Beauty & the Beast tickets on sale at Walton Arts Center!

TOMORROW, May 1st, tickets will go on sale for Beauty & the Beast at the Walton Arts Center. There are lots of moms and daughters out there who are huge fans of the movie, so we know you’ll want to see it come to life on stage at Walton Arts Center this summer. This is [...]

Getting Healthy for Good: One Meal at a Time

By Laurie Marshall Okay people, it’s nearly May. Remember the promises we made to ourselves, the folks at our Weight Watcher’s meetings and our office-mates to count our calories, or our points, or cut back on sweets…?  Yeah, we’re starting to wonder what exactly the point was, aren’t we? Life has rudely intruded and made [...]

Drama for Mama: American Idol

So long, Siobahn. We had to say goodbye to this season’s “screamer” Wednesday night when Siobahn Magnus was eliminated. I was a tad surprised to see her go because she sang last on Tuesday night, and the person singing last is typically safe because their performance is still fresh on voters’ minds when the phone [...]

5 Minutes with a (Roller Derby) Mom: Jessica Kitchens

Name: Jessica Kitchens We understand you have an alias, Blazen Glory. Tell us about it! In 2005 I founded a nonprofit called Fight the Blaze ( that helps to educate and prevent childhood sexual abuse. “Blazen” came from that. “Glory” was added after a couple of the derby girls said I needed something with it. [...]

Haiti update by Dr. Adam Maass

This is Part 2 of a series of video clips we took of our conversation with Dr. Adam Maass of Mercy Health System. (Click here to watch the first video clip previously published.) Dr. Maass recently returned from his second trip to Haiti, where he worked in tent cities treating hundreds of people effected by [...]

What We’re Reading to the Kids!

Need some new books to read to the kids? Here are two great picks from our resident book expert and bookshop owner, Marti Genge of Pages of Parenting Bookstore. What If Everybody Did That? by Ellen Javernick This Earth-friendly children’s book shows how each person’s small, everyday choices – good or bad- have consequences one [...]

Drama for Mama: The Good Wife

Well, The Good Wife may be trying to rid herself of that title. Last night’s episode was fast-paced and – as usual – difficult to follow if you didn’t pay close attention. I made the mistake of grabbing a snack a few seconds after the beginning and missed exactly how a newspaper’s managing editor died [...]

Drama for Mama: Parenthood

  By Cara Cleek Ogden Hopefully you didn’t miss this funny, engaging episode of Parenthood. But, if you did, allow me to catch you up…… Joel and Julia’s daughter, Sydney, has apparently broken a vase but is denying it. When Julia questions her honesty, Sydney counters by saying that Julia is a lawyer and that, [...]

Crystal Bridges at the Massey news

Through May 30, the exhibition Looking at Our Landscape will be on display at Crystal Bridges at the Massey. More than 100 community members, from children aged 12 to adults over 80, submitted photographs to Looking at Our Landscape, a juried community photography exhibition that focuses on the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas. (The photo [...]

Drama for Mama: Desperate Housewives

By Gwen Rockwood, mama of 3 This Sunday’s episode of Desperate Housewives was really kind of sad, even though it was about a serial killer. It gave us the background we needed on Eddie, the 18-year-old kid who grew up in the neighborhood and turned into a killer that no one suspects of even being [...]

Good Gossip: Twilight news, Luke Wilson and more!

Brad Pitt’s younger brother, Doug Pitt, 43, has been appointed the U.S. Goodwill Ambassador to Tanzania in Africa. Doug Pitt said “It’s a great honor.” Brad said he is very proud of his brother who has been engaged in humanitarian efforts in Africa for years. (Source: People magazine, May 3, 2010 edition) We all know [...]

Giveaway: Scentsy Wickless Candles!

At the NWA Boutiqe Show a few Saturdays ago, our Motherlode booth was right next to a local Scentsy Wickless Candle rep. We told her that we’d just heard from the national company and were planning a Sweet-Smelling Mother’s Day Giveaway from Scentsy. I had just received my free mid-size (decorative) warmer from the company [...]

Mealtime Mama: Breakfast Delights

One of my daughter’s favorite things about visiting her grandparents is the food. MeMee always makes a batch of “famous” (according to an adoring granddaughter) waffles on Saturday morning. I thought I’d share this winning recipe along with some other yummy breakfast treats we like. MeMee’s Famous Waffles 1 1/2 cups self-rising flour 2 tablespoon [...]

Challenges of the Millenial Generation: What Parents Need to Know

Drug Free Rogers-Lowell would like to invite you to attend the “Challenges of the Millennial Generation: What Parents Need to Know” training. The guest speaker will be Isabel Burk, director of The Health Network. Burk is a nationally known, award-winning expert on drug prevention, safety policies, and health education issues. Her professional achievements have been [...]

Devotion in Motion: Not Really Hungry

6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.”  Matthew 5:6 (NKJV) By Bro. John L. Cash, “Country Preacher Dad” In our family, we often talk about the Christmas when our son Seth was 2-years-old.  In fact, we have kind a shorthand title for it: “The Christmas Seth Didn’t [...]