Slightly Tilted: Pass the MOMosa!

By Jen Adair, blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entrepreneur, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

I will never, ever understand lots of things. Why is there poverty? Why is there a braille light switch? Why does “ph” make the “f” sound?

The one that gets me the most is this: Why is a mimosa called a mimosa?

I really think it should be called a “momosa”. I’m changing it right now.

The history of the mimosa, sorry…MOMosa, is this:

The mimosa is named after the mimosa flower, a bright orange/yellow blossom native to southern Mexico and Central and South America. As far as the origin of the beverage, it seems that there are two different versions surrounding the classic. According to Redstone American Grill, one version of the story is that the adult beverage was invented at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1925 by Frank Meier. Another popular origin story is that a French bartender stole the idea from a London tavern that calls their almost identical concoction “Buck’s Fizz” around the same time.

Clearly, the point of this history lesson serves to boost my claim of a name change.

Who has ever seen this flower? No one I know.
Who has seen a mom? Everyone.
If this flower does exist, who would more than likely take care of it? Moms.
Who has heard of Frank Meier or “Buck’s Fizz”? No one.
Who has heard of mom? Everyone.
Who gave birth to Frank and “Buck”? THEIR MOM.

Who drinks mimosas? MOMS.


I may or may not have thought of this after downing quite a few at the craps table in Vegas on a recent anniversary trip. Let me just say…these drinks make you a genius, because this whole renaming thing came to me out of the wide, blue sky. Well, oxygen pumped, slightly smoky casino sky. It did not affect my ability to lose money at the table, however.

Who better deserves a drink that is full of vitamins and will make you slightly tipsy than a mom? No one, I say. Moms do hard work, all day, everyday. There’s really not a Friday for a mom. The amount of work stays the same, it’s just the scenery that may change.

Anyway, I wanted to say happy holidays to all the fellow moms out there. Have a momosa or two! You deserve it!

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