About nwaMotherlode

Hi! Welcome to nwaMotherlode.com – “Where Moms Click”. We’re glad you clicked by here to check it out, and we hope you like what you see.

We created nwaMotherlode because we think moms in Northwest Arkansas deserve a fun place to get together online to read, laugh and compare notes on motherhood. We keep things fresh by updating the website’s homepage every single day.

We have an active Facebook community, a section for moms who are new in town (or new to motherhood) and we also love to connect with local mamas on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Our story

After we had our kids, we decided to give birth to a website, too. When we launched the site in 2008, we sent out a birth announcement because we were so excited about what this kind of community site for mothers could become.

Just like real babies, this site has grown quickly and has surprised us, delighted us, made us nuts, made us proud and kept us on our toes. Here’s a sampling of some of the topics you’ll find discussed here:

  • shannon and gwen500Local events in NWA
  • Giveaways from local businesses
  • Recipes
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Celebrity news
  • Health
  • Teenagers
  • Relationships
  • Local Mom Profiles
  • Pets
  • Photography
  • Books
  • Sunday devotions
  • Product reviews
  • Business spotlights
  • Mom Blogs

The list is long because we know moms are into lots of different things, and we always want to offer something new and interesting when you’re here. We hope you’ll make us part of your daily routine. NWA Motherlode has a smartphone app, so it’s easy to read us when you’re on the go, too. (Click here for info on the app.)

nwa motherlode appIf you like what you see here (or even when you don’t), we’d love it if you’d use our “post a comment” button as often as possible. We LOVE hearing from readers. We really do. Makes us all giddy and lets us know we’re doing something right. Having online conversations with readers is what makes blogging fun.

So look for the little pencil icon and the words “Post a comment” at the bottom of each post and then click on it. We want to hear what you think.


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