Tropical Smoothie to reveal new look, menu and DEALS on Friday, April 10th!

trop smoothie makeover

Tropical Smoothie, the awesome company that’s sponsoring our NWA Mom Prom Queen this year, will reveal a new look this coming Friday (April 10).

To celebrate, Tropical Smoothie will treat its customers ALL DAY at a grand re-opening at the Fayetteville location. Not only will there be special food deals, anyone who stops by on Friday can sign up to win an iPad Mini :)

Don’t you LOVE the new logo?

Tropical Smoothie Cafe, nwaOn Friday, food specials will include $1.99 tacos, $1.99 Island Green Smoothies & $1.99 Mango Magic Smoothies. Tropical Smoothie will also be introducing a new “refreshed menu” on Friday.

Click here to follow Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Facebook for more info about Friday’s event and to stay in the loop about food/smoothie deals they offer at their cafes.

tropical smoothies

Giveaway: CARGO tissue dispensers for the car

Sometimes when you’re a busy mom, it’s the little things that drive you nuts. And one of the things that used to drive me nuts was trying to keep tissues in the car because someone ALWAYS needs a tissue while I’m driving. It’s usually one of these scenarios:

  • need a tissue“Mom, my nose is running.”
  • “Mom, I need to spit out my gum. Where do I put it?”
  • “Mom, my juice spilled.”
  • “Mom, my scab started bleeding.”
  • “Mom, my Chick-fil-A barbecue sauce just got on the seat.”

I could list about a zillion other reasons, but you get the idea. (Sometimes we mamas need a tissue, too, to blot our lipstick or clean up the smudged mascara under our tired eyes.) The problem with keeping tissues in the car is that the tissue box always ends up getting sat on and crushed. One time I even made a tissue box container from an idea I saw on Pinterest. It worked pretty well to keep the box intact, but the container was always floating around the car and never seemed to be where I could reach it while I was driving.

cargo tissue dispenserSo… you can imagine how hopeful I was when Caitlin O’Connor emailed us about her invention that keeps tissues in the car and within arm’s reach. As a mom to FOUR boys, Caitlin also needed to be able to get to tissues quickly while driving so she invented her own holder that attaches to the sun visor. It’s called the Cargo Tissue Dispenser and it comes in charcoal grey or an oatmeal color. It’s available on Amazon for $9.99 and comes with two tissue packs. (SEE BELOW for an opportunity to WIN one of these dispensers!)

We agreed to try out the Cargo Tissue Dispenser for a few weeks and see if it solved the problem. I’m happy to report that this thing WORKS. Finally, no more scrambling around in the car to find a tissue or a fast-food napkin. I just reach up, pull one out of the dispenser that’s attached to my sun visor and hand it to whichever of my three kids needs one.

The best part? I’m not distracted from the road and looking around the car anymore to find one. This ingenious little dispenser is making me a better, safer Mom chauffeur.

cargo close upImportant note: What makes this dispenser so clever is that it attaches to your sun visor but it does NOT block you from using the vanity mirror on the visor. (I’ve used my car mirror to do my makeup more times than I can count, so it was very important to still have access to that mirror.)

I also like that the dispenser itself is made from a nice canvas-like material and the straps that go around the sun visor are stretchy but also strong. You can tell that this dispenser was made by a fellow mom who pays attention to detail and wants it to look nice — not cheap. The tissue packs slips into the dispenser easily and there’s a closure to ensure it doesn’t slip out.

cargo refillThe tissues themselves are soft enough so that they don’t feel scratchy on a runny nose, but they are also substantial enough to be able to handle the occasional drink spill in the car. That’s a big plus. (You can buy refills for the dispenser that come in packs of 6.)

When you first put in a new pack of tissues, getting the first tissue or two out of the dispenser (without tearing it) can be a little tricky, but I managed to do it by pulling the tissue out slowly. After the first one or two tissues came out, the rest of them dispense smoothly and easily. If it bothers you to have the next tissue peeking out of the dispenser, you can just fold it back into the opening, like I do.

HOW TO WIN ONE: Since we’ve solved our own car tissue dilemma, we want to share the love with our readers because we know that, just like us, you’re road trip1probably spending a lot of time in the car. (Did you know that Americans spend an average of 540 hours in the car each year, which adds up to almost a full month of your life? Wowza.)

To throw your name in the online hat to win a Cargo Dispenser and two tissue packs, click the words “post a comment” below and tell us what keeps you in the car the most. (The drive to work? Picking up and dropping off kids at school? Driving to the kids sports’ practices and games? Running errands?) Five readers will win a Cargo Dispenser plus two refill packs. (Winners are always chosen at random.) 

You can also email your answer to us at

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: Help us spread the word about the giveaway by emailing your friends and family about it. (They might want to win, too!) We’ll give you an extra chance to win for every person you tell. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

facebook-twitter(You can also earn an extra chance to win by signing up to receive the free email newsletter we send once a week. Click here to sign up.)

