Slightly Tilted: Where Did Summer Go?

sunset-49383_640 (2)By Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

Did this summer just speed by like a freight train or what? I don’t even know how fast a freight train goes. Maybe like a bullet or a rocket? They’re fast, right?

We don’t even do “summer” at my house. I homeschool, and we do something most days, all year round. Every Monday it’s the same thing – review from the last Friday. The kids act like their brains have been emptied of everything they’ve ever learned, every Monday morning of their lives. I try to explain to them THIS is why we can’t have long breaks – but they forget that every weekend, too. Mondays are fun. {Pours Bailey’s into coffee.}

During the summer months, we do slack off a bit. Schoolwork never trumps a playdate. Algebra is still here – your friends are not.

Which brings me to my first point – what the heck happened to this summer? Was it the heat? Was it the days filled with nothing? Was it the days filled with everything? How did it go by so fast?

Am I aging so much that I’m just losing days? Why can’t that happen to the fat on my legs? “I don’t know what happened…one day I looked down and the fat was just gone!”  That will never happen to me. Never.back to school

One day my house was filled with kids, and the next day they were all in Facebook posts sporting their back-to-school looks with new backpacks. It was a little sad. The summer was over and now my free babysitters were all learning math and grammar.

One day there was no traffic and the next day it took me 20 minutes to get to the grocery store.

One day all my friends were looking harried and drinking at 3. I felt like part of the group. Now, they are all energetic again and kid-free during the day and I’m happy for them. But jealous. So jealous.

One day we were having sleepovers on a Wednesday (a WEDNESDAY!) and now…we’re not.

Oh summer!! You went by so fast!

Being back on a schedule is nice. It’s a good thing. It’s a great thing, actually. The days are getting a tiny bit cooler. That’s also a great thing.

But now I have to get up earlier everyday to beat the school traffic on my way to the gym. I have to prepare lesson plans. I have to be a more responsible adult and that whole phrase really stinks. Responsibiliting is not my favorite part of adulting.

On the other hand…I don’t have to shave my legs everyday or slather every family member in sunscreen or wash the chlorine smell out of huge towels that take up my whole dryer.

Life’s a balance. I miss you summer, but I welcome the days of jeans and long-sleeve t-shirts.

Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and the chili fests.

You were fun, summer. Until next year.

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