The Rockwood Files: A Mom’s Corny Love Poem

By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day
There’s just so much I want to say
Things have changed for me and you
You can’t deny what you know is true.

We have little kids around.
Our life has changed, and I have found
I love you in a different way
for little things you do and say.

Somehow you grant all my wishes
when you clean up and do the dishes.
And then my heart starts wildly beating
when you take over the midnight feeding.

When we were young, you gave me roses.
Now you help me wipe kids’ noses.
Family life is now our norm,
so romance takes a different form.

I must admit I feel love’s heat
when you massage my tired feet.
And when you pretend to like my cooking,
you get even better looking.

When I watch you read Dr. Seuss,
my heart swells up and love breaks loose.
I see you kiss a scraped up knee,
and I thank God that you’re with me.

I like knowing you’re on my team.
You keep me grounded but help me dream
of things that we may one day do,
like a second honeymoon for me and you.

But first there are some kids to raise
with love and discipline and praise.
I know that we can make it through
‘cause you’ve got me and I’ve got you.

Real love is not just in our minds.
It’s loving each other through the daily grind.
It’s work and laundry and bills to pay
and showing up for each new day.

On Valentine’s Day, I hope you know
the love I may not always show.
You’re still my hunk of manly man
even when you’re driving my minivan.

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