Kids playing Pokemon GO in NWA? Here’s your Poke-Mom cheat sheet!

Pokestop, fountain

This PokeStop is one of several at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, Fayetteville

If your kids are like ours (or maybe you’re into it, too!), all they’ve talked about this week is Pokemon GO.

jigglypuff pokemon goOur teenagers have emerged from their bedrooms, blinking in the bright sunlight. They’re definitely getting more exercise. And we’ve taken full advantage of the bonding opportunity by driving them around town hunting Pokemon.

If you’re not completely caught up on the craze, there’s a Poke-Mom’s Vocabulary Cheat Sheet at the bottom of this post to help you speak your child’s Poke-language.

In the meantime, we want to help you earn some “cool mom” points by knowing just where to go around town to “Catch ‘Em All”. It’s also just a great excuse to get out and explore NWA!

Here’s a list of the Best Pokemon Go Hunting Grounds around Northwest Arkansas (and we’ll continue to update the list as we learn about new locations):


Northwest Arkansas Mall

The PIGShibition sculpture at the NWA Mall is a PokeStop. Tip: Lots of the PIGShibition pigs around town are PokeStops as well as murals and other pieces of art.

Dickson Street

Eevee on dickson

Great hunting on Dickson Street!

This street has been even busier since Pokemon GO play started; it’s teeming with trainers at night.

Poke-event alert: On July 30th, for adult Pokemon players, there’s a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl. The Facebook event page says, “Meet at the corner of Dickson and Arkansas (where all those great pokestops are)! Pub Crawl with great people, catching Pokemon and meeting fellow trainers!” Click here to read more about the event.

It’s totally true about the intersection at Dickson and Arkansas being filled with PokeStops. We stopped by there last night and scooped ‘em up like crazy! And you’ll definitely be in good company since there will be lots of other trainers hanging out with friends and phones, too.

Fayetteville Square

After successfully hunting Dickson Street, you should head over to the Fayetteville Square. You can find lots of pretty flowers and a passel of pocket monsters.

You’ll also find Pokemon in some of the great shops lining the square, including The Mustache Goods and Wears.

Lots of PokeStops (look for the Fulbright sculpture) and lures here.

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

You’ll have to pay to see Pokemon in the gardens, but it’s so beautiful, that’s ok! Tip: If you go on Tuesday nights (from 5-8 p.m.) this summer, it’s FREE. We were there recently and the place was brimming with Pokemon and trainers trying to catch ‘em.

Lake Fayetteville/Veteran’s Park

WOW, this place is hoppin’ with Pokemon and trainers. You will capture mucho Pokemon just by driving through the park here. They might even hop into your car:


Ozark Natural Foods

You can stop by and battle your level 5 Pokemon at the co-op! Then you can fuel up for your next stop. :)

Washington Regional Medical Center

Several friends said they’d scored Pokemon while visiting inside the hospital or on the grounds.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

It’s a PokeStop! The pastor even has some “max potion” (a.k.a. water) outside the church for trainers.

Fayetteville Public Library

It’s a gym! There are also several PokeStops in and around the library.

Gulley Park

Lots of stops there, players.


Springdale Public Library

Poke Party, SPLPoke-Event Alert: The SPL and surrounding grounds are filled with Pokemon! And the library is having fun with the whole craze, calling all Pokemon Trainers to come to the library on Monday (July 18) at 4:30 to catch Pokemon and make their own Pokeball to take home. “Take advantage of our lures, charging stations for low batteries, and free Premium Pokemon Trainer Fuel after catching Pokemon in the heat!”

Holiday Inn Convention Center

The convention center has definitely seen a few Pokemon visitors this week!

Downtown Springdale, Emma Avenue

This is a cool stretch of downtown with restaurants, flea markets and the Shiloh Museum. There are lots of Pokemon hanging around there.

Also? We hear that a fun Springdale mama is making HAND-CROCHETED poke balls and hiding them around downtown for players to find. How cute is that?

The Jones Center for Families

While you’re headed down Emma, keep going until  you reach The Jones Center. The campus is crawling with Pokémon! There are 3 Pokestops there, and a Pokemon Gym inside the facility. Squirtle has been known to hang around, too. You can see him here staying cool by the pool:

Jones Center, squirtle use


Downtown Rogers

Lots of PokeStops here!


There’s a PokeStop right outside the doors.

Global Outreach Center – Immanuel Baptist

It’s on 26th St. and it has a huge globe that you’ll see from the road.

Benton County Memorial Park & Cemetery

Check by the statue near the entrance.

Rogers Aquatic Center

Look for the PokeStop near the sign by the entrance.

