5 Minutes With a Mom

Name: Jennifer Enlow Originally from: Born in New York; grew up in Rogers, AR Age/gender of children: Boy 5, Girl 2 What’s your favorite place to hang out with the kids? the backyard What’s your best defense against stress? the gym What’s your favorite chick flick? Pretty Woman If you had one week at home [...]

All Akimbo’s Mojo: ‘It’s My Potty and I’ll Go if I Want To’

Mojo has just turned 3, and I know there’s still a good chance that he won’t start kindergarten in diapers. But, I gotta say, his attitude about the potty is starting to get me down. His response when asked if he’s going to use the potty? He says, “I just don’t want to do that.” [...]

Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy, My face is severely oily. What is a good product or products to help control the oil? Dear Rachel, The most important thing to remember with oily skin is that you have to treat it gently. Most people assume that a strong astringent is the best way to soak up excess oil, but [...]

Power Cooking: Three Make-Ahead Recipes

Happy Monday, mamas! I hope you had a restful weekend and didn’t have to do too much of anything that you really didn’t love. I finally dug out the fossilized mums from last fall and got some pretty pink flowers planted in the front yard. I also carved out time to go eat dinner with [...]

Devotion in Motion: The Gift of Wisdom

As mamas, one of the things we need most is wisdom. So this week I took a lesson from King Solomon, who is regarded as one of the wisest people in the Old Testament. (You probably remember the story of how he settled a dispute between two mothers who were arguing over one baby – [...]

The Rockwood Files: Play-by-play

I don’t believe in reincarnation. But if I did, I might think that legendary sports announcer Howard Cosell has returned to earth as my 6-year-old son. The sports bug sunk its teeth into Adam shortly after his fifth birthday. Suddenly everything was a game. Suddenly every t-shirt with a basketball or football on it was [...]

A Girl and Her Dog

My poodle is a constant source of amusement. I figure she doesn’t do any work around the house, but I do have the option of clapping my hands together briskly and saying “Amuse me!” with good results. Take tonight. I was looking forward to sliding between my favorite, amber-colored, silky sheets to continue reading The [...]

5 Minutes with a Mom

Name: Robyn Nolen from Little Rock, AR (have lived somewhere in Arkansas my whole life) Children: Sophie (8), Charlie (6), Meg (3), Abe and James (15-month-old twins) 2 girls/3boys Where were your children born? Sophie born in Little Rock; Charlie in Fort Smith; Meg in Fayetteville; Abe and James Little Rock (we came full circle) [...]

Life With Ladybug: Painted Into a Corner

I was one of those kids who really did get a pony for Christmas. It wasn’t because my family was wealthy, definitely not, we just lived in the country and my dad got a good deal on a slightly older model Shetland. I was 8 years old and I recall writing a Christmas list with [...]

All Akimbo: Little Boy Blue?

I overheard a mom at story time a few days ago mutter, “Oh, your daddy will like that,” after her young son chose a piece of pink construction paper for a craft project. Her voice dripped with sarcasm, and it made me think. Although Mojo chose a green piece of paper on that particular day, [...]

Beauty Buzz: Ask Amy

Dear Amy, My little sister is getting married next week, and I’m the matron of honor. Both of us cry at the drop of a hat, so I know we’ll both need a waterproof mascara that really does its job so we don’t look like a runny mess in the wedding photos. Know of a [...]

Devotion in Motion

Sometimes I catch myself going through the motions at church. I get caught up in the routine of doing this, then this, then that and I forget to focus on the moment – to absorb what each part of the service can offer. Last Sunday, the congregation sang a song I’ve heard many times, and [...]

The Rockwood Files: Burned on Re-entry

When a spouse is traveling for work, he might as well be on Mars. Because he’s too far away to help. Oh sure, the traveler is there for emotional support via cell phone, but that doesn’t help get the kids fed, bathed and corralled into bed at night. It doesn’t get the laundry folded or [...]

The Mother’s Day Getaway Giveaway

Tell us how your baby arrived and win a relaxing reward from Luxe Derma Spa and Beauty Lounge! Every year on my daughter’s birthday, I pause at 4:34 p.m. and allow myself time to remember the moment she officially made me a mother. I never expected it would be by C-section, but that’s where I [...]

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