Beauty Buzz: Top 5 List of Beauty ‘Don’ts’


Dear Andi,

What’s your top five list of beauty “don’ts”?

200.jpgDon’t skip sunscreen. Everyone says it; everyone agrees; few of us actually follow the rule. If you’ve ever seen me without my foundation and seen how many freckles I really have, you know that I am one of the worst offenders. If you find yourself thinking cheap and not wanting to spend the extra dough on the lotion with an SPF included, just think of the money you will save on wrinkle cream later! Make-up that includes sun protection, although not a bad idea, is not enough for any real protection, so lay it on thick up front.

Don’t get stuck with a product you hate. We’ve all done it…you love the color in the store and then when you see pictures from a big night out, realize you looked more Tammy Faye than Tina Fey. Don’t be afraid to take it back just because it’s been used. Remember that companies make money by encouraging brand loyalty and return customers. They want you to be happy and coming back for more. Even if you bought it at a drug store or market, check out their return policy or research the brand’s web site for options.

Don’t let your bathroom drawers look like an episode of Hoarders. Until recently, if my family had staged an on-air intervention, I would have been completely mortified. But, in a nesting frenzy during my last pregnancy, I decided to purge my beauty stockpile of anything that had not been used in 6 months, and I honestly have not missed anything that got tossed. If you have make-up or hair products that never get used (probably because you had not yet heard my helpful “don’t” about returns) try passing it on to a friend or sister that has different coloring or taste than you. Eye make-up, unfortunately, needs to find it’s way to the trash bin, because it is a nesting ground for bacteria. One quick tip: I bought three cheap bins that fit under my cabinet and designated each one for hair, body, and face. That way I know exactly where to look and when I have a bottle avalanche, everything still stays organized and doesn’t end up all over the bathroom floor.

Don’t spend your mortgage on “miracle” skin products. Products that claim to transform you over-night are usually making claims that cannot be backed up. The key to youthful skin is hydration (Drink that water, ladies) and the right combination of products for your skin type. Save that money for some Spanx…now those are miracle workers!

Don’t fight nature. If you have thin lips, don’t draw lip liner outside of your natural line to “fake it”. Full eyebrows? Clean them up, but embrace the drama they bring to your eyes. Please, please, please, don’t bleach your freckles. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your natural beauty (and yes, we all have it) but stay true to yourself. Where would Cindy Crawford be without her aptly placed mole? Well, she’d still be gorgeous…okay, not my best example, but you get the idea.

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