Funny Friday: Must-see motherhood videos

Well now… here’s something you don’t see every day — a woman 40 weeks pregnant (and on her due date) trying to trigger labor to start by doing the dance moves from Michael Jack’s Thriller video. (The women who have gone beyond their due date will understand this completely.)

And for ALL the hard-working mamas out there who get so frustrated when they work so hard — all freakin’ day — and still feel like we’ve got nothing to show for it. This video is for all of us. (Share it with any husbands who might not even have a clue what goes on during a normal day with a baby or toddler.)

Marathon Mama: What’s next, runners?

running people

By Beth Gallini, marathon mama of 2

With the Hogeye Marathon races just a few days away, you may have started to wonder what to do after the race.

If you haven’t started wondering about this yet, chances are you will soon! In my opinion, the two most important things to think about are your recovery alongside your post-race plans.


How you recover from a race will have a huge impact on how you feel over the days following the race and how soon you will be able to get back on the road.  What you do immediately following a race and in the first few days is exceptionally important. 

Stay on your feet. While the instinctive thing to do may be to sit down, try to stay on your feet.  If you ran a half marathon or marathon, try walking around post-race.  If you ran a shorter distance race you may want to go on an easy run of 5 to 10 minutes.

Get something to eat and drink. It is important to get a mix of carbohydrates and protein (3:1 ratio) in your system within 30 minutes of a race to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness and to allow your muscles to begin the repairing process.  You’ll also want to be sure you drink some water or a sports drink.

Ease back into running and listen to your body. A general rule of thumb is that it takes your body one day to recover for every mile you raced.  The longer the distance of your race, the slower you want to ease back into running.  I always take a full week off with no running following a marathon and then do a reverse taper.   The amount of time required for a full recovery will differ from person to person and even race to race, so it is important to listen to your body during this time.  If you do too much too soon, you will set yourself back farther in the long term.

Get a massage. Getting a massage within 24-48 hours after a race will help reduce soreness.  Using a foam roller on any sore areas will also help you feel better.

Take a bath. Ice baths are the common go-to for runners, but I personally prefer Epsom salt baths (Epsom salts are sold at drug and grocery stores, are very inexpensive, and do wonders when mixed with warm water [and bubbles!]).  Regardless of which you opt for, taking a bath will help you to recover and reduce muscle fatigue.

Make a plan:

Runners are funny people. Many runners approach their first half marathon or marathon as a bucket list item – “one and done.”  And many runners will swear off ever running another race of “x” distance mid-race. But as something happens as soon as they cross the finish line and they start planning their next race.

Find a race. If you are searching for a full or half marathon, is a great resource with a full calendar and reviews.  For local races, lists races of all distances in Arkansas and some races in border states.

Don’t jump right back into hard training. Give yourself some time to run for fun without feeling as if you need to follow a strict training plan.  Go for a run without your watch, arrange to meet some friends, or simply run when you feel like running.  If you jump back into a structured training plan, you increase your risk for injury and/or burn-out.

Think about your goals. You may want to find a race of the same distance and see if you can improve your time or maybe you want to tackle a new distance.   Think about how your training went, where your fitness level is, how motivated you are, what life events you may have coming up, and give yourself time to make the decision.

Good luck to everyone running the Hogeye this weekend and thank you to all of the spectators and volunteers!  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the Marathon Mama series and I always love receiving your questions. Keep them coming!

Beth Gallini runningAbout Beth: Beth is mom, runner, running coach, and the blogger behind RUNNING around my kitchen. She and her husband adopted two boys who are a month apart and are 1 year old. Beth serves on the board for the Hogeye Marathon and is interested in helping other moms with their training and answering any questions you have. Be social, connect with other Hogeye runners, and let them hear from you by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  #hogeyemarathon

Giveaway: CARGO tissue dispensers for the car

Sometimes when you’re a busy mom, it’s the little things that drive you nuts. And one of the things that used to drive me nuts was trying to keep tissues in the car because someone ALWAYS needs a tissue while I’m driving. It’s usually one of these scenarios:

  • need a tissue“Mom, my nose is running.”
  • “Mom, I need to spit out my gum. Where do I put it?”
  • “Mom, my juice spilled.”
  • “Mom, my scab started bleeding.”
  • “Mom, my Chick-fil-A barbecue sauce just got on the seat.”

