Beauty Buzz: One mom’s take on nail art

beauty buzz, nwaMotherlode.comBy Andi Douglas, nwaMotherlode Beauty Editor and mama of 3

I’ve ignored it, I’ve denied it, and I’ve ridiculed it, but I think, now, it’s time to accept nail art, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s even getting easier to achieve these detailed creations.

The latest direct sales business I have seen popping up on my newsfeed is the vinyl nail-decal company Jamberry Nails.The design options are seemingly endless (ie: I got sick of trying to count them) and they can be applied at home, during the post-bedtime bliss, while sneaking your secret stash of good chocolate.

After reading this honest review by mom blogger Mrs. Wiggle Bottom, I think these are very simple to apply, once you get the hang of it, but like ay product, would not be for everyone. I can totally see getting these for a special occasion and the Mommy & Me sets would be too cute for spa themed party. At $15 a sheet, which yields several  sets of snazzy looking nails, these cost more than a solid color of polish, but are a fraction of the cost of a salon visit.

Maybe you are a DIY-er at heart, or a fabulous artist. Or just the type of person who likes to casually accept praise over your nails depicting famous internet grumpy cat nailskittys, mention that you had a little free time and then moonwalk away. Unfortunately, most of the tutorials that caught my eye require several different colors, and unless you regularly wear Grumpy Cat grey on your nails, you will have to supplement your nail polish collection.

The good news? Consumer Reports did a recent test with 7 different popular nail polish brands and found, that  after 10 days of wear, the winning polish was the cheapy brand Sinful Colors, available for only $2 a bottle at Target (where I happened to have a really dorky-mom convo with the teenage cashier, who did not find my Consumer Reports  research interesting). You might want to get an old pallet and some modge podge to DIY a nail polish rack with all that free time you have.

Hopefully, we can stay out of our rain boots long enough to show off those stunning new toes and you can admire your perfectly coordinated chevron nails as you push your little one on the swing. Now, since the name Jamberry is making me irrationally hungry, I am going to see if my kids have any Easter candy stashed away.

NOTE: If you’re really into nail art and all things polish, check out the LacqLustre blog, which is where we found the impressive shot of “Grumpy Cat” nails pictured above. The ideas on this blog are seemingly endless! (We loved the look of the “girly pearl nail art” and the “herringbone nail art.) Have fun, mamas!

AndiAndi Davis is the mama of three little ones and when she’s not playing house, reading them a book or trying to get them to go bed on time — adores playing with makeup. She loves to answer your beauty questions (including those about hair) so send ’em on over! Just email them to mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com.