Fashion Fairy Godmother: Two Easter looks you’ll want to hunt for!

By Elizabeth Miller

Easter is coming up fast and as a busy girl I don’t have time to think about what I am going to be wearing on Easter Sunday.

I’ll be going home to my family and the many church friends that I haven’t seen in a while, so a big (and silly) part of me wants to look great! But I just don’t have time to go shopping all day trying to find the perfect Easter outfit.

One of my favorite things is to find a photo of an adorable outfit and recreate it. With this method, I don’t have to think about what looks good with what…I already know what to put together! It’s simple and easy.

So for this Easter, I put together a simple and elegant look that is easy to recreate:


Pretty cute right? Some of these items happen to be extremely expensive, so I found items that look almost the exact same, for a lot better price:

Dress: Antonio Melani Quince Shadow-Stripe Dress from Dillard’s $159

Handbag: Calvin Klein Saffiano Colorblocked Wing Tote from Dillard’s $238

Shoes: Antonio Melani Sophela Dress Sandals from Dillard’s $98

Earrings: Gold Crystal Metal Flower Earrings from White House Black Market $35

Bracelet: Flower Cut Out Bracelet from Dorothy Perkins Online $15

For direct links to the websites where you can purchase each item – CLICK HERE to check out our Pinterest and right click on the pins!

Oh, and I couldn’t help but throw in an additional “look” you might want to try (but the white dress is my favorite!):


Elizabeth Miller, intern (cropped)ABOUT ELIZABETH: Elizabeth is a junior Ad/PR major at the University of Arkansas. She’s been in various leadership positions in her sorority, Chi Omega, and is part of the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. The Motherlode mamas would like to add that she’s a fabulous intern and we appreciate her keen eye for fashion (we’ve already lined her up to help us pick out a new spring wardrobe) as well as her work ethic, creativity and ability to quickly grasp what we need and pull it off. Welcome, Lizzy!

Funny Friday: A happy video just for you

Are you and your kids as addicted to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams as we are? There’s no denying that just hearing the hit song makes you smiley-facefeel…(wait for it) happy!

And we loved this version of the song that we saw on the Huffington Post recently. It shows a choir of kids from the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences performing the song. Keep an eye on the cute dance moves from the kids in the back.

And we fully expect to see those two soloists topping the charts one day when they’re all grown up. Amazing talent and personality! Enjoy! And have a “happy” weekend.

Mom Prom News: Meet the mamas behind Baby Face & More

baby face logo in pinkAll moms dream about what their baby will look like once he or she makes an appearance.

With imaging services available at local Baby Face & More, it’s now possible to get a glimpse of the little one before the birth. Moms are able to satisfy their curiosity about whether the baby will have her nose or her husband’s chin (and just plain old peace of mind).

We visited with Mom Prom table sponsor Baby Face & More owners Christy Foster and Teena Gold to find out more about what they offer:

What types of imaging services do you offer at Baby Face?

We offer 2D/3D/and 4D elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound, and gender confirmation.

Can we also buy a DVD of the baby moving around during the scan?

baby face babyAbsolutely!  Those are great to do your own reveal with family or to show at baby showers, or to share with family, or just to have as a keepsake for the baby :)   It is only $20 for a DVD recording of entire session.

How is this different from scans at a doctor’s office?

The ultrasounds in the doctor offices are diagnostic (there is a medical reason for the ultrasound and the focus is to determine the health of the baby and mother). We are not a replacement for those scans, as they are very important for a successful pregnancy.

Instead we offer an option to those who want additional time to see and bond with their baby.  Our scans usually last approx. 30 min and our focus is on whatever the family wants to see … we count the fingers and toes, or see whose nose the baby has, listen to the beautiful rhythm of the baby’s heartbeat (and we record it on a keepsake for the parents!)

Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is comfortable, and family friendly to allow parents a chance to bond with their baby, and share in this precious moment with any family/friends that want to participate.

How did you (the owners, Christy and Teena) meet and decide to start the company together?

Christy and I had met 15 years ago as Mercy Employees.  We have been good friends ever since.

We have both worked at OB/GYN doctor offices for greater part of the last decade, and really enjoy the family celebration part of our jobs.  It’s heartwarming to watch expectant parents look with wonder at the screen at the baby they will soon meet … the burst of excitement when they find out if it’s a boy or girl … and especially the siblings that can see their little sister/brother’s face, fingers or toes in a 3D/4D image.

Christy and I have been through a large range of life together in the last 15 years from personal/professional victories to life shattering tragedies.  We have experienced the joys of expecting our own children, and believe they are a gift that should be celebrated and shared with loved ones.  Life has its share of difficult times, which sometimes helps us appreciate the good times, and we want to be a place of joy and happiness surrounding the event of expecting a baby!

teen and christy pics

What are your work backgrounds/certifications?

We both have worked in hospital and doctor offices, Christy has 20 years experience, and I (Teena) have 16 years experience.  We are both credentialed in Abdomen, Vascular, OB/GYN, and breast ultrasound, and also in Nuchal translucency (Early Genetic Screenings).

Tell us about your Saturday specials twice a month:

We offer two $100 Saturdays every month.  These allow our families who aren’t available during the week because of work schedules, to come in on Saturday instead.  And, it saves them $30 off our regular 3D/4D package!

