2017 Things to Do in Northwest Arkansas: Summer Fun Printable!

Motherlode with flowers, summer camps and activities guide

Ready to make a plan for Summer 2017 in Northwest Arkansas?

We’re here to help! We’ve rounded up a list of fun things to do in Northwest Arkansas, including summer camp ideas (click here for a more detailed, updated list of 2017 camps with links and descriptions), rainy day ideas and annual events that happen every summer here.

We couldn’t include everything, of course, because there’s just too much happening in our super-cool region. But no worries, we’ll keep you updated all summer long about events, things to do with the family and what not to miss on the weekends!

If we missed one of your favorites in our printable, click on the words “post a comment” at the top of this post and tell us what your family loves doing in the summer here in NWA. Or email is at mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com

Here are some comments from local moms about what they look forward to doing this summer:

  • Jacylyn House: I’m excited about going to the water park with my family!!! I’m also excited to break out my hammock, hoping to get a few lazy Saturdays this Spring and Summer!
  • Jackie: This summer we are looking forward to exploring Fayetteville! We just moved here, so lots to try, out!
  • Patti Alexander: Can’t wait to go camping and hiking on the buffalo!!
  • watermelonAmy Swank: I am a teacher and live on Beaver Lake. During the summer I have “Lake Days” where all of my teacher friends come out and we spend the day together hanging out at the lake! We so look forward to this every year. We plan the first day before summer break even begins! I also am really looking forward to going to the creek with my son and nephews. We love to fish and gig crawdads. I love making memories every summer with my boys!
  • Brandy Rodgers: We are new to the area and love exploring NWA. Ready to do some hiking and relaxing on the back porch watching my daughter play outside. We are loving this area!
  • Sara: This summer I’m looking forward to days filled with sidewalk chalk, sandboxes, park trips, and popsicles with my 2 kids!
  • Susan: I’m looking forward to grilling with friends and taking the girls to swim lessons.
  • Samantha D: We’re looking forward to Silver Dollar City!! Backpacking at Hobbs and Devils Den, spending hot summer nights at Arvest ballpark cheering on the Naturals! and seeing the baby animals at gentry drive-thru safari! Love NWA!!
  • Kim: I am counting down the days. I’m a teacher and I’m not counting down until I get a break, just counting down till I get to be at home with my two little ones every day. I love my students, but I miss my babies. We always spend our days outside, either just relaxing and playing, or getting out to some new places. I’m excited to take them to the renovated Lake Atalanta Park. We haven’t gone yet.
  • ice cream scoopsJoyce: I’m going to teach my youngest son to ride a bike this summer. Looking forward to biking some of the paved trails with him.
  • Kaycee Garwood: Looking forward to concert season at the amp and hiking!!
  • Brittney: I’m looking forward to farmers markets, trips to the buffalo, and summer concerts!
  • Tami Marks: I love when spring arrives and we can play with the neighborhood kids again. Riding bikes, playing with chalk, running through sprinkler. All events to see the neighbors again after a long winter inside.
  • Megan: I am looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off this summer to enjoy a family staycation in Northwest Arkansas.
  • Deb Brose: This spring/summer I’m looking forward to taking a trip around Italy with my family, spending time at the lake paddle boarding and grilling and soaking up the sun with friends and family since every moment is so precious and life goes by too quick. Thanks ladies for helping keep us moms up to date with all the fun events and shops around our great community.
  • Savannah Boyd: I become a Girl Scout leader this year and will be camping out with my girls in a couple weeks. This will be my first time Ever camping and doing so with a bunch of 3rd-6th grade girls!

CLICK HERE to print out the Summer Fun list. Stick it on the fridge as a reminder of all your options! No matter what your mood, there’s something fun to do in Northwest Arkansas.