Mosquito Joe treatments begin this month!

It’s May 1st, mamas, which means a swarm of unwelcome visitors will soon be multiplying all over your yard. If mosquitoes bug you as much as they bug me, Mosquito-Joe-logoyou may want to nip this problem in the bud early. Mosquito Joe is a national service that began providing mosquito treatments for yards in Northwest Arkansas last summer. We paid for the service to treat our yard last year and had amazing success, as did several of our friends.

Our home backs up to the woods, so the mosquitoes can get particularly nasty back there. It’s frustrating to have gorgeous spring and summer days and feel like you have to go inside just to get away from the bugs. And we’re not big fans of slathering on the stinky insect repellant and then have to wash it off later.

After we started the Mosquito Joe treatments last summer, we hardly noticed any of those blood-suckers at all, so we know the new treatments made all the difference. We’ve already scheduled them to come back again starting this month so we can get a jump on the problem before it has a chance to get ugly and cover my kids’ skin in itchy welts.

FYI… Bill Gates (of Microsoft fame) wrote on article recently for that points out that the disease-carrying mosquito is the deadliest animal on the planet, killing more humans each year than sharks, lions, crocodiles, rabid dogs and snakes combined! Mosquitoes also outnumber all other animals except for ants and termites. Yikes. Click here to read this eye-opening report.

For more info on Mosquito Joe service on how to get on the yard treatment schedule, call our local contact (who’s also a fellow mama) Stephanie Simon at 479-202-9960. The first service for new customers is only $39. Click HERE to see their website.