Beauty Buzz: Andi on Buyer’s Remorse

By Andi Douglas, beauty editor Time is precious to a mom, especially when your kids are in tow and at least one of them has to tinkle NOW! So, when I spend 15 minutes in the drugstore staring at all of the beauty products available (and there are a lot) and end up leaving [...]

Inside His Head: Husband not excited about baby

  Dear dads, I’m pregnant with my first baby and my husband really doesn’t seem excited. I’m having a hard time with his reaction. We discussed having kids when we were dating, so that’s not it. He says he’s happy, but I don’t really believe it. Any advice on how to handle this situation? MAVERICK: [...]

Sponsor Spotlight: New cancer treatment clinic just for women

Mamas, we’d like you to help us welcome a new sponsor to nwaMotherlode, Dr. Joseph Ivy. Dr. Ivy has a new clinic on the Willow Creek Women’s Hospital campus in Johnson and we’re really impressed with the technology he uses to make various cancer treatments less invasive. We asked Dr. Ivy some questions about his [...]

Mealtime Mama: These babies are delicious!

One of my dear (unfortunately, former) neighbors, Kim Vollendorf, was known for her frugal, quick dinners. She had one particular recipe that all of us neighbor girls really liked, so she shared, of course. She called the recipe “chicka-babies” and they now serve as the centerpiece to my daughter’s favorite meal. Here’s the very simple [...]

Fashion Mama: 2010 Fall Fashion Trends!

By Michelle Thompson Hooray for Fall Fashion! One of my favorite and hottest trends of the season is everything GRAY!!!  This is one trend that you will definitely want to embrace, and here are some affordable, local  and online options to get you wardrobe-ready to step into fall. 1. This belt was actually a birthday [...]

Devotion in Motion: No pain, no gain

8 “though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.” Hebrews 5:8 By Bro. John L. Cash, “Country Preacher Dad” In my years of being a schoolteacher, I’ve taught a wide variety of ages and subjects. In the 1990’s, I taught a class called “Technology Discovery”. The federal government [...]

The Rockwood Files: Rookie mistake

By Gwen Rockwood, newspaper columnist and mama of 3 When you’re a mother of three with a little experience under your belt, you should really know better. But last night I made a classic rookie mistake. I didn’t get around to shopping for the kids’ school supplies until the night before said supplies were due [...]

Giveaway: Procter & Gamble basket of goodies for a cause!

  Mamas, it’s giveaway time and you’re gonna love this one! You can win a basket filled with top-selling Procter & Gamble beauty and health brands — think Cover Girl, Olay, Pantene, Crest, Gillette, Secret … !! It’s a $200 value, girls!  And this giveaway is especially awesome because it’s tied to a wonderful event [...]

Techno Mama: Get your Groupon on!

By Sarah Martin Hood What the heck is a groupon? Only the fastest growing company in the history of the internet! Groupon is a new twist on coupons. It all started in Chicago, but Groupon is now available in about 100 cities across the US. The well-organized, sleekly-designed website offers irresistible deals in the spirit [...]

Mamas on 107.9 Thursday mornings!

It’s Thursday, which means we’re stopping by KEZA Magic 107.9 for our weekly Thursday morning chat with radio hosts Jennifer Irwin and Guy Westmoland. We’ll be on the air around 7:45 a.m. until around 9 a.m. (Click here or on the graphic at right to listen to the radio live on your computer.) We’ll be [...]

Tweens & Teens: Teaching responsibility

If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, then you need to put some responsibility on their shoulders ~ Abigail Van Buren (a.k.a. Dear Abby) Hello all and welcome to the August edition of Tweens and Teens. Gwen and Shannon asked me to respond to the recent attention drawn to Robert Rausch, [...]

Life with Ladybug: Probing questions

By Shannon Magsam My husband and I have some of the best conversations while we’re driving. There’s just something about being trapped in a car together to get you to Talksville. On one long trip to Texas while we were dating, I made up scenarios about our future life together (God forbid on pretty much [...]

Shopping for charity? Yes, you can.

When we heard about the “Bloomingsales” fundraiser being organized by Saving Grace, we thought it was pretty genius. The concept is simple: Get teams of women together and tell them to go shop at several different stores in the Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers. The participating stores give the teams points for each purchase they [...]

Pet Parenting: New ‘Haute Dog’ Shop!

Molly Meredith is the owner of a brand new website just for canines: Haute Dog Inc. We asked her a few questions about how the business came to be and how the new online store is “giving back” to doggies who need it most. How long have you had the Haute Dog shop? a:  Haute [...]

Vintage Virgo winner + meet the mama behind the biz!

Congratulations to Amber Denny! This lucky mama won the Vintage Virgo $100 Shopping Spree! Amber has 1-year-old Emma Rose and is pregnant with a baby boy who’s due on November 30th. Enjoy your shopping spree, Amber! We know she’ll love cruising Vintage Virgo’s online shop because the clothes and gifts are simply adorable. We wanted [...]