Baby Gear & Gadgets: Teething symptoms and fave products to help

By Liz Emis, mama to Jack

Ear pulling? Yes. Coughing? Yes. Slight fever? Check.

Sophie teether, The Baby's Room

Sophie the Giraffe teether, The Baby’s Room

So you think your little one is sick.

But, if he or she is more than four months old, you might just be dealing with teething. In our house, Jack is dealing with his ninth and tenth teeth right now. And in our case, teeth don’t get easier to cut over time!

Here’s a good way to diagnose teeth vs. a cold, symptoms to watch for, and a few products I’ve found really help.

Once your newborn approaches four months old, he or she is ripe for cutting teeth.

Jack started exhibiting signs around this time, but it was six or eight more weeks before his bottom two popped through.

Yes, it can take that long. Things to look for:

1. Constant drool: if your little one drools on everything, heads up. This is one of the beginning steps in the human body’s digestive system, and it’s just a sign that things are cooking.

2. Rash: does her face or diaper area look red? Not all pediatricians subscribe to this theory, but as the drooling begins, the saliva becomes more acidic. Sometimes this leads to diaper rash and/or a pink rash on their faces.

3. Coughing: that saliva is needing to leave their mouth one way or another. And as much as you watch it drip out on teething rings and frozen washcloths, just as much drains down their throats, producing a cough. Not to worry, this is normal.

4. Fever: feeling a bit warm? And nothing above 102 degrees rectal? That is just their bodies adjusting to the inflammation of their gums. Many doctors don’t like to associate fever with teething, but many nurses and seasoned mamas certainly do!

5. Runny or stuffy nose: this one I figured out just a couple weeks ago. Unlike with his first eight teeth, this time, Jack’s nose got runny in addition to his cough. And everything, yes everything, was going in the back of his mouth to be chewed. We think he’s cutting molars, some of the most dreaded teeth because they have a large surface area that takes longer to fully poke through the gum line. If your baby’s nose is stuffy or runny and it’s mostly clear, there’s likely no cold, it’s just teeth.

So, how long could this last?

Generally, teeth come in pairs, so once you see signs, it could be two to four weeks before both pop through. Then, just wait for the signs to begin again for the next set.

Now, how do you help?

Naps are harder, nursing, bottle feeding and real food meals are difficult too. So how can you help baby ease his pain?

Nothing has helped me more than Hyland’s Teething Tablets. They are homeopathic, and are the number one infant oral pain reliever in America. Plus, Hyland’s has a 24-hour hotline with pharmacists ready to answer any questions. Their website also gives a detailed ingredient list and an explanation of what each ingredient does for each teething symptom.

teething tablets

We give Jack two or three tablets (that dissolve instantly) before each nap and before bedtime. Since a well rested baby is a happy baby, these tablets have been a lifesaver. You can pick these up at Walmart and at any drugstore.

As for the runny nose and cough Jack’s got as part of this teething round, running a humidifier with some eucalyptus in it and putting Vicks on his feet and on the backs of his ears for naps works wonders.

Hope this helps as your baby begins one of his first steps into the adult world of big boy teeth!!

liz About Liz: Liz Emis has spent more than 12 years in the communication industry. Beginning on the East Coast as a reporter for outlets like The Boston Globe, Orlando Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun, she moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2004 to write for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Three years later, she transitioned to public relations, branding and marketing, working on both the agency and client sides. In 2010, she added product development to her résumé, spending more than three years at Tyson Foods, Inc. in Springdale, Ark. Liz welcomed her first child, Jackson Gaines Emis, to the world in October 2013, and now uses her communication and organization skills as a stay-at-home mother to her eight-month-old son. As a domestic engineer, Liz has added financial analyst, counselor, chef, project manager, teacher, diagnostician, comedian, housecleaner and efficiency expert to her skill set. She can be reached at

Brieshi: Voted Best Salon in Benton County

brieshi logoWhen we calculated the votes for “Best Salon” in the recent Mom-Approved Business Awards contest, we weren’t surprised when we saw who came out on top in Benton County: Brieshi Salon & Spa. It’s located in the Pinnacle Hills Promenade mall, just a few steps away from Dillard’s.

