Listen to This: Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books with Zibby

We ♥ podcasts and getting recommendations for new ones from friends. That’s why we started our new “Listen to this” series.

We were especially excited to dive into this Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books episode because we adore Anna Quindlen’s books. She’s been writing beautiful fiction (about friendship, family, and the ties that bind us) for nearly 30 years. Her new book, After Annie, has a sad, but compelling plot: How will Annie Brown’s husband, children, and best friend cope after she suddenly dies on page 1.

Listen to this episode: Anna Quindlen, After Annie

About the podcast: 

Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books is the award-winning, daily, author interview podcast hosted by author, bookstore owner, publishing house CEO and book-fluencer Zibby Owens. 

Zibby has interviewed 1,700+ of today’s bestselling and debut authors, plus celebrities like actors, chefs, athletes, politicians, business leaders, and more. Mamas, she interviews someone new every single day (yes, including weekends). There’s always something new to listen to with this one! Zibby is so warm, kind, and humble, we think you’ll love her podcast. 

What we love about this episode:

Anna Quindlen is one of Zibby’s (our our) literary role models. Zibby dives in to ask Anna great questions (as she always does!) about grief, resilience, and the intricacies of our most important relationships. Zibby just has a way of getting to the good stuff, and I love hearing Anna reflect on her writing process, the challenges of publication, the unpredictability of the literary world, and the importance of perseverance.

Happy listening!