Visit Ozark Natural Science Center at an Open House on May 1!

onsc pic

If you want to see some beautiful scenery and check out Ozark Natural Science Center, you’re invited to come on down on Thursday, May 1.

ONSC is having an Open House from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 1.  In addition to school programs and excellent summer camps, the center has unique and beautiful conference and event facilities. If you’re looking for a unique place to hold a retreat, workshop or school event, this is a great place.

ONSC also has nearly 8 miles of maintained hiking trails, along with overnight (heated and air conditioned) lodges.

Expect a quick demonstration of what they do at ONSC, followed by a tour of the facilities and a short hike. Bring your water bottle and a reusable container so you can take advantage of the “Build Your Own Trail Mix Bar.”

You can RSVP here.

call of the wildWe also wanted to tell you about ONSC’s Call of the Wild event! It’s a gala-that’s-not-a-gala for the whole family. With live music, great food and beverages, the Wild Bunch kids’ area, a knock-your-socks-off live auction and more, this is going to be a great event. All net proceeds go to scholarships for local NWA 5th grade students.

The event is Saturday, June 7, 5:30-9 p.m. at Bentonville 21c Hotel. CLICK HERE to read more about the Call of the Wild.

Note from the mamas: We also wanted to remind you about ONSC’s summer camp options. There are SO MANY great choices for kids (and families)! CLICK HERE to read more about the camps.

Duck Dynasty star to appear in Bentonville: A&E’s Missy Robertson to keynote

BCA event

Bentonville Christian Academy is holding its very first fundraiser on April 25th and they are pulling out all the stops!

Duck Dynasty cast member Missy Robertson will speak at the event called “A New Season”.

In addition to the high-profile keynote speaker, dinner will come from the kitchens of some of Northwest Arkansas’ most fabulous restaurants including Tusk & Trotter, Table Mesa and Tavola Trattoria.

Sous chefs from each restaurant will compete at the event — with the winner being judged by the evening’s guests. There will also be a live auction and Missy Robertson will take bids on autographed Duck Dynasty merchandise. There will also be lots of other items up for grabs in the live auction, including NASCAR pit passes, an Invisalign braces set valued at $5,000 and a hunting package. There will also be a silent auction.

bca kidsThe event will celebrate Christian education in Northwest Arkansas as Bentonville Christian Academy launches a kindergarten now enrolling for Fall 2014. Currently, Bentonville Christian Academy offers preschool and pre-kindergarten programs for children ages 3-5 with plans to expand the school to other grade levels each year. (Starting with kindergarten this Fall!)

Missy Robertson is a strong proponent for faith-based initiatives and Christian education throughout the country.

A New Season will be held at The Lodge at Bentonville Church of Christ located at 904 N Walton Blvd in Bentonville. Tickets are $100 per person and may be purchased by contacting Dallas Henderson at or by calling 479.616.4880. All proceeds will go to support Bentonville Christian Academy’s new kindergarten and existing pre-school.

A little more info about Missy Robertson: After marrying Jase at age 19 and now raising another generation of Robertsons, Missy learned early on that she would have to step up her game.She was not raised in a large family, but fitting into the Robertson lifestyle became an easy transition, especially with help from Miss Kay.She also learned that being a Robertson meant helping with the family business.  However, after working for Duck Commander for many years, she is now able to devote much of her time to her passion of vocal music – both singing and writing music as well as volunteering as a music teacher at her children’s school.

She is also heavily involved in mission work, both domestically and internationally.She has volunteered her time as the crafts director for the last five summers at Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, a local Christian youth camp where both she and Jase spent many summers themselves as kids.  Missy’s family, as well as her church, help to support an orphanage in the Dominican Republic and enjoy visiting and aiding them and their town whenever possible.When she’s not filming for her family’s hit show, “Duck Dynasty”, she also travels to speak publicly to share her faith in Jesus Christ.

