Beauty Buzz: The 12 Best Beauty New Year’s Resolutions

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By Andi Douglas, beauty editor

New Year’s resolutions…we all make them and we all break them. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start out 2017 pleasantly optimistic and hopeful for the super skinny jeans we’ll wear to next New Year’s Eve.

So here goes, my 12 Beauty Resolutions, one for every month of the year. (I found a list of one for every week, but who are we kidding?)

Resolution #1
sephoraDon’t be the Stinky Mom at pick-up. I have never met someone who doesn’t have some form of exercise on their list of resolutions, but suddenly being comfortable in public showers is definitely not on mine. Wipe a facial wipe over your body to get rid of the perspiration, then mist yourself with a body spray infused with salicylic acid, like Clear Radiance body mist (Sephora $29), to prevent clogged pores. Use dry shampoo on the roots of your hair to absorb any moisture before pulling your hair back.

Resolution #2
Grow your hair out, the healthy way. I am the worst about skipping trims to get my hair longer, but always end up having to chop twice as much to repair the damage. Along with regular trims every 6-8 weeks, indulge in a repairative hair treatment once a week by applying a scoop of coconut oil to your hair, focusing on the dry ends. Clip it up and cover with a shower cap. 30 minutes later, shampoo (you will probably need to rinse and repeat) and style your hair.

Resolution #3
Fall in LOVE with coconut oil. Lotion, hair mask, sunscreen, bath oil, cradle cap remedy, heartburn and headache cure…seriously the list can go on forever. Pick up a jar or twenty. Don’t be put off by the solid texture; it begins to liquefy quickly just from the heat of your hands.

Resolution #4
coconut oilStop biting your nails. You can get worms from biting your nails…there, you’re cured. You are welcome.

Resolution #5
Upgrade your beauty routine. The lotion you used as a teenager may still keep you moisturized but it probably is not meant to address your needs as a grown woman. Take the time to figure out what your skin needs now, whether it’s repairing past damage or preventing wrinkles, and pick up some eye cream while you’re at it.

Resolution #6
Nail down your personal style. What pictures did you deem Profile Pic worthy? Was your hair always tousled or stick straight? Are you rocking bright red lips or did you just get off the beach? Find the look you felt the best in, and make an effort to sport the look more often.

Resolution #7
De-clutter your make-up bag (and cabinets if you feel ambitious). If you pass over a certain lipstick every time because it tastes gross or refer to a certain blush as “Hooker Cheeks”, toss it. The same goes for the expensive but still full bottle of gel that gives you wet head.

Resolution #8
Clean you makeup brushes once a week. If you use sponges, toss those bad boys and buy new. There is a fountain of info on the web on how to clean your brushes, but I’ve always preferred dish soap to get the oil out. Just make sure you wait until they are completely dry before toothbrushputting your brushes away.

Resolution #9
Up your SPF protection to 30 or higher. I know the cold weather will keep your body covered, but don’t forget your hands and neck, which catch stray rays even in the car.

Resolution #10
Keep a toothbrush at your desk or in your bag and brush after you drink coffee, tea or a dark soda. This will help prevent stains from setting.

Resolution #11
Clean your cell phone. Ever notice that your right cheek is more prone to break outs? Every time you talk on the phone, you transfer oil, make-up and germs to your phone, not to mention what your little germ factories leave behind after playing Angry Birds. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to disinfect.

Resolution #12
Boost your bosom! Treat yourself to a proper bra fitting and something sexy to wear under your mom uniform of T’s and jeans. Most women are wearing the wrong size bra which can cause back pain and poor posture. Not only will a well-fitted bra improve your stature but also your self-esteem and overall sassiness.

The best part about a new year is being able to put all of the forgotten resolutions from last year behind you and start fresh. No regrets, or I-wish-I-hads, only twelve months of potential. And since we’re already more than a week into January, you can skip one of these resolutions (I won’t tell).

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