The Rockwood Files: New Year’s Perspective


By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 We got a call last week with upsetting news. Our 22-year-old nephew Andrew was just diagnosed with leukemia. It hit us like a punch in the gut. I can only imagine how it must have felt for Andy and his parents and brothers. It began a [...]

On Your Mind: Could my college student be having a nervous breakdown?

onyourmind use

Dear Tom, My 19-year-old daughter is a freshman in college, and I’m worried that she may be having a nervous breakdown. She was overwhelmed with worry during her final exams and her stress level didn’t go down once the exams were over. She’s a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on herself so I [...]

Getting Healthy for Good: Bring it 2012


By Laurie Marshall As many of you are doing this week, I’m ignoring my bathroom scale. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I am stepping on the scale. Then I am looking down at the number. And then I’m choosing to ignore what it says. It’s been a tough road for me over the last couple [...]

Inside His Head: The husbands share their New Year’s resolutions


Welcome back to Inside His Head, a monthly feature on nwaMotherlode which offers women an opportunity to take a little spin inside the minds of men. This month we wanted to ask our anonymous panel of husbands about their New Year’s Resolutions. They answered back with their top three (and they don’t seem so far [...]

The Baby’s Room is Moving!


Big news, mamas! One of our favorite stores is gearing up for a BIG move. The Baby’s Room and Kids Quarters, which has been located on Walnut Street in Rogers for many years, is moving uptown to the Shoppes at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers. (When the new location opens in March, you’ll find it in [...]

What’s in YOUR purse?


When I was growing up, I was always a little mystified by my mom’s purse. It was such a MESS! Every now and then, she’d take the time to clean it out because it was roughly the weight of a large watermelon and was starting to make her shoulder hurt. And the clean-out process always [...]

Military Mama: Simply celebrating

tervis tumbler

By Jade Stone I hope this finds your holiday season running smoothly. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it feels like every year it becomes more and more stressful. But this year, I was inspired to do something different. A few months ago, my worship team leader at church came to me and asked [...]

Ring in the New Year at Last Night Fayetteville!

last night

It’s almost time for the area’s NEW New Year’s celebration! The long-running “First Night” didn’t happen last year, so the Creative Economy Action Group stepped up to host the brand new “Last Night”. They have lots of small business sponsors, like nwaMotherlode! There will be music, a kid’s area, adult beverage gardens, comedy acts, the [...]

Techno Mama: Is Facebook killing your blog?


By Sarah Martin Hood, technology blogger We live in an age of easy, instant information.  Have a question? Google it. Wondering what ever happened to that old high school friend? Check Facebook. But are we evolving into a world that’s more interested in headlines than details? If we can’t get what we need in 10 [...]

The Rockwood Files: Mom’s Letter to Santa


By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 Dear Santa, I’m nearly exhausted this time of year so I can only imagine how worn out you must be as you gear up for your magical trip around the world. Even with help from all those elves, you must feel a lot of pressure this [...]

Empty Nexter: Reach out to lonely hearts over the holiday


By Carrie Perrien Smith It was my first Christmas after the divorce. Our daughter was six. I was thirty. I was living with half of my belongings in a two-bedroom, low-income apartment that I could almost afford. My dogs were staying with my parents in Tulsa until I could get my finances together and buy [...]

Life with Ladybug: Letter to the principal


By Shannon Magsam So, apparently in the Fayetteville School District you have to fill out an absence form if you’re going to pull your kid out of school for, say, a family vacation. Or, in our case, to spend extra time with grandparents the full week before Christmas. You not only have to jot down [...]

5 Minutes with a Mom: Heather David

Heather David

Name: Heather David Kids’ names and ages: Cooper just turned 7, my Christmas baby. And Cash is 2; he’s my 9/11 baby. I’m married to Michael David, and we’re high school sweethearts! We’ve been together for 18 years and married for 11 years!! How long have you lived in NWA? I’ve lived here since 1984 — [...]

Sweet gift idea! Savoy Tea Co. cupcakes and tea


We love it when we come across a new business in Northwest Arkansas that has something fun to offer. The other day we got a gift package from a friend who sent us something from a new shop over at the Pinnacle Promenade Mall in Rogers. It’s called the Savoy Tea Company, and it’s nestled [...]

Inconceivable Mama: What NOT to say to a friend struggling with infertility


By Inconceivable Mama “So, how come you guys haven’t had kids yet?” If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question I could pay for all the infertility treatments that my health insurance won’t cover. This question has baffled me for my entire adulthood. When I first got married it just [...]