Winner of the Metro Appliances washer & dryer announced!

Maytag washer and dryer set from Metro Appliances

So who won the FABULOUS Maytag washer and dryer set, provided by our friends at Metro Appliances & More?

The winner is ….

HEIDI STEPHENS! Congratulations, Heidi!

Heidi’s response, via email, conveyed her excitement:

“OMG!!!!  I am SO excited!!!!! I never win anything!!!!”

When the random number generator picked Heidi, we had to say awwwwwww.

Heidi has been a Motherlode reader since the very beginning, when her four babies were young. (In fact, we interviewed about 10 years ago and published it here.) Now, Heidi’s kids are all so grown up! {CRY FACE} McKenna is 22 and graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in May. She’s living and working in Little Rock. Dillan 18, is a senior at BHS and is also in the Army National Guard. Ashlyn, 15, is a sophomore at BHS, and the baby, Hannah, is 13 and in the 8th grade at Lincoln Junior High.

Shane and Heidi Stephens’ four great kids!
Shane and Heidi with McKenna

The thing is, washers and dryers seem to have a half-life in their house. With multiple kids, two cats and two dogs, that’s not cool. Heidi said they’ve had to call a repair person out multiple times in the past year to work on their appliances.

Metro to the rescue with a brand new set of dependable machines!

Speaking of, if you’re in the market for a new appliance of any sort — not to mention outdoor patio furniture, grills, fire pits and more outdoor fabulousness — go check out their new showroom. As we said in the giveaway post, the Metro showroom is like walking through a real-life Pinterest where all your dream kitchens, laundry rooms and patios have come to life. The store’s address is 801 Metro Place in Lowell or you can cruise around the website, Metro Appliances & More in Lowell. 

We’ll leave you with a great piece of advice that Heidi shared with us 10 years ago in that 5 Minutes with a Mom interview. Because it still holds true:

“I can’t remember where I got this advice, but it was mountains vs. mole hills. If it’s a mountain then you are allowed to stress and do what you have to in order to fix it. If it’s a mole hill, just let it go. I have kind of broken it apart: Mountains – issues that will keep your child from growing up to be a civilized human being with good morals.  Mole hills – everything else!” 🙂