We’re big fans of the beauty pro’s over at Brieshi, which is why we asked them to be the “Glam Squad” at last spring’s Mom Prom. (They pampered ladies with some hair and make-up touch-ups so we could all pose for prom pictures and look awesome out on the dance floor. The Glam Squad was a HUGE hit. These ladies really know how to deliver the “celebrity treatment.”)

Here are our top 10 favorite things about Brieshi Salon, which helped make it this year’s award winner for Best Salon in Benton County:

brieshi picsaveda logo10. Location, location, location: Let’s face it. There’s something pretty awesome about walking out of the salon with beautiful hair and being able to go try on a new shirt or dress, just steps away from the salon. So convenient!

9. That amazing smell! When you walk into Brieshi, you immediately know you’re in the presence of those amazing Aveda products which all smell so… heavenly. Aveda products are made from pure flower and plant ingredients, so everything is organic, natural and Earth-friendly (even the packaging!)

8. Magic fingers: It’s not just a simple haircut. The Brieshi team also gives you this amazing scalp, neck and shoulder massage which just may make you decide that you want to stay there… forever.

7. The right cut: Experienced stylists really know which type of cut will look best on your face. So if you’re on the fence about how to change your hair to update your look, you’ll find good advice here from people who really know great hair.

6. Color me happy: Plenty of us are in a stage of life where our natural color starts to look…. not-so-happy. So if you’re in need of a little color magic, you want to go somewhere where the stylists are highly trained in how to do color in a natural way that’ll look beautiful next to your skin.

5. aveda facialFacials! Have you had a really great facial? Because if you haven’t, you need to experience one. Not only does it feel amazing, your skin feels and looks so much better afterward. Brieshi offers several different types of facials, including one called “enbrightenment discoloration treatment” which helps with age and sun spots. (Sign me up!)

4. Waxing services: Because let’s just admit it. Sometimes waxing needs to happen. Am I right? Brieshi offers it all — whether you want a Brazilian or just a brow wax.

3. Special occasion make-up and hair: It’s nice to have a pro handy for those events when you really want to look your absolute best.

2. Mani-pedi: A little time and attention for your nails is good for the soul! It’s a guaranteed stress-reliever, and a great mani-pedi definitely gives your look the extra “polish” it needs.

1. brieshi award winnerTop-level Service: It all comes down to service, doesn’t it? No matter how many different things a salon can do, it’s the WAY they do them that makes all the difference. We love how the people at Brieshi understand that most mothers are busy people who tend to focus on others for 99% of the day. So they make sure that women feel completely taken care of while they’re in the salon.

Congrats to the great team at Brieshi Salon & Spa for earning the votes of so many local women who’ve named you the Best Salon in Benton County in the 2014 Mom Approved Business Awards.

To contact a stylist at Brieshi Salon, call 479-246-0502 or stop by the salon the next time you’re at Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers. Click here to visit their website.

Local student needs our help

Happy Friday, mamas. Earlier this week, a friend who is also a doctor for Mercy Health passed this information along to us to share with all of you. As moms, our hearts hurt when we hear about a child in our community with a serious illness. Below is information about a Rogers High School Student named Jackson who has been diagnosed with a form of leukemia. He’ll need a bone marrow transplant and the people in his family are not a bone marrow match for him.

Getting tested to see if you’re a match is as simple as getting the inside of your cheek swabbed. So please go by the donor registry event on September 26th at 6 p.m. at the Rogers High School football stadium (on Dixieland Road in Rogers). If you can’t make it to the event, there’s also a way to join the donor registry online. All the details are below, or you can CLICK HERE to see more info online.

bone marrow

Put this on your fridge: Printable list of ‘Mom Approved’ businesses!

Mom-Approved Certificate 2014 USE THISSince moms make the appointments, schedule the fun and research the best of EVERYTHING, they can tell you immediately where to go and what to do.

Some great Northwest Arkansas mamas voted for their favorite local businesses in our Mom-Approved Awards, so you can bet the winners are awesome. We gathered the list of winners together in a handy document that you can stick on your refrigerator for reference when searching for everything from a pediatrician to the best place to buy cute accessories.

CLICK HERE to print out the list of local businesses and service providers that know how to treat a mama right.

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