Free Asthma Screening at Hedberg Allergy & Asthma Center

We don’t like to brag, but we’ll go ahead and do it just this once. The sponsors on our website — the businesses you see represented on the right and above — really do represent some of the nicest business people we know. They so often go the extra mile for the community that it’s easy for us to brag about them. Here’s yet another example of that: Hedberg Allergy Clinic is offering FREE asthma screenings for the public this Saturday, May 16th, from noon until 2 p.m. at their office, located at 700 S. 52nd Street next to Metro Park in Rogers.

Allergists are experts at diagnosing and treating asthma. If you or your child or anyone you know is having trouble with breathing problems, please attend this screening. We moms all know how very serious asthma can be and it’s so important to have the right treatment.

During the asthma screening, you’ll be asked to:

  • Answer a 20-question survey to help determine if you or your child has asthma or, if you already know you have asthma, to determine if it is being properly controlled.
  • Take a special lung function test that involves blowing into a tube
  • Meet with an allergist to determine if you should seek a more thorough exam and diagnosis.

Possible warning signs of asthma: It might be a cough that bothers you at night or a tight feeling in your chest when you climb stairs. You might be cutting back on activities you used to enjoy like riding your bike or playing tennis. If you have occasional problems taking a good, deep breath, these signs could be symptoms of asthma, which is a chronic inflammation of the lung’s airways.

“Too many people suffer from undiagnosed and untreated asthma,” said Dr. Jenny Campbell of Hedberg Allergy & Asthma Center. “Not only are they experiencing a diminished life quality, but they’re also putting themselves at risk for uncontrolled disease which can result in lost work days, emergency room visits, hospitalizations and even death.”

Nationally, more than 22 million people have asthma, including 6.5 million children. Asthma can occur at any age and can be triggered by allergens like pollen, dust, animal dander, drugs, food additives, obesity, viral respiratory infections and physical exertion.

The asthma screening test is completely painless. And diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference in lifestyle.

For more info on the screening or for specific directions on how to find their office, call Hedberg Allergy & Asthma Center at 479-464-8887 or click on the Hedberg logo above.