Maddi’s Fridge book to help ‘friends who have empty refrigerators’ in NWA

Maddie's fridge, girl with snackpack

Every week, Samaritan Community Center sends over 7,500 Snackpacks to preschools and elementary, middle and high schools throughout NWA to be distributed to children who are at-risk for hunger over the weekends and school breaks.

While school attendance provides them the security of meals through the Federal school nutrition program, weekends and breaks bring anxiety to these children as to when food may or may not be available.

The Snackpacks for Kids program stands in the gap for families living in poverty by eliminating the need to trade one necessity for another: nutritious food for rent, utilities, transportation and healthcare. The children are able to face Fridays free of hunger anxiety, no longer worried if there is enough food at home to stretch until their next healthy meal at school.

While the Snackpacks for Kids program allows children to arrive at school on Monday morning healthy, attentive and eager to learn, Samaritan Community Center knows some of their greatest allies are their friends and school community.

How do they equip kids to encourage their friends to hope and dream beyond their circumstances? It starts with awareness.

maddi's fridge bookWhen a Samaritan staff member discovered Maddi’s Fridge, she knew it was the perfect resource to bring awareness in a way that children are able to relate and respond.

Maddi’s Fridge weaves the reality of childhood hunger into a story of friendship and community, encouraging young readers to “help friends who have empty refrigerators.”

Now Samaritan wants to share this book with children across NWA. Their goal is to have two copies of Maddi’s Fridge in every elementary school library in Benton, Washington, Carroll and Madison Counties (164 books total).

Samaritan is asking that WE join them in empowering a generation to aid in the fight against childhood hunger.

You can donate online through May 10 at A $10 donation will purchase one book while $20 will supply one school library and $250 will empower an entire school district! You can even select your gift to go towards a specific school. Who’s in, Motherlode mamas?! Click here to donate :) 

maddiMORE ABOUT SAMARITAN COMMUNITY CENTER: Samaritan Community Center has served Northwest Arkansas since 1989, originally as a local church outreach and since 2002, as an independent, non-profit organization. Their mission as a grace-driven organization is to serve the hurting and hungry through a compassionate community of staff and volunteers. Using a relational approach to operations, they encourage client families to access multiple services to meet immediate physical needs (food, clothing, health care) and to work with licensed social workers and counselors to make positive change towards financial independence and healthier lives.

One out of four Northwest Arkansas children face the physical, emotional and behavioral challenges related to hunger and food insecurity. SCC serves these at-risk children through the Snackpacks for Kids program. Each week 8-10 healthy snacks packed into grocery bags are discreetly placed in participating children’s backpacks for them to take home and consume over the weekends. This program promotes improved nutrition, increased self-esteem and a positive education experience.

For more information, visit, on Facebook or call Samaritan Community Center at 479.636.4198.

Need a lift? Revive Medical Spa and Advanced Dermatology can help


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a mom.

And chances are, if you’re a mom, your shoulders feel like they’re in knots. If you have little kids, your back gets a workout from carrying them around. If your kids are too big to carry, you can still carry the stress. Just being a mama is enough to make us feel like a human pretzel sometimes.

If you’re looking for a place to get you untangled, we recommend one of our Motherlode sponsors, Revive Medical Spa. We’ve enjoyed facials and massages there and, trust us, they know what they’re doing. Revive is consistently voted among the best medical spas in Northwest Arkansas.

Revive is a subsidiary of Advanced Dermatology and Skin Care Center, and they’re right next door to Revive in Fayetteville. There are also Advanced Dermatology locations in Bentonville/Bella Vista (701 NW McNelly Road in Bentonville) and in Harrison (at 620 N. Main).

Advanced Dermatology services include:

Led by Dr. Lance Henry, The Revive Medical Spa team is all about offering you a personalized treatment plan, based on what’s going on with your pain level or skin concerns. Revive’s clinicians are skilled in laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels, as well as injectables such as Botox® and dermal fillers. They are also now offering SkinPen® treatments.

Here’s the Revive team:


They also do spray tans and have makeup! It’s fun to visit just to shop their products.

Here’s the Advanced Dermatology clinical staff:

AD-Clinical-Staff4If you’d like to be REVIVEd,  you can visit their website HERE. You can also give them a call to discuss your options at  4790287-4738. The address is: 1444 East Stearns St., Fayetteville. CLICK HERE to visit the Advanced Dermatology site or give them a call at 479-268-3555.

