All Akimbo

So. I might have mentioned before – subtly, of course – that I might like to add to our family. OK, OK, I remember telling you that I’ve been trying everything humanly possible to bring another little person into this house.

Well, it’s finally happened. There are two new kids here.

Wait – hold your congratulations, people. They’re invisible.

Jack and Daisy made their first appearances a couple of weeks ago – or so I’m told – and they’re around at the oddest times these days. Sometimes they’re joined by their bunny rabbit friend, Max.

Naturally, Mojo has to keep me posted on their whereabouts and whims at all times – I don’t speak the language of “figment of my imagination.”

I know, I know, it’s a natural thing for a kid to create imaginary playmates. I’ve even read that these kinds of playmates have a multitude of social and emotional benefits. And, frankly, I’m glad they showed up just in time to, hopefully, get Mojo through his first scary (for both of us) days of preschool. The thought of watching my little guy walk into his classroom and then cry for me as I turn my back and walk/run away and leave him with people he barely knows has woken me up in a cold sweat many a night, but now I think maybe there will be “friends” to hold his hands and make him feel a bit more comfortable as he gets to know his teachers and classmates and starts to enjoy the new routine.

Jack and Daisy have gone with us to the grocery store, to gymnastics and music classes, to the library, to storytime … there’s no reason they can’t go to preschool, too, right?

There are a couple of things that concern me about them, though.

I don’t understand what happened to Jack’s fingers. Mojo tells me Jack has four fingers on each hand – but he is a “people.” And, yes, Mojo agrees that that’s one too few, but he can’t be bothered to explain the shortfall. Daisy seems to be intact, but she always gets stuck helping me with lunch and dinner while Jack gets to continue with whatever game he and Mojo were playing when mealtime approaches. I’ve demanded Jack’s assistance in place of Daisy’s a couple of times, reminding Mojo that Daisy had to help the last time, and I can only hope that teaches a lesson.

Also, I’m not sure exactly where Jack and Daisy come from. I don’t think they actually belong to our family because before they come along on an outing – and really, usually only Jack gets invited – Mojo has to call and ask their moms and dads if it’s OK. Most nights, they both seem to have disappeared before bedtime, but sometimes they each have to get in their own beds in our house and go to sleep.

Jury’s still out on whether this should make it less important to me to get pregnant and birth a visible sibling for the boy who seems so desperately to want other children in his house or whether it should make it all that much more important to have one he can see.

You know I’ll keep trying to get pregnant regardless. But for now that second line on the HPT is just like Jack and Daisy – freakin’ invisible.