Missy has also sought the opportunity to develop a new clothing line, Missy Robertson by Southern Fashion House, that promotes modesty and class while being stylish and comfortable, all while juggling her family’s many activities.  Missy and Jase have been married for 23 years and have three children: Reed, Cole and Mia.

CLICK HERE to read more about Bentonville Christian Academy’s offerings, curriculum and the upcoming event!

Take the Tour: Elizabeth Richardson Child Development Center

erc collage1We took a little tour of the Elizabeth Richardson Center’s Child Development facility in Fayetteville recently and left with a great respect for the work being done there, the people doing the work – and the kids they serve.

What a positive, uplifting place for kids who have developmental delays, disabilities, or in some cases, rare diseases. After the tour, we can imagine parents feel good about sending their kids there.

We met one little girl there who was born blind. She had us all in tears while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. What a great singing voice! She also “read” to us in a braille book (she’s only 3 and is still learning her letters). Y’all, this little girl is really blossoming with the help of her ERC therapists and teachers.

We also met a sweet baby who started at the Fayetteville center as a preemie. Now she’s nine months old and makes sure everyone knows about it when she’s ready to eat!

20140313_132115_resized_1ERC has five total child development facilities in NWA (Springdale, Huntsville, Farmington and Siloam Springs) but the Fayetteville Child Development Center is where it all started in 1973. Actually, it got started in the basement of the city’s First United Presbyterian Church in 1963 but became an official non-profit at the Woodland Street address.

Each center provides speech, physical and occupational therapies in a preschool setting with a state-approved curriculum to children six weeks to five years of age who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay. Last year, ERC served over 300 children from low-income families.

One of the therapy areas we thought was awesome (and the kids agree with us) was the multi-sensory  room. Check this out:

sensory room collageEverything in the multi-sensory room was made possible by money raised by the Fayetteville Junior Civic League. In a few months, ERC will have its annual Beach Bingo Bash and proceeds will pay for more sensory therapy equipment like this for the five child development centers.

The Beach Bingo Bash is a great charity event happening on July 11 at the UARK Bowl in Fayetteville.

beach bingo bash

CLICK HERE to read more about the Beach Bingo Bash event or to buy tickets.

Thanks for the tour, Amber and Kate! We appreciated seeing the Fayetteville Child Development Center in action and meeting your amazing staff and kids.

Smile Shoppe’s new website rocks!

slider-main3Okay, we admit it. Here at, we’re a tad picky when it comes to websites because we spend so much of our day-to-day work life on the A-Plus-signWeb. When we visit a company’s website, we want it to be REALLY easy to use, fun to look at and also have valuable info to offer in addition to basic info about the company. We, along with thousands of other local moms, rely on websites to get quick info while we’re on our computers, smartphones or tablets.

So we have to give a huge A+ to Smile Shoppe (formerly known as Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Dental Center) because their new online home is beautiful! They really knocked it out of the park by creating a site that’s not only easy to navigate, it’s also FULL of really helpful info that all moms can use to get answers about their kids’ teeth — everything from what drinks to avoid to protect your kids’ teeth to emergency info like what you should do if your child has an accident that knocks out a permanent tooth.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite features:

smilestonesThe Smilestones: The Smilestones area of the website breaks it down into age groups so you can read the topics that are most relevant to your child’s age. For example, for kids in the 6 to 12-year-old age group, there’s info on mouth guards for sports, and in the 3 to 5-year-old age group, you can read about how thumb sucking and pacifiers might affect your child’s teeth. Click here to see more.

The News Links: We’re self-admitted research nerds, so we love it when a company’s website also includes the latest research in their chosen field. In the “News” category of the Smile Shoppe’s site, we found an interesting article about sports and energy drinks. The article says that the high acidity in these types of drinks can erode the glossy outer layer of teeth, and it’s becoming an irreversible problem particularly for adolescents. Click here to see that report.

kids playhouseThe Kid Playhouse: We give bonus points to any website that helps keep the kids entertained, so kudos to this one for including free printable coloring and activity sheets plus online games embedded right into the site. It’s a great perk. Click here to see more.

