New Motherlode sponsor delights the senses


By Shannon Magsam, Motherlode mama

French Vanilla, Butter Cream Frosting, Banana Nut Bread. No, these aren’t desserts, they’re candles with fragrances so true to life they make you want to “reach for a spoon instead of a match.” I’m talking about Mia Bella’s Gourmet Candles that are triple-scented, longer-lasting and cleaner burning since they’re made with a natural wax blend you can clean up with soap and water. Have you tried them out yet?

My source in NWA is Gina McFerrin from Bella Vista. In fact, I have the “Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper” candle sitting on a desk to my right as we speak. It makes my office smell great, but not like real food, since the delicious fragrance would likely keep my head in the refrigerator rather than on my writing.

bellabuns_sm1.jpgThe other candles, like the Cinnamon Bella Buns, are better placed in my kitchen. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing these before, Mia Bella’s 16-ounce gourmet jar candles burn evenly down to the bottom (and they smell just as good from start to finish), Gina said. Then you can just clean out the container with soap and water.

Gina, who moved to Northwest Arkansas with her family three years ago from Kansas City when her husband took a job with Wal-Mart Home Office, has been an independent consultant for Mia Bella for over two years now. She started with the company in July 2006 because she felt it was a good home-based business opportunity for her – she could earn some extra money while continuing to home-school her three children. In fact, her children are involved in the business and learn by helping her with various facets of the home-based business process. Imagine the math skills they’re learning!

Gina also joined Mia Bella’s because she believes in the product. (A fun little side note: Gina admits in THIS story on her website that a personal goal is to fund her dream of owning a sauna.)

Candles were an interesting choice of business for Gina, since, before Mia Bella’s, she typically couldn’t tolerate burning candles in her home because of headaches. She said those of you who enjoy candles, but usually avoid them because of allergies or headaches, might want to give Mia Bella’s candles a try since they’re made from all natural wax.

applepie_sm.jpgThere are all kinds of products in addition to the large glass jars. Some other options: 2.5-ounce votives, soy-based bath and body bars, foaming pump hand wash, Mia Bella’s Bakery “pies”, simmer pots and melts (a flame-free way to enjoy the scents) and car air fresheners.

And we all know it’s the downhill slide to Christmas. Need I remind you that candles make good gifts? The candle of the month for September is “Holiday Memories” and October’s is “Snowberry Pine.”

If your kids’ school is trying to raise money for something (uniforms, PTA) Gina also helps out with Mia Bella’s fundraisers. The school can sell the candles (fewer calories than candy) and receive a portion of the proceeds from Mia Bella’s.

Gina is active in the Northwest Arkansas community. If you want to see – and smell – the candles for yourselves, look for her at the following November events (candles are available for purchase at these events):

  • Ladies Night Out, Monday, Nov. 3, John Q. Hammons Center
  • Candy Cane Lane, Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 13-15, at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center

In July, Gina received the Rising Star Award from her Mia Bella’s platinum director in California. But don’t think she’s pushy. She just believes in her product and enjoys running this home-based business. She’s one of the most laid-back people I’ve met. So check out her website HERE, order candles HERE or get involved in selling Mia Bella’s candles yourself. SPECIAL NOTE: Mia Bella’s gives away a free 16-ounce jar candle (as well as a Bella Bar) every Monday. Go to this link to sign up for the weekly drawing!