Pinnacle Hills Promenade Mall

The mall is oozing Pokemon. Jack found a Spearow today!

Jack at Pinnacle Promendae Mall

First Presbyterian Church on New Hope Road

It’s a PokeStop!

Hobbs State Park

Check for Pokemon at their entrance sign and around the park. They have some really cool things happening this summer, too, so be sure to stay and enjoy the activities (and nature)!


Crystal Bridges

Randolph Rogers, “Atala and Chactas” (and Spearow). Photo via Crystal Bridges

Crystal Bridges Museum

Lots of Pokemon have been captured while they were hanging out beside pieces of art! Not only are the creatures hanging out inside, they’re also all over the trails and museum grounds. Just remember to be respectful of art lovers who aren’t trainers.

You’ll be in good trainer company if you visit James Turrell’s Skyspace, “The Way of Color,” on Crystal Bridges’ Art Trail.

You’ll really level up here!

Northwest Arkansas Florist

Look for the painted horse statue out front and find the PokeStop nearby!

Northwest Arkansas Community College

You’ll find several PokeStops and gyms here.

Bentonville Square

You’ll find loads of stops around the square! The place is hopping every night with trainers.

Bentonville Public Library

If you’re walking around Bentonville playing Pokémon Go, stop by the Bentonville Public Library. It’s a PokeStop! BPL invites you to come inside the library to catch Pokémon and knowledge.


Eevee resting on the Bentonville Public Library shelves

Eureka Springs

Eureka is crawling with critters! They have a charging station in Basin Spring Park and there are tons of PokeStops.

How to Speak Poke-Language: If your kid’s vocabulary suddenly makes no sense, don’t worry. Pokemon terms sometimes sound like your kid is speaking Portuguese. As promised, here’s a handy cheat sheet so you’ll (sorta) know what your kid is talking about when he says something like “Hey, Mom! I finally got my Weedle to evolve!”

pokemon sheet 700

Note from the Mamas: The Fayetteville Animal Shelter is encouraging people to harness the power of Pokemon Go, Walk for a Dog and shelter dogs for the ultimate trifecta of doing good and helping others! So here’s how you can get involved: If you just like walking, consider downloading the Walk for a Dog app and have it running in the background while you jog/walk, etc and select “Fayetteville Animal Services” as the beneficiary. You can use the app in conjunction with Pokemon Go.

FAS adds: And, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider becoming a volunteer at the shelter and you can check out an awesome shelter dog for the day or afternoon and go Pokemon hunting or just walking our beautiful trails, through our Hounds Around Town program! Our next orientation will be Thursday, July 21st at 5:15 pm!!

Extra NOTE: Remember to be careful out there, trainers! And mind your manners! Hunt in groups and look up from your phone often. Here’s a warning Mercy Hospital shared recently about playing it safe.

The best snow cone stands in Northwest Arkansas!

snow cone graphic from printableUPDATED for Summer 2016: We love a sweet, syrupy snow cone on a hot summer day!

snow coneWe rounded up a list of where you can find great snow cones throughout Northwest Arkansas. If you don’t see your favorite snow cone stand on the list, email us and let us know where it is!

Click HERE to download a printer-friendly version of this list. Keep it in your purse or car so you’ll know where to go for an icy treat.

Note: We’ve linked to as many of the businesses below as possible so you can visit their Facebook page to check for hours of operation (and list of flavors) before you visit.


Shave the Planet: 3078 N. College Ave. (Next to the Bank of Fayetteville and Hobby Lobby)

Tropical Sno: 464 E. Joyce Blvd. (near TJ Maxx and Best Buy)


Shave the Planet: 1308 N. Thompson (Across from AQ Chicken and Kum&Go)

Shave the Planet: 2940 W. Sunset Ave. (in front of Malco Theater and Harps grocery store)


The Ice Box (formerly Sugar Shack): 1115 N. Dixieland Rd. (in the Golf Mountain parking lot)


The Frozen Coconut: 718 N. 2nd St. (across from Harps, near the Rogers Activity Center)

The Ice Box (formerly Cam’s Mountain Sno): Walnut Rd. (in the Frisco Station Mall parking lot near Hobby Lobby)

Brain Freeze Sno & Whips: 4205 S. Pleasant Crossing Blvd. (in the Burlington parking lot)


The Chill Zone: 214 NE “A” St. (by the Lawrence Plaza Splash Pad)

Brain Freeze of Bentonville: 200 SW Regional Airport Blvd. (just off Rainbow Curve)

Frozen Tung: 604 Southwest A Street

Kona Ice: Shaved ice truck that travels around Northwest Arkansas (Call for today’s location.)

sno cone slider

July 2016: Northwest Arkansas Calendar of Events

july slider2FireworksWondering where to see fireworks in Northwest Arkansas? Click here for a detailed list and a printable version for your fridge!

