Friday Funny: Are you judging the home backdrops during interviews?

Lately there are a  LOT of news interviews (and even TV sitcoms and dramas) that include remote videos done from someone’s home. And we’ll admit it. Sometimes we get a bit distracted by the room or the stuff behind the person being interviewed. Everything from the paint color to the books on the shelf can grab a viewer’s attention.

A Twitter account called Room Rater started saying many of the things other people are thinking during those remote interviews. Room Rater gives each room or backdrop a rating as well as a few critiques (or compliments).

Check out the Room Rater Twitter feed here, or read more about it on this Boston Globe news article about the viral popularity of the Room Rater critiques.

Here are a few screenshots of the Room Rater reviews. Notice how some of the people whose rooms get reviewed retweet their score with a “thank you” note attached!