The Staff Info: We like it when a website gives off the same kind of vibe that you find once you walk through a business’ doors. This one helps us get to know the three doctors at the Smile Shoppe as well as the staff. Judging by the photo on the right (inspired tempmeet-300x300by the Despicable Me movie), it’s obvious the people at Smile Shoppe know how to have a little fun with kids, even the ones who are nervous about a trip to the dentist’s office.

All three dentists at this clinic – Dr. Jeffrey Rhodes, Dr. Emily Fourmy, and Dr. Candace Veneberg – are board certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

1653396_1444954349073192_501265815_nCongrats to the Smile Shoppe for creating a great website that can also be a helpful resource for local moms! We’re proud to have you as sponsors here at!


Theraderm: Our NWA Mom Prom lounge sponsor + a surprise!

So did you hear the fabulous news that Theraderm Clinical Skin Care is our NWA Mom Prom lounge sponsor?

Not only will you have a lovely lounge to take a break from dancing on Prom Night, there will also be great products waiting for you there to smooth your hands and give you luscious lips. (Note that there won’t be anyone selling anything in the Lounge, so you won’t need to feel any pressure to buy anything. This is simply a chance for a local company to show off some great products and offer local moms some pampering treatments. There will be a few samples in the Mom Prom Swag Bags for you to take home, as well as info on how to get more, if you fall in love with the products.)

*Read to the bottom for a surprise.

These products are cosmetic grade and the story behind  how they were originally formulated is so cool!

theraderm logoThe awesome Theraderm backstory: Dr. James Beckman, the company’s founder and CEO, started the line of products while he was a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, working with patients who had been severely burned.

Dr. Beckman wanted to improve the quality of life for his patients. He wanted to help restore full function and mobility to their skin-grafted hands, which led to Beckman’s Skin Care Cream.

In further developing this highly-specialized restorative crème in 1989, a new ingredient was discovered that greatly enhanced moisturizer penetration, but had the unique side effect of decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Yeah, baby!

Patients used the specialty cream with this second product containing the newly-discovered ingredient. Many began reporting not only that the effects of the moisturizer were enhanced, but also that they had noticed a disappearance in wrinkles and a more youthful look to their skin.

It was a natural progression to create Therapon Skin Health, a company that supplied these products to other physicians. The two primary products led to the creation of the Theraderm Skin Renewal System, a daily skincare system designed to restore skin health and uncover natural beauty while enhancing skin’s natural ability to restore itself.

theraderm quote, Dr. Beckman

theraderm girlTheraderm has a travel version of the daily *Skin Renewal System that Gwen and I have used and loved.

You can actually put these little travel sets in your suitcase (TSA compliant). The trial sizes are the same 4 products that have been formulated to use every day:

  • Cleansing Wash
  • Fruit Acid with Application Pads
  • OPC Reparative Gel
  • Moisturizer

This is an anti-aging system that only takes four minutes to do. We actually timed it and it can be done in less on days you gotta get out the door fast :)

Well, guess what, ladies? *The first 100 who buy a ticket to the Mom Prom will receive one of these travel sets for FREE! Surprise! Tickets go on sale TOMORROW (March 1st) at We’ll share more details soon about how you can snag your travel bag. And don’t forget: you’ll get to play with some of the Theraderm products when you’re hanging out in the Theraderm Mom Prom Lounge. Woo-hoo! We’ve got all kinds of extras planned for this year’s prom.

Aren’t the travel sets cute? See:

theraderm skin renewal travel system

Show Theraderm some love and go visit their website to look around at all the amazing products they have for improving skin — including problem areas like acne, dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles  — and lovelier lips. Click here to visit their website. They always have great discounts and offers, so be sure to follow them HERE on Facebook to take advantage of those!

Thanks, Theraderm!