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beauty sliderWe all want to look our best but we also have lots of balls to juggle on a daily basis. So during a recent week of the Mamas on Magic 107.9 radio show, we compiled some of our favorite no-fuss no-muss beauty tips for busy moms who don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to spa days or beauty treatments.

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Non-surgical facelift?

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Review: I See Me! Books

jackson book 2

By Liz Boch

My son loves to “read” books. And by that I mean, play with and chew on books. But since his mother is such a bookworm and writer, our family makes a big deal out of reading time.

Jackson book, croppedThis is why I love the recent book we read by I See Me! Books. Instead of reading about Curious George or any other character, we got to read about my son Jack, since these books personalize the story to fit your child.

Log on to their website, simply load up some baby photos and choose from a large selection of themed books. In a few weeks, your doorstep is graced with a personalized book all about your child! The artwork is superb, reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, and the story teaches your child valuable lessons.

Our personalized children’s book focused on sports, and how important it is to try hard, play by the rules, eat right and be a gracious team player.

The only thing I would caution is that a child too young, like seven-month-old Jack, will try to eat the pages rather than read the book! But in a year or so, he will love seeing his smiling face beaming back at him.

I See Me! also offers personalized lunchboxes, puzzles, coloring books, placemats, stickers (think potty training, mamas) and growth charts.

personalized lunch box

Disclosure: Liz received a free book in exchange for her honest opinions about the I See Me! book she received on behalf of her son, Jackson. If you have a product for kids, mamas or families, email us at mamasATnwaMotherlodeDOTcom.

liz About Liz: Liz Emis has spent more than 12 years in the communication industry. Beginning on the East Coast as a reporter for outlets like The Boston Globe, Orlando Sentinel and The Baltimore Sun, she moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2004 to write for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Three years later, she transitioned to public relations, branding and marketing, working on both the agency and client sides. In 2010, she added product development to her résumé, spending more than three years at Tyson Foods, Inc. in Springdale, Ark. Liz welcomed her first child, Jackson Gaines Emis, to the world in October 2013, and now uses her communication and organization skills as a stay-at-home mother to her eight-month-old son. As a domestic engineer, Liz has added financial analyst, counselor, chef, project manager, teacher, diagnostician, comedian, housecleaner and efficiency expert to her skill set. She can be reached at


Mamas Marketplace: Cool stuff for moms and kids

We hope you’re enjoying our newest nwaMotherlode feature, Mamas Marketplace. This is the space where Motherlode co-founders Gwen and Shannon — as well as other local moms — share their favorite products for kids, themselves or other members of the family (woof!).

If you have a product you are LOVING right now, please let us know! Email us a mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com.

FYI:  These are reviews, but we didn’t receive free products or compensation. We’re just writing about the things we’re using and loving right now.

lime ricki logoShannon, who’s mom to a 12-year-old girl, has been on the lookout for a “conservative” swimsuit for her daughter for MONTHS.

She finally found a great website that focuses on modest swimsuits and tankinis for women (and young ladies)! Her picks:

Seriously, I’ve really been searching for months. Last summer was a nightmare. The quality of the suits I found for my daughter were terrible and everything was what I call a little “hoochie”. Nope. Not for a 12-year-old. So thanks to some friends on Facebook, I found Lime Ricki Swimwear, which was started in 2007 by three sisters. They didn’t want to compromise on color or style and that’s obvious.

For my daughter, I love this one:

tankAnd this one:

tankiniClick here to see other styles you (or your daughter) might like!

New mom and former newspaper journalist Liz Boch shares a few favorite products from when her baby, Jackson (pictured above), was a newborn:

As many doctors and books tell you, welcoming baby into the world is a wonderful feeling, but your baby still needs comfort and to feel snuggled. The womb was a very warm and cuddly place, so anything you can do to mimic that environment will help him get used to his new big world.

I bought two items that really helped. SwaddleMe swaddle wraps helped keep Jackson’s arms down while nursing and sleeping.

