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Today’s topic is all about Labor Day, which always reminds us of the other kind of “labor day” — you know the one when your feet were up in stirrups and another human being was passing through your body? Yep, that day. You never forget it. And even if your baby entered your life through adoption and not a labor and delivery room, those first moments together are forever burned into memory. So call in and tell us about your birth or adoption stories! We’ll share a few details from our own as well.

labor-sign-2.jpgWhen we first launched more than two years ago, we asked moms to share their birth stories with us. We received some great stories and we published the winning essays (1 winner and three runners-up!) on the website. Click on each title below to read some great birth and adoption stories.

(Our thanks to baby and child photographer extraordinaire Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography for letting us use the beautiful baby photo shown at the top of this post. Click here or on the photo if you’d like to see more of her amazing baby photos.)

If you’ve never seen the video of the amazing Bill Cosby talking about his wife’s natural childbirth, you MUST click on the play arrow below and watch this clip from YouTube. You will laugh until you cry. Hilarious.