Mamas on Magic 107.9: Awesome cleaning tips/tricks from local mamas!

Many of us are gearing up for a busy holiday season, which often means having lots of family/friends visit our homes. So… if you’re like us and you’re trying to whip the house into shape,  you’ll need all the cleaning tips you can get, right?

Every day this week we’ve been talking about getting our houses in order for the holidays. This morning we shared some fabulous cleaning tips from moms right here in Northwest Arkansas!

If you missed today’s segment at 7:45 a.m., click the blue bar below to listen:

Cleaning tips from local moms Nov. 8, 2012

Below are some great tips we shared this morning — and a few we didn’t have time to tell you!

  • Use baking soda on the bathtub to help scrub away the soap scum stains. Works pretty well. ~ Brandi Goolsby
  • I make my own disinfectant to clean granite. I bought a spray bottle and filled it 50/50 with alcohol and white vinegar. The smell goes away very quickly and doesn’t leave streaks. There are no harsh chemicals this way and does a great job. Also works great on mirrors. Vinegar is my friend! ~ Kay S.
  • LOVE LOVE Mrs. Meyer!!! Here is my tip for fruit flies: fill a small bowl with vinegar and add one drop of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap…little guys just swarm to the bowl and the kitchen smells great:) ~ Trisha
  • Vinegar will take out grape juice stains.. I thought Conner’s brand new WHITE Nike shorts and shirt were ruined but after soaking in water and vinegar, the stain disappeared!! I also kill two birds with one stone, I clean the shower/bathtub while taking a shower. I can scrub to my heart’s content and then just rinse off! Or make the kiddos do it! ~ Meredith Hutchins
  • I cook A LOT! When something sticks in my pan, I throw some baking soda and water in it, bring the water to a boil, and watch the pan clean itself. So easy, and it works!! ~ Jane
  • I let one child spray non toxic cleaner while the other child mops with their child size mop. They start on the other end of the house. By the time I get there it isn’t so much work to get the floors clean. ~ Beka Smith
  • I clean all my cast iron pans with a paste made from kosher salt and oil. That and some hot water really keeps the clean, I also dry them over the burner on the stove. ~ Rachel Huff
  • My favorite laundry tip is to put baby clothes with spit-up stains and #2 stains in the sunshine. If you leave them in the sun for a couple of hours, the stains quickly disappear. It always amazes me how well this works!! ~ Christy Bennett
  • To clean your coffee pot. Fill it with ice then cover ice with salt. Swish and swirl ice/salt around in pot and presto the coffee pot is sparkling clean. Who knew that job at Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was 16 would come in handy!!!! ~ Shannon Jones
  • Baby wipes on all stains/spills–in clothes, carpet, bed spreads, etc… If it doesn’t completely remove the stain it at least loosens it for your real cleaning solution! Peroxide on blood stains. ~ Brittney Gulley
  • Best cleaning tip EVER: blue dawn dish soap, hot water + vinegar will get YEARS worth of nasty bathtub build up off of your tub. I swear by it. ~ Amber Perrodin
  • Dryer sheets on the base boards! It really works. Cleans them while making the house smell nice to, also repels the dust from collecting on them. ~ Lesya
  • Blue Dawn Dish soap works great on grease stains in clothing. Brush in and let it sit for 30 min (or less) before washing. ~ Jan
  • I use granulated dishwasher detergent with a little water mixed in (paste consistency) to clean the textured bottoms of my bathtubs. It takes the dirt right out! ~ Leah Bates