That immediately calmed him, since his nervous system was still getting used to being on the outside and he frequently would shoot out his arms and wake himself up or startle himself while nursing. They have Velcro too, which makes it very easy to wrap him.

You can find these at Wal-Mart or Target.

Also, the American Baby Company chenille crib sheets are so soft. They keep his bed comfy and are perfect for a winter baby. These are available on

jackson collage baby

Mamas Marketplace: Cool stuff for moms and kids

Guest post by Liz Boch

Let’s talk car seats. For me, Jackson arrived on Oct. 29, so I needed to “winterize” his travel as much as possible. And with his stiff neck, I also needed something that would keep him facing forward.

First, I bought a Car Seat Canopy from It buttons to the handle of your seat and is lined too, so Jack stays warm in the cold weather. American Baby magazine has coupon codes in every issue for a free one, so you just pay the $12 for shipping! And, they have more than a dozen styles to choose from.

Then, I bought a Kiddopotamus car seat insert for about $10 on Amazon. One side is lined with fabric to keep Jack warm in the winter and the other side is perfect for summer heat. It keeps his head stationary and lets him grow into the car seat over time.

I like options:

liz car seat collage

Mamas’ Marketplace: Cool stuff for moms and kids

liz's son, mirror

Hi ladies! Welcome to our newest nwaMotherlode feature, Mamas’ Marketplace!

This will be a place where Gwen, Shannon and other local moms share their favorite products for kids, themselves or other members of the family (woof!). If you have a product you are LOVING right now, please let us know! Email us a mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com. Note from the mamas: This is a review, but none of the ladies referenced in this post received free product. We’re just writing about the things we’re using and loving right now!

If you have a cold right now, Motherlode co-founder Shannon recommends this product:

vicks steamThe Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer for soothing coughs and congestion.  The Vick’s smell is not super strong and it’s very comforting. There’s a spot for two “scent pads” (it comes with a couple, then you have to buy more), has a protective steam guard design, auto shut-off and a large nightlight.

“My daughter had a terrible cold a few weeks ago and this really helped soothe her and help her sleep at night,” Shannon said. “Then, when my husband and I caught the cold, too, we moved it to our room.”

Mom of three, Kim Dishongh, is recommending Norwex Cloths to everyone in sight these days. She loves them!

Kim says they’re great for taking off makeup, even waterproof mascara.

She said, “I actually bought them because the people I know who were using them had skin that looked so fresh and young. Norwex is more known for cleaning stuff. These cloths supposedly have properties that disinfect naturally and do it so well that in Norway they’re used to clean hospitals with just water.”

norwexKim said these are a good bet for people with acne or sensitive skin because no other products are necessary. She added, “They also exfoliate a little bit every time, hence the fresh young skin, I guess.”

Click here to visit the Norwex Facebook page.

Brand new mom Liz Emis has a couple of toy recommendations:

Liz said Jackson, her first baby who’s now 17 weeks old, and is primarily a visual learner, with kinestetic tendencies. She said he prefers objects to look at and movement.

So Jackson is the proud new owner of the Lamaze Monkey in the Mirror toy:

Liz says, “My son has torticollis, a condition where a stiff neck muscle makes looking both directions difficult. He prefers looking to the right. Tummy time has become essential to his physical exercise and play time, forcing him to develop the curve in his neck and turn left. As a visual learner, the mirror stimulates him with a reflection. He often laughs at it, and it allows me time to get things done around the house. Laying on the floor all day can actually be tiring for mama!”

The mirror can be found on for about $20. (See Jackson playing with his mirror in the picture at the top of this post!)

Liz is also loving the Garanimals “crinkle” book.

Liz's son, garanimals

Liz says, “The feel of the Garanimals book and its easy-to-grasp handle give him something textural to put in his mouth. Often, I’ll find him reading it. And now that knows how to roll, he frequently rolls over to grab it.”

You can find this item at Walmart for about $4.50.

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