Beauty Buzz: How to scale back your makeup routine

Dear Andi,

As a (fairly) new mom, I’m trying to scale back my makeup routine to just a few steps a day. What three products do you think are a “must” for looking polished, but that I can do with a baby on the hip?

quickbeautypinFirst of all, welcome to the club, where you change into your “good” sweatpants to go to the store and a messy bun is a legitimate hairstyle for every occasion.

Everyone says to take care of yourself and have “me” time, even as a new mom, but a 15-minute makeup routine isn’t always an option in a world where trying to go to the bathroom alone requires snacks, a movie and a prayer.

These three steps will give you a polished look and take less than a minute:

1. Foundation or tinted moisturizer: Your own skin tone or age will determine how much coverage you need. I, for example, was fine with tinted moisturizer a few years ago, but as sun damage has started showing more prominently, I need something heavier.

BareMinerals Original Foundation with SPF 15 goes on quickly and can be applied lightly for daytime or a little heavier for a night out. I time myself and it took 17 seconds with extra attention around my eyes and nose (thank you, allergy season).

If you don’t freckle, or had the good sense to protect your skin in your youth, then a tinted moisturizer goes on just like lotion and will even out your complexion.

2. Blush: Now that your face is even, it’s time to add a little color back in. A bright pink blush like ULTA mineral blush in Peony can look a little, well tacky or young, in the store, but when applied with a gentle hand gives a natural flush like you’ve just worked out. Blush with brown undertones can end up looking muddy or too formal for the rest of your natural look.

You can also pinch your blush brush together and do a quick sweep over your eyelids, especially if you’re used to wearing eyeshadow all the time.

3. Mascara: Nothing opens up your eyes more than a coat of mascara applied to your top and lower lashes.

If you have fair skin or blond lashes, brown mascara will create a pretty effect. Since I have brown hair and eyes and usually wear black eyeliner, I prefer black mascara to make my eyes pop. And it makes me feel a little less naked without my eyeliner.

baby lips3b. Tinted chapstick: Okay, so I can’t skip this, but I promised you three steps. And this really doesn’t count since you can apply chapstick driving. walking, or changing a diaper if you’re that desperate.

My absolute favorite is Maybelline’s Baby Lips. It comes in several different shades that are all very light and only costs $3. And it seems to have a pretty high heat tolerance, since I always leave it in the dash of my car. Although, that is of little concern in the neverending winter of 2014.

There you go: face, cheeks, eyes, lips and out the door. And I have personally done all of these with a baby (or two) on the hip. See you on the playground!

AndiIf you have a question for our makeup maven, Andi, just email it to mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}.com. She’s a mama of three who totally gets you. We promise.

Giveaway: Win tickets to hear Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson speak!

BCA - Growing for EternityMissy Robertson of Ducky Dynasty fame will be at Bentonville Christian Academy’s fundraiser on April 25th and we’ve got FOUR tickets to give away so you can make this a double date or a fun Girls’ Night Out.

These tickets are $100 each, so this giveaway is HOT!

The event is called “A New Season” and is a fundraiser for Bentonville Christian Academy’s new kindergarten, now enrolling for fall 2014.

BCA plans to expand the school to other grade levels each year. Right now, the school offers preschool and pre-kindergarten programs for kids 3-5.

ABOUT THE EVENT: In addition to Missy Robertson as keynote speaker, dinner will be provided by some of the very best NWA restaurants: Tusk & Trotter, Table Mesa and Tavola Trattoria.

The event will be at The Lodge at Bentonville Church of Christ located at 904 N Walton Blvd in Bentonville. To buy tickets, contact Dallas Henderson at or by calling 479.616.4880. All proceeds will go to support Bentonville Christian Academy’s new kindergarten and existing pre-school.

CLICK HERE to read more about the event and Missy Robertson. CLICK HERE to buy tickets for the fundraiser if you don’t want to take any chances on getting a ticket!

BCA event

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win these four fundraiser tickets, just leave a comment telling us your favorite memory from kindergarten (since this fundraiser will help BCA’s existing pre-school and brand new kindergarten).

I (Shannon) remember feeling terribly shy the first day of kindergarten and how a little boy — who’s still my friend to this day — came up and asked if I wanted to play in the classroom kitchen. I also remember playing Duck Duck Goose and the time my teacher stapled her own finger to the wall.

You may also email your answer to us at

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Good luck!

