Devotion in Motion: The Last of Rural America


30 So when they were sent off, they came to Antioch; and when they had gathered the multitude together, they delivered the letter.  31 When they had read it, they rejoiced over its encouragement.  Acts 15:30,31 (NKJV) By Bro. John L. Cash, “Country Preacher Dad” Last week I got an email from Gwen Rockwood telling [...]

The Rockwood Files: The tomatoes made me do it


By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 I feel guilty. I’ve done a bad, bad thing. And yet I can’t say I wouldn’t do it all over again given the opportunity and the same strong temptation. It started early this afternoon while I was at an exercise class. My abdominal muscles were screaming [...]

Mamas on Magic 107.9 Friday mornings


We’re talking about one of our favorite subjects this week when we stop by Magic 107.9 Friday morning for our weekly chat with radio hosts Jennifer Irwin and Guy Westmoland. This week is all about blogging!! Woo-hoo! We love it. We’ll be on air between 7:25 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. so tune in at that [...]

August Calendar of Local Events

August! First Fridays – Bentonville Activities, food and live music for the whole family! Held on the Bentonville square March through November. Date: Fridays Time: 11:30am Location: Downtown Bentonville Square More Info: First Thursdays – Fayetteville First Thursday Fayetteville is a monthly event held on the Downtown Fayetteville Square. It features various works of [...]

What We’re Reading: Good night Kendrick, I Love You


What we’re reading this month is a very personal, incredibly moving book by a local author and fellow mom, Rhonda Fincher. Rhonda has done one of the toughest things we can imagine — take the overwhelming pain of losing a child and somehow turn it into a beautiful book designed to help fellow parents going [...]

Inside His Head: Living with an electronics addict?


Guys, My husband is on his phone constantly. He’s talking, texting or reading while we’re eating dinner or trying to enjoy time with the kids. It drives me crazy. I’ve told him it’s rude, but it’s like he’s addicted. What can I say to him to make him understand he needs to stop? GRAY: It’s [...]

5 Minutes with a Mom: Courtney Young

Courtney Young

Name: Courtney Young Children’s names and ages:  Kolby-9  Kya-6   Declan-4 Where are you from and what brought you to NWA? I am from NWA. My family moved here when I was four from New Mexico. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I have not seen much of the world [...]

Inconceivable Mama: Houston, we have a problem

ovulation kit

By Inconceivable Mama Shortly after Hubs and I started trying for a baby I went to the doctor and underwent a series of tests because I have a history of ovarian cysts. We wanted to make sure that everything looked clear so I donated several vials of blood and had an ultrasound to make sure [...]

Beauty Buzz: Tips for concealing a scar


Dear Andi, How should I cover my scar for upcoming family photos? Some people look at their scars as a badge of honor, but I see the scar on my chin as an embarrassing reminder of sub-par roller skating skills, so I understand the desire to minimize the appearance of a scar. Unfortunately, no scar [...]

Giveaway: Tickets to see Rick Springfield in concert!


Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Angela Howrey, winner of the Rick Springfield tickets and Burger Life deliciousness! Attention all mamas who once had a crush (and maybe still do) on Rick Springfield: We’re giving away two tickets to go see him live in concert at the Arkansas Music Pavilion on August 7th! You can [...]

Picture Mama: Cute kids in Northwest Arkansas!

"Not everybody can pull off this kind of hat. On me, it TOTALLY works."

Maybe there’s something in the water around here. Because you’ve gotta admit… the kids in our neck of the woods are just cuter than average. We’re just sayin’. If you’re skeptical, just take a look at some of these photos we’ve received in the past few weeks for our snapshot contest. Speaking of our snapshot [...]

Devotion in Motion: The Heat is On


22 “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night shall not cease.”  Genesis 8:22 (NKJV) By Bro. John L. Cash, “Country Preacher Dad” I read a poem last week that made me laugh: Spring has sprung. Fall has fell. It’s the middle of July And hotter [...]

The Rockwood Files: The games we play


By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 It has been almost a year since Percy, the Persistent Stray Cat, insisted that we rescue her from her skinny existence in the woods. After 12 months of roaming our halls and eating our food, she has transformed into the spoiled, smug, extremely fat housecat she [...]

Mamas on Magic 107.9 Friday mornings


When  you have kids, you automatically become an editor. You edit the choices you make, the words that come out of your mouth, the things you do, the shows you watch, the clothes you wear, the places you go — everything changes. This morning when we stop by Magic 107.9 for our Friday morning chat [...]

Mothers of Multiples Open House Event!


Hey, mamas! Got twins, triplets, quads or more? Have a friend who does? The Northwest Arkansas Mothers of Multiples Club is a nonprofit support group for moms of twins, triplets and higher order multiples. The group is having an open house on Tuesday, July 26th at the Circle of Life Hospice, located at 901 Jones [...]