I could list about a zillion other reasons, but you get the idea. (Sometimes we mamas need a tissue, too, to blot our lipstick or clean up the smudged mascara under our tired eyes.) The problem with keeping tissues in the car is that the tissue box always ends up getting sat on and crushed. One time I even made a tissue box container from an idea I saw on Pinterest. It worked pretty well to keep the box intact, but the container was always floating around the car and never seemed to be where I could reach it while I was driving.

cargo tissue dispenserSo… you can imagine how hopeful I was when Caitlin O’Connor emailed us about her invention that keeps tissues in the car and within arm’s reach. As a mom to FOUR boys, Caitlin also needed to be able to get to tissues quickly while driving so she invented her own holder that attaches to the sun visor. It’s called the Cargo Tissue Dispenser and it comes in charcoal grey or an oatmeal color. It’s available on Amazon for $9.99 and comes with two tissue packs. (SEE BELOW for an opportunity to WIN one of these dispensers!)

We agreed to try out the Cargo Tissue Dispenser for a few weeks and see if it solved the problem. I’m happy to report that this thing WORKS. Finally, no more scrambling around in the car to find a tissue or a fast-food napkin. I just reach up, pull one out of the dispenser that’s attached to my sun visor and hand it to whichever of my three kids needs one.

The best part? I’m not distracted from the road and looking around the car anymore to find one. This ingenious little dispenser is making me a better, safer Mom chauffeur.

cargo close upImportant note: What makes this dispenser so clever is that it attaches to your sun visor but it does NOT block you from using the vanity mirror on the visor. (I’ve used my car mirror to do my makeup more times than I can count, so it was very important to still have access to that mirror.)

I also like that the dispenser itself is made from a nice canvas-like material and the straps that go around the sun visor are stretchy but also strong. You can tell that this dispenser was made by a fellow mom who pays attention to detail and wants it to look nice — not cheap. The tissue packs slips into the dispenser easily and there’s a closure to ensure it doesn’t slip out.

cargo refillThe tissues themselves are soft enough so that they don’t feel scratchy on a runny nose, but they are also substantial enough to be able to handle the occasional drink spill in the car. That’s a big plus. (You can buy refills for the dispenser that come in packs of 6.)

When you first put in a new pack of tissues, getting the first tissue or two out of the dispenser (without tearing it) can be a little tricky, but I managed to do it by pulling the tissue out slowly. After the first one or two tissues came out, the rest of them dispense smoothly and easily. If it bothers you to have the next tissue peeking out of the dispenser, you can just fold it back into the opening, like I do.

HOW TO WIN ONE: Since we’ve solved our own car tissue dilemma, we want to share the love with our readers because we know that, just like us, you’re road trip1probably spending a lot of time in the car. (Did you know that Americans spend an average of 540 hours in the car each year, which adds up to almost a full month of your life? Wowza.)

To throw your name in the online hat to win a Cargo Dispenser and two tissue packs, click the words “post a comment” below and tell us what keeps you in the car the most. (The drive to work? Picking up and dropping off kids at school? Driving to the kids sports’ practices and games? Running errands?) Five readers will win a Cargo Dispenser plus two refill packs. (Winners are always chosen at random.) 

You can also email your answer to us at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word about the giveaway by emailing your friends and family about it. (They might want to win, too!) We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

facebook-twitter(You can also earn an extra chance to win by signing up to receive the free email newsletter we send once a week. Click here to sign up.)

BE SOCIAL: You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck! We’ll choose FIVE winners at the end of the week and email the lucky moms.

Note: nwaMotherlode was not paid to write this review or to conduct this giveaway. We received one sample of the dispenser to test and keep as well as four samples to give to readers. (If we didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be reading about it here.) As always, the opinions expressed in this post are completely our own.