Fashion Fairy Godmother: Two Easter looks you’ll want to hunt for!

By Elizabeth Miller

Easter is coming up fast and as a busy girl I don’t have time to think about what I am going to be wearing on Easter Sunday.

I’ll be going home to my family and the many church friends that I haven’t seen in a while, so a big (and silly) part of me wants to look great! But I just don’t have time to go shopping all day trying to find the perfect Easter outfit.

One of my favorite things is to find a photo of an adorable outfit and recreate it. With this method, I don’t have to think about what looks good with what…I already know what to put together! It’s simple and easy.

So for this Easter, I put together a simple and elegant look that is easy to recreate:


Pretty cute right? Some of these items happen to be extremely expensive, so I found items that look almost the exact same, for a lot better price:

Dress: Antonio Melani Quince Shadow-Stripe Dress from Dillard’s $159

Handbag: Calvin Klein Saffiano Colorblocked Wing Tote from Dillard’s $238

Shoes: Antonio Melani Sophela Dress Sandals from Dillard’s $98

Earrings: Gold Crystal Metal Flower Earrings from White House Black Market $35

Bracelet: Flower Cut Out Bracelet from Dorothy Perkins Online $15

For direct links to the websites where you can purchase each item – CLICK HERE to check out our Pinterest and right click on the pins!

Oh, and I couldn’t help but throw in an additional “look” you might want to try (but the white dress is my favorite!):


Elizabeth Miller, intern (cropped)ABOUT ELIZABETH: Elizabeth is a junior Ad/PR major at the University of Arkansas. She’s been in various leadership positions in her sorority, Chi Omega, and is part of the Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. The Motherlode mamas would like to add that she’s a fabulous intern and we appreciate her keen eye for fashion (we’ve already lined her up to help us pick out a new spring wardrobe) as well as her work ethic, creativity and ability to quickly grasp what we need and pull it off. Welcome, Lizzy!

Ozark Natural Science Center offers camp options for nature loving kids and teens!

onsc summer camp

Being in nature lowers blood pressure, deflects depression and helps put life into perspective.

If you’ve ever visited Ozark Natural Science Center, just thinking about the beauty surrounding the sprawling facility could bring down your blood pressure right now.

ONSC has some summer camps coming up that will allow kids 8 to 17 to experience nature as a classroom without walls. There are plenty of camp options to choose from in the arts, bugs, river adventures, nature writing, young naturalists, and separate science camps for boys and girls. There’s even a camp for families (which is for parents and their kids ages 6-17).

onsc summer camps 2014ONSC has camps coming up in June and July, but you need to register to make sure your kids (or your family) snag a spot. CLICK HERE to register. These are truly life-changing camps and can reconnect kids with nature — or really connect them for the first time.

Here’s a list of camps happening at ONSC in June:

Ozark River Odyssey
Dates: June 8 – 20
Ages: 14-17 | Tuition: $1199
This camp is for the adventurer who wants to explore two of Arkansas’ rivers and have the trip of a lifetime! Practice on the Kings River and then set out on a multi-day canoeing/camping trip on the Buffalo River, America’s first National River. Along the way learn about the natural history of Ozark forest and river ecosystems, and Leave No Trace ethics. Prior canoeing and camping experience is not required. Ozark River Odyssey has a very limited enrollment. This camp has a $200 deposit due upon registration.

Fledgling Naturalist Camp
Dates: June 11 – 13
Ages: 8-9 | Tuition: $271
A camp designed for the young and curious naturalist. For pure exploration, we’ll roll over logs, pick up all the rocks, examine the soil, get down at the same level as some of our smallest organisms and catch enough bugs to last the rest of summer. Watching birds, listening to night creatures, arts and crafts, astronomy, swimming, and campfires round out this program. This camp experience is packed with activities led by ONSC naturalists that focus on introducing campers to the outdoor world of the Ozarks. This camp has a $100 deposit due upon registration.

Young Writers Camp
Dates: June 17 – 19
Ages: 10-15 | Tuition: $374
Nature has inspired great writers throughout history and has been the subject matter for stories, poems, and journaling of fact and fiction. Encounter the brilliance of nature and let imagination, creativity, and wonder flow. Writers will design their own journal to collect their thoughts and use for exercises throughout camp. Special guest writers and ONSC naturalists will lead writing activities that allow imagination and our senses to run wild. Astronomy, creek excursions and campfires at Bear Hollow will bring additional excitement to the camp experience. This camp has a $100 deposit due upon registration.