Other July 2016 events:

Friday, July 1st:

Reading Roadshow with FPL at Panera

The Fayetteville Public Library and Panera Bread are partnering to bring an Interactive Reading Program to the Fayetteville Panera restaurant. The FPL Reading Roadshow is a 30- minute interactive reading session, will be at on these dates from 9-9:30 a.m.:

Dates: July 1 & August 5

Time: 9-9:30 a.m.

Location: Panera Bread, 3638 N Front Street, Fayetteville

reading roadshow 2016

First Friday Flicks, Lawrence Plaza, Bentonville

The movies start at 8 p.m. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.

  • Friday flicksJuly 1st- Finding Nemo
  • August 5th- Teen Beach Movie 2
  • September 2nd- Zootopia

More info: Click here

First Fridays Bentonville

On the First Friday of every month (April through November) Bentonville Square is transformed into a themed community block party with live music, food and family-friendly activities. Thousands of members come out to celebrate the community. This month’s theme is Americana Music. The main stage opens at 4:30 p.m.

Date: July 1

Time: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Location: Bentonville Square

More info: Click here

Firefly Run

firefly runGrab the kids and enjoy a 1-mile “glow run” at Gulley Park. Participants will receive flashy neon accessories and navigate the Gulley Park trail. The Firefly Run is $10 a person or $30 for a family of 5. All proceeds go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Arkansas Chapter. The Firefly Run will take place within Gulley Park, using the paved trail around the perimeter of the park. This fun-run will not be timed. The glow run will start at 8:00 pm.

Date: July 1

Time: 8 p.m.

Location: Gulley Park, Fayetteville

More info: Purchase tickets at the event or before the event at Click here to visit the event’s FB page.

Saturday, July 2nd:

Astronomy Night

No registration required. You may use our telescope “Big Boy” or bring your own. Binoculars work too. Bring a red lens cover, such as a cloth or balloon. You may also bring chairs and drinks for outdoor comfort.

Date: July 2

Time: Evening

Location: Hobbs State Park, Rogers

More info: Click here

Monday, July 4th:

**To see a list of fireworks displays on July 4th, click here!

41st Annual Devil’s Den Games

Celebrate the 26th year of the Devil’s Den Games. Enjoy a fun-filled family day of horseshoes, softball, sack races, parades, and much more… all topped off with homemade ice cream. Free event. Meet at the softball field in Area E.

Date: July 4

Time: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Location: Devil’s Den, West Fork

More info: Click here

Independence Day Celebration at War Eagle Mill

This event is for families. It will include a lunch special at the Bean Palace, kids’ crafts and more. It will start at 11 a.m. on Monday and run through 3 p.m.

Date: July 4

Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Location: War Eagle Mill, Rogers

More info: Click here

Tuesday, July 5th:

Ice cream and old-fashioned toys

On Tuesdays in July, enjoy a different family activity at the Rogers Historical Museum. Tuesdays from 5-8 p.m.

Date: July 5 (Every Tuesday in July)

Time: 5-8 p.m.

Location: Rogers Historical Museum

More info: Click here

Thursday, July 7th:

Movie nights rogers

Summer Movie Series, downtown Rogers Farmer’s Market

Date: July 7 (and other Thursdays in July)

Time: Movie starts at dark (see movie titles in the graphic above)

Location: Downtown Rogers Farmer’s Market

More info: Click here

Fleur Delicious Weekend, Eureka Springs

Date: July 5-10

Time: Varies

Location: Various venues around Eureka Springs

More info: Click here

Saturday, July 16:

firefly fling

Firefly Fling

Garden fairies, food trucks, live music, fairy house building, obstacle course and more.

Date: July 16

Time: 6-10 p.m.

Location: Botanical Garden of the Ozarks, Fayetteville

More info: Click here

create it conCreate-it-Con

Create-it-Con at the Rogers Public Library is a celebration of the Maker Movement. It’s a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness. Create it Con gathers together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, food artisans, hobbyists, engineers, musicians, actors, science clubs, artists, students, cosplayers, food trucks and lots of other exhibitors. Admission is always free so come and play all day.

Date: July 16

Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Rogers Public Library

More info: Click here

Thursday, July 21st:

Homegrown Music Festival

A weekend on the Mulberry River, with Leftover Salmon, The Wood Brothers and more. Arkansas’s first sustainable festival. Family-friendly.

