center

Look for the PokeStop near the sign by the entrance.

Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall

The mall is oozing Pokemon. Jack found a Spearow today!

Jack at Pinnacle Promendae Mall

First Presbyterian Church on New Hope Road

It’s a PokeStop!

Hobbs State Park

Check for Pokemon at their entrance sign and around the park. They have some really cool things happening this summer, too, so be sure to stay and enjoy the activities (and nature)!


Crystal Bridges
Randolph Rogers, “Atala and Chactas” (and Spearow). Photo via Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges Museum

Lots of Pokemon have been captured while they were hanging out beside pieces of art! Not only are the creatures hanging out inside, they’re also all over the trails and museum grounds. Just remember to be respectful of art lovers who aren’t trainers.

You’ll be in good trainer company if you visit James Turrell’s Skyspace, “The Way of Color,” on Crystal Bridges’ Art Trail.

You’ll really level up here!

Northwest Arkansas Florist

Look for the painted horse statue out front and find the PokeStop nearby!

Northwest Arkansas Community College

You’ll find several PokeStops and gyms here.

Bentonville Square

You’ll find loads of stops around the square! The place is hopping every night with trainers.

Bentonville Public Library

If you’re walking around Bentonville playing PokĂ©mon Go, stop by the Bentonville Public Library. It’s a PokeStop! BPL invites you to come inside the library to catch PokĂ©mon and knowledge.

Eevee resting on the Bentonville Public Library shelves

Eureka Springs

Eureka is crawling with critters! They have a charging station in Basin Spring Park and there are tons of PokeStops.

How to Speak Poke-Language: If your kid’s vocabulary suddenly makes no sense, don’t worry. Pokemon terms sometimes sound like your kid is speaking Portuguese. As promised, here’s a handy cheat sheet so you’ll (sorta) know what your kid is talking about when he says something like “Hey, Mom! I finally got my Weedle to evolve!”

pokemon sheet 700

Note from the Mamas: The Fayetteville Animal Shelter is encouraging people to harness the power of Pokemon Go, Walk for a Dog and shelter dogs for the ultimate trifecta of doing good and helping others! So here’s how you can get involved: If you just like walking, consider downloading the Walk for a Dog app and have it running in the background while you jog/walk, etc and select “Fayetteville Animal Services” as the beneficiary. You can use the app in conjunction with Pokemon Go.

FAS adds: And, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider becoming a volunteer at the shelter and you can check out an awesome shelter dog for the day or afternoon and go Pokemon hunting or just walking our beautiful trails, through our Hounds Around Town program! Our next orientation will be Thursday, July 21st at 5:15 pm!!

Extra NOTE: Remember to be careful out there, trainers! And mind your manners! Hunt in groups and look up from your phone often. Here’s a warning Mercy Hospital shared recently about playing it safe.


  1. Pea Ridge National Military Park has at least a dozen Pokestops, several gyms, and is crawling with Pokémon!

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