Inside His Head: I think my husband is an alcoholic

Dear Inside His Head, I think my husband may be an alcoholic because he drinks a LOT when he comes home from work and we can’t go out to dinner or with friends without him ordering several rounds. It feels like he’s always got a beer in his hand, like he can’t cope without alcohol. [...]

Inside His Head: My husband is jealous of my ex

Relationship advice from husbands

Welcome back to Inside His Head, where we take a peek inside the minds of men. These guys are married, but are anonymous so they can tell it like it is. Sometimes their answers are illuminating, sometimes annoying. Here’s the latest question: Q: I’m remarried, but have to talk to my ex-husband on a regular [...]

Inside His Head: She found a flirty email

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OK, ladies, if you’ve ever wondered what your husband or boyfriend was thinking, you might want to take a trip “Inside His Head”. Our panel of anonymous husbands really do tell it like it is. Check it out: (Oh, and if you’ve got a question for our outspoken guys, just send it to and [...]

Inside His Head: How to handle your mother-in-law moving in

Dear Inside His Head husbands, My mother is planning to move in with us soon — for a while. My father passed away recently and she’s going to stay with us so she can get her finances in order and deal with her grief. My husband is worried about our family dynamic. It’s just a [...]

Inside His Head: Wife who doesn’t enjoy tent camping seeks advice


Dear Inside His Head, The weather is getting warmer and my husband is starting to talk about camping out. He loves to camp in tents, but I’m more of a cabin camper. He feels like it’s not truly camping if we stay in a cabin or RV. I don’t want to camp in a tent. [...]

Inside His Head: How can I convince my husband we should have another baby?

Motherlode’s once-a-month feature, “Inside His Head” is written by an anonymous panel of husbands who give us the no-holds-barred truth about how guys really think. They’ve discussed gift-giving holidays, a few extra pounds (on their wives), asking for extra help with the kids, cheating and their most hated misconceptions. If you’ve got a question for [...]

Inside His Head: Husband is not ‘romantic’ enough for wife

Dear Inside His Head, I’m married to a great man who’s also a great dad, but I feel frustrated by his lack of romance. He says he’s “not very romantic” but I remember that he was when we were first dating. I don’t expect roses every week or for him to cook me a candlelight [...]