Date: July 21-23

Location: Byrd’s Adventure Center, Ozark

More info: Click here

Friday, July 29th:

mary poppins clipMary Poppins

Date: July 29-31 & August 4-7, 11-14

Time: Varies

Location: Arkansas Public Theatre, Rogers

More info: Click here

2016 nwaMotherlode Summer Camp Guide for Kids


Would you like to see your camp in the “featured” section of the nwaMotherlode Summer Camp Guide for Kids? Contact Gwen and Shannon at — or call us at 479-409-0424 — for more information and pricing.

Mamas, we’ll be updating our Guide as new information becomes available, so check back often!

Featured Camps for NWA Kids:

ladybugKid’s College, Northwest Arkansas Community College:

NWACC Kid's CollegeNWACC Kid’s College is an opportunity for children ages 9-13 to participate in fun, educational short-term courses offered on the campus of Northwest Arkansas Community College. From computer coding, robotics, and presidential elections to cooking, junior medic, and more, there are a variety of interesting options.  Young students can experience the excitement of being on a college campus while learning about topics that ignite their passion. There are half-day and full-day Kid’s College camps. Some kid’s camp options include:

♦ Computer coding

♦ Robotics

♦ Draw comics and manga

♦ Cooking & Baking

♦ Junior Medic

Click here to read more about the cool Kid’s Camps that are being offered at NWACC in June and July!

ladybugRACmladRogers Activity Center:

The Rogers Activity Center is the place to be this summer to get some of that energy OUT! For over 30 years, RAC has offered an excellent Summer Day Camp program where the kids have a blast and parents are at ease knowing their children are well cared for. This year’s Summer Day Camp will be a 12-week program where parents can pick the weeks they need. Children are provided breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Campers will go on field trips, play games, participate in RAC’s summer reading program, and enjoy arts and crafts while making new friends. Field trips include: skating, swimming at Rogers Aquatics Center, Amazeum, High Rise, and much more. The RAC is a licensed childcare facility.

  • Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
  • Ages: Children entering 1st through 7th grade
  • One-week sessions:  YOU pick the weeks you want!!

Camp is May 23rd – August 12th 2016 Fee: $95* per week per child (*RAC membership required, sponsorships available) For more information, contact Program Director Marleen Heyns 479-631-0336 ext. 2505 (

Click here to visit the Rogers Activity Center website for more information!

ladybugPrism Education Center: Prism Summer Camp

Camp Prism 2016 offers a summer enrichment program for kids in kindergarten through 8th grades from May 31-July 29th. Camp Prism is offering two different summer programs this year. Students in grades K-2 can attend either full-time (M-F 8:00-3:00) or part-time (M/W or T/Th 8:00-3:00), with the option to add-on after care from 3:00-6:00. Part-time attendees may also add-on Friday if space allows. Students in grades 3-6 will choose between two different camp options on a week-by-week basis. These programs are more camp-based and are full-day programs from 8 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.

♦ Students can register for only one week or all nine weeks of camp, but must register for the full week for every camp they attend.

♦ All camps will be held at Prism South on Razorback Road this summer. K-2nd grade weekly themes include:

  • State Parks
  • Passport to the World
  • Mad Science
  • Rhythm and Dance
  • Baking Olympics

3rd-6th grade themes include:

  • Into the Woods
  • Sports Camps
  • Camp Shakespeare
  • Build Your Own Business
  • Shark Tank

Click here to see more about summer classes at Prism Education Center!

ladybugJones Center ad 2016The Jones Center:

The Jones Center will offer a Basic Skills Skate Camp this year so kids can learn the fun of gliding along the ice!

Basic Skills Ice Skating Camp: In this camp, kids will learn all the basic skills they’ll need to get around well on the ice. June 13-17.

The Jones Center has events happening all summer long and offers a variety of classes to keep kids occupied, so be sure to jump over to the website and take a spin around for more info.

Click here to find out more about Basic Skills Ice Skating camp + all the fun this summer at The Jones Center!

ladybugDesign Camp: DesignCamp(SmallWebBanner)

Design Camp offers the chance to learn about design professions through hands-on projects, tours, presentation and discussions led by architecture, landscape architecture and interior design faculty of the Fay Jones School. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and collaborate with peers in a fun and creative studio environment while they walk students through the design process.

Click here to see a sample schedule, showing what the Fayetteville camp could look like. The camp is open to students going into ninth through 12th grades in fall 2016. Supplies and lunch will be provided. Camp cost is $300 for early bird registration by April 15. Camp cost is $350 for regular registration by May 27.

