Inside His Head: Husband is not ‘romantic’ enough for wife

Dear Inside His Head, I’m married to a great man who’s also a great dad, but I feel frustrated by his lack of romance. He says he’s “not very romantic” but I remember that he was when we were first dating. I don’t expect roses every week or for him to cook me a candlelight [...]

Inside His Head: ‘Gym rat’ husband skips out on family too often

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If you’ve ever wondered, “What was he THINKING?!” you’ll love this monthly feature. Here we go where women fear to tread — Inside His Head. Find out what men are thinking, delivered straight from the “horse’s” mouth. This month’s question for our anonymous panel of husbands: Q: It drives me nuts when my husband gets [...]

Inside His Head: The perfect Father’s Day day?


We really appreciate the dads who answer questions for us here on Inside His Head. Guys, you’ve helped us gain insight into how dudes think and have offered some great advice to women in Northwest Arkansas over the years. Thanks, Inside His Head husbands! This question is from the mamas, because we’re curious: Dear Dads, [...]

Inside His Head: Wife is “bored” with her husband

Dear Inside His Head husbands, I know this is a problem, so I really want some help. I feel “bored” in my marriage and even when I try to do something new or suggest a trip (for example), I still can’t seem to enjoy my husband the way I did when we first got married. [...]

Inside His Head: I caught my husband in a lie

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Dear Inside His Head, I have a question about lying. I have caught my husband in a few “white lies” lately and it’s infuriating. If he didn’t take the books back to the library or forgot to deposit a check, why doesn’t he just tell me? It’s pretty easy to figure out he lied when [...]

Inside His Head: Husband’s appearance is a ‘turn-off’


Dear Inside His Head guys, My husband needs to lose weight. His BMI is 32, he has sleep apnea (snores some even with the CPAP), is on two medications to control high blood pressure and now has been told by his doctor that he is pre-diabetic. He talks about losing weight all of the time.  And [...]

Inside His Head: How do I know if he’s the right guy to marry?

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Welcome back to Motherlode’s once-a-month feature, “Inside His Head” which is written by an anonymous panel of husbands. If you’ve got a question for our outspoken guys, just send it to and it may be featured in an upcoming installment. Now on to this month’s question from a future fiancee: Q: I’m not married [...]

Inside His Head: My husband won’t say no to our kids

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Dear Inside His Head, My husband doesn’t seem to be able to say no to our kids. They’ll go to him rather than me when we’re shopping (for example) because they know he’ll let them buy a certain toy or candy. He works long hours and I think he might be trying to make up [...]

Inside His Head: My husband cheated. Should I stay?


Dear Inside His Head husbands, My husband had an affair about a year ago and I just found out in a roundabout way through a friend. When I asked him about it, he admitted it happened, but said he hasn’t seen the woman (or cheated on me with any other woman) since then. He says [...]