Mamas on Magic 107.9: Time-saving tips and tricks

time saver slider

If there’s one thing moms are almost always short on, it’s time. We’re constantly wishing for a few more hours in the day to help us conquer the mountain of things we’d like to get done. So we spent a week during our radio show talking about some of the best time-saving techniques we could [...]

On Your Mind: 4-year-old power struggles with Mom


The question below reached us through our “online hotline” button which lets anyone send a question to Lauren Levine, a local counselor — completely anonymous. The email comes in with no email address and no identifying information. We set it up this way so women would feel free to write about anything on their mind. [...]

NWA Fairs & Festivals Guide, Summer/Fall 2014

fairs and festivals guide 2014

Tontitown Grape Festival Free admission, free parking, free nightly entertainment. Grape stomp, carnival rides, spaghetti dinners. Dates: Aug. 5-9 Time: Varies Location: Tontitown. More info: Click here for a schedule of events Yarnell’s Third Annual Ice Cream Festival Yarnell’s will host ice cream-eating contests each hour. The winner of each contest wins a year’s supply [...]

Good Gossip: Sexy wedding, first job and celeb pets!

adam levine

Yes, we do love a little celebrity gossip but we also know it’s not cool to do something we teach our kids NOT to do. It’s never okay to indulge in stuff meant to humiliate or hurt another person. That’s why we came up with the concept of “Good Gossip,” which is celeb news minus [...]

See who won the NWA Mall Shopping Spree!

cori fryar

Congratulations, Cori Fryar! Cori, mom of two, won the shopping spree to the NWA Mall after being chosen at random among all the folks who voted in our annual Mom-Approved Awards. We’ll announce the businesses who won soon. Be looking for that post! In the meantime, we asked Cori a few questions so we could [...]

Devotion in Motion: The still, small voice

12 And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice. 1 Kings 19: 12 (NKJV) By Bro. John L. Cash Editor’s note: This column follows a previous post about the Desiderata (Latin for “the things to be desired.”) The following line is [...]

The Rockwood Files: Refrigerator shame

frog in rocking chair

By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 My refrigerator made a fool of me today. This morning when I came downstairs to the kitchen, it was croaking – loudly. It sounded like an elderly frog was inside it, sitting in a creaky rocking chair that got louder each time he rocked back. I [...]

Blog 66: Things to do in Denver, Colorado

emily vanek, blog 66

Shannon and Gwen dreamed up this nwaMotherlode feature during a looong drive to a blogger conference in Nashville a few years ago. They interview bloggers across the U.S. (and beyond), looking for tips from the people who know their cities best. Most recently we chatted with bloggers a little closer to home in Little Rock. Twice! [...]

Life with Ladybug: Back to life. Back to reality.


On our way back from Panama City Beach in Florida, we stopped by my parents’ house to spend the night – and to pick up a chicken. No, not KFC. Against my better judgment, we were bringing home one of the chickens from my mom’s flock to join our lone chicken survivor, Tessa (we lost [...]

Check out Mercy’s new mobile health bus!

mobile unit

We all know people who are reluctant to go to a doctor’s office, right? And some people live so far out in the country that a trip to the doctor is a real challenge. So what if the doctors and nurses come to you? Mercy has a new mobile health bus valued at $650,000 that [...]

Beauty Buzz: I’m too young for wrinkles!


Dear Andi, I’m trying to be realistic about the aging process, but I feel like I’m getting wrinkles much earlier than my friends the same age. Is there something that could be causing this? Barring basic genetics, where my understanding falls somewhere around “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” there are habits [...]

Mealtime Mama: Italian Style Roasted Peppers

onf bell peppers

If  you love bell peppers (we do!), below is a unique recipe from the Ozark Natural Foods website to try this summer. If you’d like to see other recipes on the ONF site, click here. Italian Style Roasted Peppers 4 large green bell peppers 1 large red pepper 2 large cloves garlic 3 Tbsp olive [...]

Devotion in Motion: Be a peacemaker

9 Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9 (NKJV) By Bro. John L. Cash Editor’s note: The following is part of a series of posts on the “Desiderata,” (which is Latin for “the things to be desired,”) The following two lines are taken from the poem. Editor’s note: [...]

The Rockwood Files: Are you crazy busy?

crazy busy

By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 A few years ago, I got a phone call from a friend and, as soon as I said hello, she said, almost apologetically, “Hey! It’s me. I hate to even call you because I know you’re extremely busy so I’ll make this fast…” It was a [...]

Gardening: When, how long and how to water

water sprayer

By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 We have had a really pleasant beginning to summer with warm days and plenty of rain. It’s very rare to make it to the beginning of July without having to occasionally break out the sprinkler system for the vegetable garden. This year has been the exception, [...]