Slightly Tilted: Split Personalities

split personalities graphicBy Jen Adair, Blogger at Slightly Tilted, Entreprenuer, Homeschool Mom to two fab kiddos

Lately, my kids have become British in the morning and rednecks hillbillies after four in the afternoon. I don’t really know what’s going on with them, but they definitely have split personalities. I must admit their accents are nearly perfect, and in some small way I take credit for this. I don’t know how I gave them these amazing abilities, but obviously they’re talented simply because I am awesome.

mint teaThe mornings have been starting off with mint tea for Hayes and breakfast tea for Kat. They’ll have buttered toast made in a pan — not in the toaster. They talk with British accents while they do their math and grammar and hold their pinkies up. They think they’re British royalty, I’m quite sure. My name is “mummy”. Everything is ”cheerio” and “jolly good”.

Things start to deteriorate quickly after the tea is gone. Fights erupt over who gets to be closer to the heater, what pencil they’re using, who is breathing too loud…it’s a lot like the British Empire fussing at the colonists, actually. I play the part of Supreme Commander of the World in these fights. I step in, yell, threaten, and everything is peaceful for a full minute.

By the afternoon, Britain is forgotten. “Redneck Land” is open for business. This is infinitely more hilarious than pretending to be royalty. If only I’d let them have mullet hairdos, they’d be the next stars of Dogpatch: The Forgotten Generation.

My dear daughter, who was British just hours before, will acquire a redneck accent that would make the Duck Commander crowd stand up and “slap yo momma, y’all!” It’s pretty spot-on. She also says stuff like, “In the olden days…before Instagram..” and “Before color was invented, I would order strawberry ice cream, but it looked like vanilla.” She has an Instagram account with these ramblings called @paul_the_trucker. Really. Could I make that up? {Insert my blank stare here.}

Yes. I drink a lot of wine lately. I mean….wouldn’t you?

My kids are outgoing and hilarious and a ton of fun to be around.
At home. By ourselves.
Or in front of a camera for their YouTube videos.

Enter in any adult that I’d like to introduce them to or even a friend’s parents that they’ve known forever, and suddenly they become these withdrawn, sullen, mute creatures that embarrass the crap out of me. (Writing that will probably embarrass them, but paybacks for embarrassing a mom with an audience are…you know…brutal. Plus, my mom keeps reassuring me that I was the same way and that their kids will do the same to them. One can only hope.)

I realize we all have split personalities. Some people, some places, and some situations bring out the best in us and some just don’t jive well. I can be funny, animated, and extremely extroverted with one group of people and quiet, reserved, and reflective with another group. Which one is the real me?

I don’t know.

I think both.

Life is weird. One minute you’re singing at the top of your lungs and the next minute you’re reading quietly in the corner. I don’t know who the “real me” is anymore than I can figure out if my kids are British royalty or Redneck rock stars. Seasons change, styles change, and environments change and as these changes happen, I guess we change, too. Thank you, God. I mean, I don’t want to be the girl I was in high school. Do you?

The other day I saw a man in my neighborhood walking around the block. He walks a lot. Something was different that day, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It dawned on me as I walked out to my car on his second pass of my house: He was making the loop the opposite way from the his usual stroll.

“Nice day!” I shouted. “Trying a new way?”

“Everything looks different from this direction!” He laughed.

Doesn’t it, though? As spring approaches, I hope all my personalities change for the better. I hope yours do, too.

Cheerio, y’all.

jen adair3Hey. I’m Jen Adair. I’m an entrepreneur. Homeschool mom. CEO of organized chaos. Ok – it’s really not all that organized. Some days are great, some are not, some days I feel invincible, some days I can barely get out of bed. BUT…it’s my life and I’m living it. Browse my collection of random thoughts, humor (well, I think I’m funny!), images, links, whatever…at my blog Slightly Tilted. Sharing is caring, people! :)

Funny Friday: Must-see motherhood videos

Well now… here’s something you don’t see every day — a woman 40 weeks pregnant (and on her due date) trying to trigger labor to start by doing the dance moves from Michael Jack’s Thriller video. (The women who have gone beyond their due date will understand this completely.)

And for ALL the hard-working mamas out there who get so frustrated when they work so hard — all freakin’ day — and still feel like we’ve got nothing to show for it. This video is for all of us. (Share it with any husbands who might not even have a clue what goes on during a normal day with a baby or toddler.)