Caramel Apple Dip recipe

Every time my mom makes her famous “apple dip,” we all keep coming back to it, again and again.

Everyone knows caramel and apples are good together, but adding the cream cheese and crushed Heath bar takes it to a whole new level. It’s SO easy. Perfect for a game-watching party, birthday party or just hanging with friends. Try it with the kids and enjoy!

Awesome Caramel Apple Dip


    • 12 ounces whipped Philadelphia Cream Cheese
    • 1 carton of caramel dip (not the ice cream topping)
    • 1 large Heath candy bar, crushed fine
    • Apple slices (as many as you  like)


Layer cream cheese first, then caramel dip and top with the crushed Heath bar. Serve at room temperature. Use apple slices to scoop up some dip and enjoy!