Our $100 special includes gender confirmation, 3D/4D ultrasound, 10-15 pictures, a CD with all digital images, and a recorded heartbeat keepsake.  The DVD’s are also available for only $20.

We want our families to enjoy their experience — from the lemonade and fresh baked cookies, to the comfortable viewing room complete with three viewing screens, comfy couch and mama even has a relaxing bed to rest in, and a screen  directed especially for her!

baby faces toesCan you tell parents early if they’re having a boy or girl?

We have a 100% accuracy rate for gender identification at 16 weeks and beyond!

Have you ever participated in any gender reveal parties? :)

Yes!  Our very first gender reveal party was super special!  Mama was crossing her fingers for a girl, and Dad was wishing for a little boy …. and they were expecting twins!  A boy AND a girl!!  It was a really fun experience for everyone.  Those sweet babies just celebrated their second birthday!

Can my older kids or other family/friends be with me during the scan?

We wholeheartedly encourage our mama’s to bring anyone they want to share this moment with!  Our studio has plenty of room for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and of course, siblings :)  We can comfortably seat 6-8 adults in our viewing room, but we make room for as many that want to come!

What are the most common things you see babies doing in utero?

We see babies sucking on their thumbs, playing with their toes, even little boys hanging onto their parts! lol seriously!  They open their eyes frequently especially towards the 3rd trimester, we see yawning, scrunching their nose, and big smiles too!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job at Baby Face?

The most rewarding part of our job is getting to see the impression left on the family … grandparents, mom and dad, siblings … tears of joy, relief, and anticipation.

There are so many hard parts of life!  I really believe that when God blesses us with joyful circumstances, we should stop and celebrate those things with the people that mean the most to us!

Awwww, we love that Teena! CLICK HERE to visit the Baby Face & More website or call for an appointment at 479-270-7391. CLICK HERE to visit the Facebook page and see more baby faces (and toes, fingers)!

Video: Learn the Flash Mob Dance for NWA Mom Prom 2014!

There are only 3 weeks to go until the NWA Mom Prom on April 26, 2014! Do you have your ticket yet? Get it here.

We would LOVE it if you’d learn this year’s Flash Mob Dance and do it with your fellow mamas on the dance floor that night. Just hit the play arrow on the video above and start learning!

Lots of ladies learned last year’s dance (which we promise is simple and easy), and we had a blast busting a few moves together that night. Want proof? Check out this awesome shot of the dance floor last year about mid-way through the flash mob dance.

lisa21Don’t worry about trying to dance in heels. That’s why we have a Shoe Bank on site (sponsored by First Bank) where you can store your pretty heels and hit the dance floor barefoot, if you like.

Local Zumba instructor and fellow mama Kelsey Lee (who teaches at the Mercy YMCA in Rogers) will be at the Mom Prom again this year, and we’ll get her up on stage so you can follow along with the moves, so don’t stress out about memorizing the whole thing. The whole point is to just have fun, and we promise it will be.  (Thank you, Kelsey, for creating another fun dance set to some awesome songs again this year!)

Here’s a list of the dance moves that correspond to the video at the top. Happy dancing!

 (song) “Everybody Dance Now”

1. Starts slowly, right foot stomp, left foot stomp, right foot stomp, left foot stomp then…

2. Running Man for 16 counts (starting right foot)

3. When it says, “Give me the music”, walk right with hands up, gimmie motion,  walk 8 counts

4. “Give me the music” walk left hands up, “gimmie” motion

5. “Everybody Dance Now”  face forward, right arm up, left arm up, right arm right hip, left arm left hip

6. Brush your shoulders off (right , left, right, right) (left, right, left, left) (right, left, right, right)

7. “Everybody Dance Now”  face forward, right arm up, left arm up, right arm right hip, left arm left hip

(song) “No Diggity”

1.  Drive the Minivan  (right arm steers,  16 counts, last two counts Honk the Horn)

2. Right foot forward hop,  Left foot forward hop, repeat for four sets of 8 counts

3. Step right leg, face left  Dust the furniture  8 counts, face forward, Dust the Furniture 8 counts,  step left leg, face right Dust the Furniture 8 counts, face forward, Dust the Furniture 8 counts

(song) “Stayin’ Alive”

1. Hands on hips, rock side to side 16 counts

2. Strut forward and back for 16 counts

3.  Arms and Legs go in and out for 16 counts

4.  Spending the Money to the right for 8 counts, Spending the Money to the left for 8 counts

5.  Rolling Hands to the front (4 counts), Getting the Groceries (right hand, two times); Rolling Hands front (4 counts), Getting the Groceries (left hand, two times)

6. Both arms up, high, middle, low then right arm up and turn in a circle; Repeat arms up, high, middle, low then left arm up and turn in a circle. March in place

(song) “Happy”

1. Clap right, left (high) right, left (low) 16 counts

2. Left elbow out, walk right (4 counts) then shimmy shoulders for 4 counts

3. Right elbow out, walk left (4 counts) then shimmy shoulders for 4 counts

4.  Pony right arm up, then left repeat for 8 counts

5. Swim right arm forward, then left repeat for 8 counts

6. Backstroke right arm back, then left repeat for 8 counts

7. Pony right arm up, then left repeat for 8 counts

REPEAT the Routine for Happy (starting with claps, high low)