Waiting for Shlomo: Things Fall Apart

By Erin, adoption blogger Ok, I think I am ready to write about this. It’s been a difficult few weeks. We had an adoptive situation fall through a few months ago, but it lasted only 24 hours and turned really crazy at the end, so it was a bit of a relief when we said [...]

Spa Girl Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Stefanie Rogers, winner of nwaMotherlode’s first Spa Girl Giveaway! Stefanie signed up for the giveaway, which includes a one-hour signature massage and an aromatherapy pedicure from Sanctuary Salon & Spa, with a shout-out to Signed Sealed Delivered. She was particularly complimentary of their Kids’ Camp because all the scrap-booking pieces are pre-cut and [...]

Drama for Mama: Grey’s Anatomy

This was a hard episode to watch for us animal lovers. The new trauma surgeon, Major Hunt, began a teaching session by unveiling several sedated pigs strapped to operating tables. He took out a pocket knife and stabbed each one in the chest and then ordered the residents and interns to keep them alive by [...]

Drama for Mama: Dancing with the Stars Elimination Night

It was fun while it lasted, but the comedy routine finally came to a close on this week’s Dancing with the Stars when Cloris Leachman and her partner Corky were eliminated from the contest. (The other couple in the bottom two was headed by Susan Lucci.) But I have to admit, it was fun watching [...]

Fayetteville Mom Shares Decision to Have Double Mastectomy

By Shannon Magsam Editor’s note: So many women were rooting for Fayetteville mom Gail Halleck during a recent nwaMotherlode giveaway that we couldn’t help but wonder about the back story on this obviously remarkable woman. We found out that Gail, 43, is celebrating the first anniversary after a double mastectomy. Gail (on the far right [...]

Life With Ladybug’s Dad: When Date Nights Go Bad

By Shannon Magsam The grown-ups in this house don’t get out much. We talk about a date night, but it seems we’re all talk and no action. I know you understand. And I know you’ll also understand what happened when those grown-ups finally did break the chain to flee an hour away for dinner. It [...]

Hair: “Help Me Rhonda” on perms

Dear Rhonda, My hair is extremely curly and very difficult to manage. My stylist suggested I get a permanent. Really? A perm? That makes no sense at all to me. If my hair is already curly, why should I curl it more with a perm? Please explain. Dear Curly Girly, Your stylist is right! If [...]

Halloween Night at Jump Zone!

If you need a good way to help the kids burn off that sugar rush after trick-or-treating, you might want to check out the Halloween Night “Jump’n’Treats” at Jump Zone in Bentonville. They’ll have a costume contest with three age divisions, and each party room will have games with treats and prizes. There’s something in [...]

Advice: “Mind Your Mama” on getting a dog

Dear Jennifer, My husband has decided our 2 year old son is obsessed with dogs. I’ve decided my husband is obsessed with dogs. He’s lobbying hard for us to get one. He makes it sound like if we don’t get a dog soon, our son will never get used to dogs and will be afraid [...]

Mommy In Progress: Pink, blue or maybe green

By Jacqueline Presley, first time mama-to-be Week 13. What an interesting week that was! Huge bursts of energy, not nearly as much nausea. Actually being to tackle some of that housework that has been piling up. That was until the very last day of that week. I got into my car feeling just fine about [...]

Local Couple’s Heart-Breaking Story on Oprah Tuesday

Mamas, Some friends sent us this e-mail last night letting us know that a local couple’s story will be on a “Miracle Child” show on Oprah today (Oct. 28): “Our friends had a little boy named Eliot a few years ago. Part of his story is going to be on Oprah tomorrow… It is a [...]

Spa Girl Giveaway: We have a winner!

We picked a name at random this afternoon for the first Spa Girl Giveaway which includes an hour-long massage and aromatherapy pedicure from Sanctuary Spa & Salon. We’ll post the winner’s name here on nwaMotherlode Friday. Thanks to everyone who showered our sponsors with love this week. We know they appreciated reading your kind words. [...]

A Must Read: Breast surgeon offers life-saving tips for women

By Shannon Magsam Since this is the last week of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to share life-saving information with you from Donna Johnson, a surgeon with Mercy Health System’s Surgical Center and mother of three. Dr. Johnson is a general surgeon, but about 40 percent of the surgeries she performs are breast-related. [...]

All Akimbo on baby fat

By Kim Blakely, pregnant lady People – I’m just a little over 7 weeks, but I LOOK PREGNANT. I’ve heard that the belly pops earlier in a second pregnancy than in a first, but good golly … (I’m hoping that and the fact that I can’t stomach any of the grocery store aisles beyond the [...]