Beauty Buzz: “Ask Amy” tackles dark circles

What can I do to hide my dark under-eye circles? If a good night’s sleep and a little “me” time is not on your calendar, a great concealer is your best friend. The perfect concealer is one to two shades lighter than your foundation, will not crease under the eyes, and blends to a semi-matte [...]

Devotion in Motion: Attitude of Gratitude

By Shannon, a (usually) grateful mama  It seems like every time I pop into Barnes & Noble these days, there’s a new book out about happiness. I like being happy, really I do, but as children of God, we’re not promised continual happiness. But we’re always expected to be grateful — and happiness tends to [...]

The Rockwood Files: Trading Places

By Gwen Rockwood, columnist and mama of 3 About a month ago, Tom and I experienced a role reversal. He started working out of our house, as I usually do, and my fledgling business required me to make outside sales calls and work much more often. It was a big change, and neither of us [...]

Life With Ladybug: Sensational Sleepover

By Shannon, Ladybug’s mom Play dates for 6-year-olds are all kinds of awesome. And I mean that from my perspective. I just offer the occasional snack (they prefer baked cookies, but could care less whether they’re homemade, so why should I?), the occasional called-from-the-other room instruction, and just now, a bit of Caladryl for a [...]

July 4th Menu: Entree and Dessert

Yesterday we posted the first half of a July 4th menu. Today we feature the entree and decadent dessert! Thanks to menu-mama Jen Lewis. Grilled Chicken with Apricot-Balsamic Glaze This is a new recipe for me and came out in this month’s issue of Fine Cooking. It goes well with the Arugula Salad and the [...]

Just-right July 4th Menu

With the 4th of July coming up soon, the mamas thought it might be nice for someone else to come up with the menu. Jen Lewis of Fayetteville, mom to Ella and Ian, agreed to do the honors! Jen is a fabulous entertainer and cook. We’re breaking up the menu ideas into two parts. Appetizer [...]

Red, White and Baby Blue event set for Friday


Jackson L. Graves, the firstborn son of James and Angie Graves of Fayetteville, spent his entirely too short, yet inspirational life in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. Since his death more than three years ago, his parents have partnered with Children’s Hospital and are doing all they can to improve care for [...]

Beauty Buzz: “Ask Amy”

Dear Amy, Can you recommend a powder for setting my foundation? All of the ones I’ve tried seem so thick and “cakey.” On my last trip to Sephora, I discovered a loose powder that I just love – Make Up For Ever’s High Definition Microfinish Powder. It is pure white in the jar, but it [...]

Devotion in Motion: Life Lessons

By Gwen Rockwood, mama of 3 Good Sunday morning, mamas. Thought I’d share a few more tidbits from one of my favorite devotional books, “Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality.” Here’s hoping they touch you, inspire you or encourage you this week. You Are the Good News “This world is never [...]

The Rockwood Files: Climb Every Mountain

By Gwen Rockwood, columnist and mama of 3 Our third child is a wonderful baby girl who has just turned 1 ½ years old this month. She has golden, wavy hair, deep blue eyes and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. And, if I didn’t know otherwise, I would swear she was fathered by Spiderman [...]

Life With Ladybug: Hold the phone

By Shannon For the first time ever today, my daughter asked to call a friend. It’s particularly amusing since she is not what I’d call a phone person. By age 6, most kids race to answer the phone and will gladly trip anyone else who tries to get it first. They’ll gamely chat with anyone [...]

All Akimbo: A second helping of baby love, please

So, yeah. This infertility thing. I know there are people out there who would object to me being called an infertile because I do already have a child. But I’ve tried for almost two years to have another one, to no avail … that doesn’t exactly make me Fertile Myrtle, either, right? Monikers aside, there [...]

Delicious Strawberry Pie recipe

My neighbor, Donna, whipped up some strawberry shortcake-esque dessert recently and brought over three for each of us. It wasn’t the typical cake, covered with strawberries, topped with whipped cream. It was much, much better. It was made with those little graham cracker crust cups/tart shells (they come in packs of four in the baking [...]

Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy, How can I convince my mother that her pancake foundation is outdated? She has been doing it this way for 40 years. I know her make-up could look a lot better and much more natural, but I don’t know how to get her to try something new. Any advice? Dear Daughter, I had [...]

The Rockwood Files: Raising Squirrels


By Gwen Rockwood Some fathers teach their kid to swing a bat. Some fathers teach their kid to swim. My father taught me to raise squirrels. He brought them home from work one day, the way some fathers tote home a briefcase. A self-employed landscaper and tree trimmer, he had accidentally rendered the two baby [...]