Drama for Mama: So You Think You Can Dance

By Gwen “so I wish I could dance” Rockwood, mama of 3 There’s only two weeks left of So You Think You Can Dance, and I’m going to be bummed to see this season end. It’s been the most entertaining season in the show’s history, and I still don’t have a clue who’s going to [...]

Life With Ladybug: A quotable kid

We’re driving down the road and Ladybug is begging for a Chihuahua. I list all the reasons she can’t have one. We drive along in silence for a while. Then she announces, “I feel like I belong to someone else.” I ask, “Like who?” Her reply: “Like someone who would let me have a Chihuahua.” [...]

What’s on Sale: Stride Rite shoes

We’re scoping out the best sales around town so we can share the news with our fellow mamas. So if you’re looking for new back-to-school shoes for your kids, you might want to take advantage of Stride Rite’s sale. For every full-price pair of shoes you buy, you save 50 percent on the second pair. [...]

5 Minutes With a Mom

Name: Kristen Knight Job: Architect Child(ren): Lydia, 3 How long have you lived in Fayetteville? For 13 years. Kristen earned a degree in architecture from the University of Arkansas and stayed after graduation. Best parenting advice: Snag a copy of On Becoming Baby Wise. “Someone gave us a copy and I absolutely think it changed [...]

The Doula Experience

By Sara Milford, mother of four, writer and birth activist She squeezed my hips with every bit as much pressure as my husband had for the past hour. While I could sense my husband standing in the doorway of our little bathroom, she sat calmly in a squat before me. Sitting on the toilet, my [...]

Good Gossip: A guilt-free dish

Welcome to the second installment of our newest biweekly feature, Good Gossip. It’s a compilation of celebrity news and interesting tidbits from various magazines, but it’s literally “all good.” No nasty stuff, nothing mean-spirited and nothing meant to humiliate other people, even if those people happen to be superstars. We’re also interested in posting local [...]

What We’re Reading to the Kids

Need some new books to read to the kids? Here’s a selection for various age groups, recommended by our resident book expert and bookshop owner, Marti Genge of Pages of Parenting Bookstore. For Babies Mommy’s Best Kisses, by Margaret Anastas For Toddlers It’s Time to Call 911, by Smart Kids For Young girls (age 6-10) [...]

All Akimbo: Back from the beach

By Kim Blakely, Mojo’s mama Yeah, so vacation. Is it ever really exactly what you want it to be? Don’t get me wrong – mine was good. It’s just that I generally place too many expectations on vacations and I tend to feel a little let down when they’re over. Eh. Maybe I just feel [...]

Drama for Mama: Nashville Star

By Gwen, mama of 3 It was the last night of competition on Nashville Star, and the final four were narrowed down to the talented three. Here’s how it went: Shawn Mayer: She has probably made the most progress of the four remaining contestants and has finally found her comfort zone on stage. She sang [...]

Picture Mama: Compose a better photo

By Melanie Merkling, mama of 1 and professional photographer One of the most important things to think about when shooting a picture is the “composition.” Proper composition will draw your eye directly to the subject of your picture, creating a bigger emotional impact, making the photo more interesting. There are a few basic composition principles [...]

Waiting for Shlomo: 100 things about our adoption

By Erin, adopting mama blogger I like lists. They help me think and stay on track. Plus, I think they are more fun to read and write than just an ordinary post. So here’s a list of 100 things about our adoption: 1. We are adopting because we cannot have another low-risk pregnancy. 2. My [...]

Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy, You recommend pressed powder foundation for those of us with oily skin, but when I apply it with the enclosed sponge, it looks so thick and cakey. Am I doing something wrong? Dear Confused, Years ago I learned a great trick from a makeup artist – always apply powder foundation with a big [...]

Devotion in Motion: Upcoming Women’s Event

Last week a reader sent us some news about an upcoming women’s conference you might like to attend. It’s called the “Gathering in the Ozarks Women’s Conference,” and it will be held next weekend, August 1st and 2nd at the John Q. Hammons Center. It’s an inter-denominational conference for women. To learn more about the [...]

The Rockwood Files: The Other To-Do List

By Gwen Rockwood, columnist and mama of 3 I love a list. I write out a new “to do” list at least four or five times a week because it keeps me focused. Plus I get that little wave of control freak satisfaction when I mark through a task. The thing is, though, there’s never [...]

What We’re Reading: Beach Books

By Marci Tate It’s summertime and the reading is easy! I’m convinced that summer was made for light, fluffy, and fun reading. In true summer fashion, The Beach House by Jane Green features an array of characters coming together for one summer of change. Nan is the aging widow in an old-fashioned estate in Nantucket. [...]