All about the 2015 NWA Mom Prom!

prom theme 2015Tickets are on sale NOW for the third annual NWA Mom Prom: A Night in the Tropics! Are you in?

Because this year’s Mom Prom on May 30, 2015 is so close to summer, we thought it would be fun to put a tropical twist on this “Prom with a purpose.”

There’s no need for grass skirts or coconut shell tops — just wear something you love to dance in. But come to the Mom Prom and enjoy the tropical colors, island decor and maybe a fruity drink.

The first two NWA Mom Proms were a HUGE hit. And this year’s Mom Prom is shaping up to be even bigger and better! Click HERE to order your tickets for the Mom Prom to be held at the Metroplex Event Center in Springdale on May 30th. This year we have the option of purchasing a whole table for 10!

Here are a few other highlights about this year’s prom:

saving grace logoWE’RE HELPING SAVING GRACE: This year the prom will benefit a local non-profit called Saving Grace.

Founded right here in Northwest Arkansas, Saving Grace is a safe place for young women who have aged out of the foster care system. Ages 17 to 25, these girls are taught life skills, financial peace and are connected with three mentors who hep them begin their adult lives in a positive way.

first bankBEST FOOT FORWARD: First Bank is sponsoring the “Shoe Bank” again this year! Woo-hoo! That was such a hit last year as moms “deposited” their sparkly shoes in the cubbies. After dancing the night away, Prom attendees could “withdraw” their shoes.

brieshiGLAM SQUAD AT YOUR SERVICE: The “Mom Prom Glam Squad” stylists and make-up artists from Brieshi Salon and Spa in Rogers will be BACK this year! These talented ladies will touch up your make-up and fix any fly-away hair for you — free of charge! Haven’t you always wanted your own glam squad, just like the celebrities use? Well, now you do.

You’ll want to let the Glam Squad get you all fixed up before you visit the Photo Shoot Station, which will be sponsored this year by Melinda Worthington of MJW Photography.  She’s so talented and we KNOW these prom pics will be amazing. Once again, all photos will be available for free download a week or two after Prom night.

mjw photography

15573-flooringamericaYOU ARE A DANCING QUEEN: Thanks a million to Flooring America for sponsoring our dance floor again this year! Woo-hoo!

The dance floor is always hopping at Mom Prom! Since there are no guys, it’s just a fun GNO. We LOVE that the prom always has such a welcoming group of women every year.

Come as you are and have a blast! There are no judgey ladies, we promise. Just a whole lotta FUN.

THE PHOTO BOOTH IS BACK! Because the Prom photos were SO popular last year, we’ve added an additional photo area to this year’s Mom Prom. (You can take pics in both areas!) There’ll be the Photo Shoot station, just like last year. And there will also be a traditional Photo Booth Machine that you climb into with a few friends. The photo booth will print your picture card immediately so you’ll have a memory to take home and put on your fridge immediately. The Photo Booth is sponsored by Sisters Mercy Women’s Health Boutique.


TheMustache_Fay-Bent_CS5_TMNEW CELEBRITY DATES! The celebrity guys were a HUGE hit last year. Those hunks were hauled from one end of the ballroom to the other (and visited at least one hotel room before coming back downstairs to party!). Sponsored by The Mustache, we’ll have some new dates for you to dance with and snap pics with this year!

A NEW PLACE TO PARTY: This year our event will be at the brand new Metroplex Even Center in Springdale. It’s so gorgeous and we can’t wait ’til you see it.

Here’s a map so you can find the new Metroplex Event Center:


We also want to thank these awesome table sponsors. We couldn’t pull this party off without help from the fabulous local businesses you see mentioned in this post. THANK YOU SPONSORS!!!!

Table Sponsorskumon logo

Socialize with us before, during and after the Mom Prom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The hashtag is #nwaMomProm. Be sure to like the NWA Mom Prom page on FB by clicking here. We’re making room for about 100 additional women at this year’s Mom Prom, so please tell your friends who might not have come last year.

Questions? Want your business to sponsor a piece of the prom? Email us at And be sure to check in often at and for news about additional Mom Prom surprises. Can’t wait to see you all at the Mom Prom!

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