5 Minutes with a Mom: Dianna Albert

dianna063.JPGChildrens’ names and ages: Bobby 16, Thatcher 6

Hometown: Rich Hill, Mo.

Where were you raised? Rich Hill, Mo., attended University of Arkansas

If you had a whole weekend by yourself to “play”, what would you do? Be lonely, would miss the kids.

Advice you wish someone had given you before you became a mom? Can’t really think of any, everyone was full of advice.

Parenting is ….the greatest adventure ever!!!

Your favorite hobby? Cooking, redoing old things with the kids.

Your favorite vacation spot? Anywhere with water

Your favorite childhood memory? Going to antique stores with my parents

If you could earn a degree right now, which area would you choose? Wouldn’t take the time right now, would rather spend my time with my children.

How did you meet your husband? At a 4th of July Party

One word to sum me up: Controlling