The Rockwood Files: For the Husbands

By Gwen Rockwood Gather ‘round, men. I’m going to tell you one of the best things you could ever say to your wife. A sentence so powerful it’s sure to melt away any resentment she may be harboring over not-so-great things you may have said in the past. A statement so true, so endearing, so [...]

The Little Gym Vaulting to Rogers

You know those commercials you see for The Little Gym during PBS kid shows? (I’m picturing the little girl walking across the balance beam and the little boy in front of the confetti birthday cake.) Well, Northwest Arkansas is getting its very own! Owner and gym director Melanie Shannon said they’re opening The Little Gym [...]

For Laughs

It’s been a busy week, right? You need something to help you relax, laugh a little. We’ve got just the thing. These video clips are sure to send you into the weekend in a great mood. The first one is about how men’s brains differ from ours, and it will educate you on an important [...]

Indecent Proposal

I walked into the Book Club meeting at Joe’s Bistro a little late. Laura caught my attention and gestured to Liz. Or more specifically, Liz’s finger. There, on her left hand, was a large, sparkly diamond. We squealed. She was officially engaged. Naturally, we book clubbers then focused mainly on marriage proposals (we did manage [...]

Hair: Help Me Rhonda

Dear Rhonda, I’ve always had long hair, but lately I dream about getting it cut short. Then I get into my stylist’s chair and I chicken out. How can I be sure that short hair will look good on me? I’m afraid I’ll regret it and my husband will hate it. On the other hand, [...]

Advice: Mind Your Mama

Dear Jennifer, My husband’s oldest sister, “Margot”, has always resented me. At my bridal shower, she announced that I’d better not have children until she did, as she wanted to have the first grandchild. After my husband and I were married, I can’t count how many times she asked me if I was pregnant. Last [...]

All Akimbo: Speaking of infertility

This is always the hardest part … waiting for my period to start. I know it’s coming, and yet I have to fight the overwhelming urge to go out and buy yet another pregnancy test, just to see if maybe it’s not. The cramps started yesterday, not horrible ones, but strong enough to answer the [...]

Beauty Buzz: Beauty Products We Love

Okay, mamas. We know you love trying products that your fellow mamas swear by. So we polled a group of mamas and asked them to send us a few short descriptions of their “can’t live without it” beauty products. If you’ve got a few favorites you’d like to tell us about, click on the word [...]

Waiting for Shlomo: 100 things about Erin

100 things about me . . . 1. I planned to be a professor of Communication 2. with a specialty in rhetorical analysis 3. and an emphasis in feminist and political studies 4. and also religious studies. 5. I was very interested in the right wing conservative movement and fundamentalist Christianity. 6. I am neither. [...]

A few Sunday mama blogs

I don’t know about you, but I love to read [really well-written] blogs. I’m especially obsessed with mom bloggers and taking a peek into other women’s lives. I think reading other moms helps us realize we’re not the only ones who said THIS or did THAT on a given day. But sometimes the blogs I [...]

The Rockwood Files: This one is for the mamas

Two weeks ago I had one of those moments of crisis when the only person I could really talk to, the only person I could fall apart with, was my mom. So I called her from my cell phone in my minivan, parked in an empty parking lot, and cried, talking incoherently through sobs. First [...]

Drama for Mama: Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

submitted by Gwen, mama of 3 and Grey’s Anatomy junkie Dear fellow Grey’s fans, I don’t know about you but I went to sleep last night with the dumbest grin on my face. I was so, so very happy about how the tumultuous season of Grey’s Anatomy was wrapped up. Typically, season finales are all [...]

Skydiving for a Cause

Have you ever had a discussion with friends about your “bucket list”? You know, the list of things you want to do before you die? Well, Lisa Turner (pictured in the air) and her friends, Jen Ryan and Twyla Francis, decided to stop talking about it and do something. They chose an activity that was [...]

What We’re Reading: “For Women Only”

contributed by Heidi Simmons In her book “For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men” Shaunti Feldhahn attempts the impossible – unlocking the mystery of the male mind. Shaunti takes information from surveys she did with more than 1,000 men and puts their answers in an easy-to-read guide for [...]

Hair: Help Me Rhonda

Dear Rhonda, I’ve heard the terms “cool” and “warm”, “permanent” and “semi-permanent” in relation to hair coloring. What is the difference, and what do the terms really mean? Dear Color Confusion, I understand how hard it is to keep up with the latest “lingo” for everything. I’m still asking my 15-year-old daughter if “bad” means [...]