Naturalist Camp II
Dates: June 22 -27
Ages: 10-12 | Tuition: $554
Start off the summer scouting for animal tracks, searching for fossils, exploring creeks and forest trails plus astronomy, cookouts and campfires. Learn primitive skills, Leave No Trace ethics, and camping basics while having a blast. ONSC naturalists will lead campers on activities designed for exploration, fun, and learning about the Ozark natural environment and all its living organisms. There will be turtle tracking, nature games, crafts, and swimming too. This camp has a $100 deposit due upon registration.

Family Camp
Dates: June 27 – 28
Ages: Children 6 and up | Tuition: $125/adult | $60/child
Enjoy a family retreat with all the amenities including air-conditioned lodges, prepared meals, a campfire and ice cream social. Let ONSC naturalists be your guides on the trails, for astronomy and family creek exploration, tie-dyeing, and making brick oven pizza. This camp has a $100 deposit due upon registration.

onsc collage

Do your kids like riddles? Ozark Natural Science Center has a new thing called ONSC L.I.V.E. ( Learning In the Virtual Environment ). Kids can test their knowledge as a scientist and a steward of the Ozarks. Every Friday you can click on ONSC L.I.V.E. for a riddle about the Ozark environment. CLICK HERE to see previous questions and answers.

Here’s the current riddle:

I have a commensalistic relationship
with the short-tailed shrew.
I’m usually spotted
though rarely by you.
Get cold on a warm night
to grant your wish.
Go down to the water
that is free of fish.

Click here to see descriptions of the camps that will be offered at ONSC in July (which includes Bug Camp and separate Go Science! camps for girls and boys.

Gardening: Get ready to grow tomatoes!

By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1

If you want to grow food but don’t know where to start, allow me to suggest something with which you might be familiar: Tomatoes.

I love tomatoes. For as long as I can remember, they have been a significant portion of my summer diet. Back in the day when white bread wasn’t considered we love tomatoesevil, my favorite lunch would be several slices of tomato from my grandpa’s garden, a slice of American cheese, and plenty of mayo sandwiched between two slices of soft white bread.

Oh, to have the metabolism of a child again! Well, I may be avoiding white bread these days, but tomatoes are still a significant part of my summer diet, usually with a dash of salt accompanied by farm-fresh eggs and sliced avocado. I may be thirty-something, but I can still eat well!

Aside from my own personal love affair with tomatoes, there are plenty of reasons to grow this lovely veggie. For the time and effort it takes to grow one tomato plant, you really get a lot of food in return. They are low-maintenance plants with few major pest and disease issues.

Perhaps my favorite part of growing tomatoes is that they grow quickly in our Arkansas summers. They love the heat and humidity, so it’s fun to watch the progress daily with the kiddos while learning more about how our food grows.

There are literally thousands of tomato varieties, so how could you possibly know what to get? Thankfully, you won’t find thousands of different varieties at our local garden centers, but you will find an assortment of plants with different features. You’ll need to have an idea of what you want before you go shopping.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • How much space do you have to plant? If you are growing in a container, there are specific varieties tomatoes that are bred to be more compact. All tomato plants are either determinate or indeterminate. tomatoesDeterminate plants only grow to a certain height and produce a certain number of fruits, regardless of the weather, while indeterminate plants continue to produce food as long as the weather is warm. If you’re limited in space, a determinate variety might be best for you, as they require smaller supports, but if you have plenty of garden space, I would recommend an indeterminate variety so you have fresh food all summer and fall. Read all plant labels for spacing instructions.
  • What does your family eat? When you’re at the grocery store or farmers market, do you tend to purchase slicing or cherry tomatoes? Naturally, I would encourage you to grow both, but your priority should be to grow what your family likes best. My family likes to eat cherry tomatoes straight from the vine in the garden.

We won’t start planting tomatoes until early May, when the soil warms, so you have some time to think things over and decide what your family would like to eat. In my next post, I’ll go through the simple details of planting. Let’s get the family in the garden!

Tiffany Selvey, Master GardenerTiffany Selvey is a Master Gardener who writes about her passion for growing, cooking, and living naturally When she’s not elbow deep in soil, she enjoys raising a very active son, laughing with her husband, and wrangling their pets. Follow Tiffany’s gardening adventures on facebook, instagram and on twitter.