BE SOCIAL: You can also earn extra chances to win by commenting on our Facebook page, following us on Twitter or following us on Pinterest. If you do any of those, just mention it in your comment or email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck! We’ll choose FIVE winners at the end of the week and email the lucky moms.

Note: nwaMotherlode was not paid to write this review or to conduct this giveaway. We received one sample of the dispenser to test and keep as well as four samples to give to readers. (If we didn’t like it, you wouldn’t be reading about it here.) As always, the opinions expressed in this post are completely our own.

Calling All Shoe Lovers: Save this date!

shoes conquer the world

If you love to shop for shoes and finding an amazing deal makes you crazy happy, write down this date because this is THE ultimate shoe shopping event in Northwest Arkansas.

Ozark Guidance_Horizontal_Banner_Color_1970 (2)The Walk a Mile in My Shoes shopping event happens this year on May 15-16, 2015. It’s an amazing fundraiser that helps support Ozark Guidance.

This event has grown like crazy since it was introduced several years ago, so the selection of shoes is ENORMOUS. This year’s event will take place at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Springdale, right off the Interstate.

Shoppers at this event can buy men and women’s shoes for $10 each and kids’ shoes for $5 each. Handbags are $10 each, and there’s also a selection of high-end designer shoes for $20 each. (The shoes are new or slightly used, and there are LOTS of new shoes that are donated from local stores, too.)

There will be a Preview Party on May 15, 2015 and the Public Sale is on Saturday, May 16, 2015. (We suggest you get tickets to attend the Preview Party on May 15th if you want the very best selection. The tickets are on sale now. Click here for info.)

Note: If you’re going to the NWA Mom Prom this year, this might be the perfect place to get shoes to go with your Mom Prom dress! The Mom Prom happens this year on May 30, 2015, and the Walk a Mile in My Shoes shopping event happens just two weeks before on the 15th and 16th. Perfect timing!

For more info on the Walk a Mile in My Shoes event, click here to follow the updates on Facebook. We’ll share more details about it as they become available.

walk a mile save the date


2nd Date Formal Wear Consignment Event Feb. 13-15th

2nd date logoIf you’re looking for a great new formal dress without spending a zillion dollars, you’ll definitely want to know about this new event in Northwest Arkansas. It’s called 2nd Date Formal Wear Consignment Event, and it’s happening on February 13th, 14th and 15th at the Embassy Suites in Rogers. Admission is free! The sale opens to the public at 10 a.m.

Think of this event as the Rhea Lana for formal wear. Great idea, isn’t it? It was dreamed up by a fellow Northwest Arkansas mom, Carla Laing. (We think you’re a genius, Carla!)

If you’d like to sell one of your formal dresses at this event, there are opportunities for consignment. Just click HERE to get the info on how to do it.

If you’re shopping for a dress for yourself or for your daughter who might be attending an upcoming prom or formal, there will be dresses at this event that would work great for a wide range of occasions. (Don’t worry! The event organizers are weeding out all those bad bridesmaid dresses, so you won’t see any of those here.)

2nd date dressThere will be dressing rooms available so you can slip on the dress to make sure it fits. (Sales are final, and you can use cash or credit cards but no checks.)

MOM PROM: If you’re planning to come party with us at the 3rd Annual NWA Mom Prom (and we hope you are), this would be a GREAT place to shop for your Mom Prom dress. Click here for more info on the Mom Prom.

Below are a few pictures of some of the dresses that will be available at the 2nd Date Formal Wear Consignment Event. Aren’t they beautiful? We’re betting they won’t last too long before they get snatched up, so make plans to shop early if you can.

You know what they say… the early bird gets the amazing dress. So if you want to shop early before the crowds start to form, buy a $10 ticket to a “pre-sale” event that’s happening Friday, February 13th at 6:30 p.m. Ticket proceeds will benefit Laundry Love. Click here for info on how to attend. Event volunteers also get a chance to shop early, so click here for info if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer.

Here’s hoping we all find the dress of our dreams at this fun event. Happy shopping!

2nd date collage2nd date time place

Baby’s Room Black Friday Sale

If you’re pregnant or have a baby, you’ll definitely want to know about the Black Friday sale at The Baby’s Room in Rogers. (The store is located at the big_sale_tagShoppes at Pinnacle Hills, next to Dilly Dally’s toy store and close to Carrabba’s restaurant. The address is 3301 Market St. in Rogers.) This is the store’s biggest sales event of the year.

During the sale on Black Friday, you’ll be able to pop a balloon and get the savings amount contained inside, which could range anywhere from 10 to 50 percent off the total purchase. The Baby’s Room is known for high quality baby furniture, clothes, baby gear and more so check it out if you’re in the market. (I bought a glider for my baby’s nursery there 7 years ago and we are STILL snuggling up in it today. Love it!)

Click here to see their line of furniture and baby products featured on their website. And click HERE to get the latest updates from them on Facebook. Happy shopping!

babys room balloon sale