Trike Theatre launches “360 trike-sperience”

Mamas, one of the things my daughter has missed most during the pandemic is live theatre, auditioning for local productions, play rehearsal, performance dates, sitting in the audience when the curtain goes up, etc.

So we were thrilled to hear that one of our sponsors, Trike Theatre, has found a way to make the theatre experience interactive, even in the face of a pandemic. This month they’re launching a new program called 360 trike-sperience — an interactive virtual theatre experience.

This would be a perfect thing to do for classrooms, learning pods, youth groups, or any household with kids who love watching or telling stories in creative ways.

Here’s how it works. Participants will do the following:

  • WATCH PERFORMANCE: See Little Trike performances in both 2D & 3D
  • SEL & LITERACY EXERCISES: Deepen understanding of Social Emotional Learning and Literacy (SEL) through creative exercises (LIVE with TRIKE)*
  • ENGAGE virtually with a Trike Theatre Teaching Artist (LIVE with TRIKE)*
  • CELEBRATE students’ creativity through social media
  • PLAY-IN-BOX: Retell the story with a 360 Trike-sperience Play-In-A-Box

Here are the upcoming shows that are available for the 360 trike-sperience:

Three Billy Goats Gruff

-October 19-November 20 (with LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

-November 23-May 2021 (without LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

La Tortuga and the Hare

-December 14-January 29 (with LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

-February 1-May 2021 (without LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

Dog’s Job 

-February 22-March 26 (with LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

-March 29-May 2021 (without LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

Turning Red: Learning to Choose Love

-April 12-May 14 (with LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

-May 17-End of May 2021 (without LIVE with TRIKE workshops)

Cost for 360 Trike-sperience:

  • $100 for class of up to 25 students
  • $40 for use by one household

CLICK HERE for more information on 360 trike-sperience or to book your experience.