Sponsor Spotlight: First Security Bank


There are so many banks out there, it’s hard to choose. How about one that’s locally owned, headquartered in Arkansas, and has been in Northwest Arkansas for over 10 years? That’s First Security Bank.

And mamas are all about multitasking. With 67 banking centers across the state — and 16 banking centers in Northwest Arkansas — that means you can find a First Security bank when you need it! It’s easy to consolidate errands when you don’t have to go out of your way to take care of banking business. They also have online banking, which is really super-convenient.

We’re happy to welcome First Security Bank as a new sponsor at Motherlode! They wanted to partner with someone as mom-friendly as they are. We love that they have popcorn machines at all the banks (a little secret: if they don’t have any made when you come in, they’ll be glad to pop some while you’re there!) and that some banks hand out dog treats — along with lollipops — at the drive-through windows.

One of the first things we asked Annette King, who’s over at the main Joyce Blvd. First Security in Fayetteville, was about helping kids save money.

We know it’s important to moms that their kids learn about saving early. How does First Security help? We asked Annette a few questions about that and more:

How do the Kids Club Savings Accounts work? First Security is kid-friendly and encourages children to begin saving early by first making it fun! The Kids Club Savings Account program allows you to open a savings account for your child, then he receives a deposit card and a stuffed beanie that looks just like Penny Pockets, our club mascot. Every time your child makes a deposit, he or she gets to choose something from the prize bucket. That usually helps encourage them to save! It only takes $5 to open the account.

When kids fill up their deposit cards, they get a new t-shirt. We like to reward kids for saving!

We’ve had kids save for bikes, Nintendo game systems, you name it. We really open a lot of Kids Club Accounts around the holidays after they get Christmas cash from grandma and grandpa, for example. 

mudpieballerinapigthumbnail.jpgWhat are the benefits of opening a savings account for our kids? Opening a children’s savings account is one of the best ways to teach a child about money, hopefully encouraging them to invest part of their pocket money in the account. It gets them into the habit of saving at a young age and can provide them with funds for the future. Plus, children pay no tax on their savings!

Speaking of the holidays, some of us have people on our Christmas lists who are really hard to buy for. Do you have gift cards? Absolutely! A gift card is the perfect gift and can be purchased for as little as $25. Savings bonds are also popular gifts for Christmas. Our gift cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, increasing the spending power!

With this economy, we keep hearing about more fraud than ever. How do you help protect customers from this problem? First Security helps protect our customers in several ways, including credit file monitoring and fraud protection.

With real-time, 24/7 credit detection, we can alert you when changes happen to your credit file. You will receive email Credit Monitoring Notification Alerts for critical changes to credit reports, changes to existing accounts, credit inquiries and address changes. By staying alert, you will know immediately if anyone accesses your credit or uses your SSN to try to obtain credit from anywhere in the world. Credit file monitoring is available with select types of accounts.

All debit cards and credit cards issued through First Security Bank features fraud protection to help catch and block transactions that may be fraudulent.

In addition, all of our tellers are trained to help prevent customers from fraud via fake money orders, checks and scams.

What are the bank’s main strengths? First Security Bank is one of the most financially secure banks in the country. Our customers can rest assure their money is safe at FSB. It’s our goal to provide the most innovative products and services to our customers with exceptional, personalized service.

We’re also community-centered. We recently launched a food drive and were able to give 7,500 pounds of non-perishable food to local food banks. During the holidays we always have an Angel Tree and we’re also involved in helping donate food for the “Snack Packs” program for Benton County kids.

Our slogan is Bank Better!