Date and location: June 13-17 (8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.) — University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (with overnight option*)

  • Design Camp 1
  • Advanced Design Camp

*Room and board for the residential camp in Fayetteville is an additional $300. (Need based scholarships are available.)

Click here for more information about Design Camp and to register!

ladybugSummerCamp, Community Creative CenterTime for Art Summer Camp (Community Creative Center, across from Walton Arts Center):

Time for Art Summer Camp 2016 is for students ages 6-14 and weekly sessions will start on June 6th at the Community Creative Center at Walton Arts Center’s Nadine Baum Studios.

Time for Art will take children on an engaging and hands-on discovery of art and its impact on the world around us. Campers will use clay, paints, pastels and other creative art media to explore art through the lens of history, nature, science and other enlightening subject areas.

Camps are organized into two age groups 6-8 and 9-14 years old. Students may register for morning, afternoon or both camps. ‘All day’ campers need to bring a packed lunch. Lunch supervision, fresh air, and activities are provided.

  • Morning Art Camp is from 9-11:30 am
  • Afternoon Clay Camp is from 12:30-3 pm

Community Creative Center (CCC), formerly Northwest Arkansas Community Creative Center (NWACCC) is a studio arts center featuring adult and youth instruction in clay and pottery, drawing, painting, mosaic and a variety of specialized art and studio classes. Located in the heart of Fayetteville’s cultural district at Walton Arts Center’s Nadine Baum Studios, CCC provides a full spectrum of visual arts classes to children and adults along with specialized workshops, summer, afterschool and intersession arts camps, and gallery and studio space for local artists. For more information visit

For more information about Time for Art, contact Faith Nelson {479.571.2706} or CLICK HERE to visit the website and look over all the options!

ladybugFPL ad, Summer Camp GuideFayetteville Public Library:

Adults, kids and teens can pick up reading logs at Fayetteville Public Library and start turning them in for prizes during the Summer Reading Program kickoff scheduled for Saturday, June 4th. The kickoff event will be awesome, with all kinds of music and fun.

The library has TONS of great events and activities going on throughout the summer, including camps and workshops!

Click here to see what’s cooking at FPL this summer – or to sign up for the summer reading program, no matter what your age!

Click here to see a list of FPL camps and workshops!

ladybugArtslivead updatedArts Live Theatre:

Arts Live Theatre has drama camps for various ages this summer in June, July and August — and they look like a blast! There are multiple camps to choose from, depending on your child’s age and the weeks you’d like to enroll them at Arts Live.

Summer Camps for ages 5-7:

  • Musical Theatre Camps
  • Create-A-Play Camps

Ages 8-11:

  • Get Up and Dance Camp
  • Musical Theatre Camps
  • Reader’s Theatre Camp
  • Create-A-Play Camp
  • Comedy Improv!

Ages 12-18:

  • Summer Theatre Conservatory
  • Monologue Workshop
  • Comedy Improv!

Each Arts Live camp will end with a free public showcase performance the final day of each camp. There are limited spaces in each camp, so sign up ASAP to reserve your spot. Camps will be held at Arts Live Theatre, 818 N. Sang Avenue, Fayetteville.

Click here to visit the Arts Live Theatre webiste and learn more about the camps. Or call 479.521.4932.

ladybugDriving Academy of Northwest Arkansas

While your younger kids are at camp, consider sending your teen to the Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas. It’s a a private, fully-licensed school devoted to providing superior driver education, behind-the-wheel training, and evaluations for teens (and adults), whether novice or experienced drivers. It is Driving Academy’s vision to help save lives and prevent headaches and heartaches by offering research-based, expert-recommended methods of training that are fun and relaxing for everyone involved.

driving_academy_of_northwest_arkansas_logoSummer Sessions:

  • May 31st – June 4th
  • June 6 -10
  • June 13-17
  • June 20-24
  • June 27th – July 1st
  • July 5-9
  • July 11-15
  • July 18-22
  • July 25-29
  • August 1-5

Click here to visit the Driving Academy website to get more info and to register for a session, or call 479-621-7000.

ladybugTheatre Squared Drama Camp:

MOTHERLODE_AD theatre squaredTheatreSquared is committed to helping train the artists of tomorrow through professional, immersive workshops and academies that advance theatrical craft. All TheatreSquared programs are led by professional actors, directors and designers.

This summer T2 will be offering two different programs:

  • A one-week drama camp for 10-12 year olds (July 11-15)
  • A two-week Shakespeare Academy for 13-18 year olds (July 18-29).

The drama camp for younger students is a creative camp is perfect for those who are new to theatre as well as for those who are interested in further developing their skills.  The program promotes active engagement and nurtures respect for the power of language, the examination of complex ideas, the expression of imagination and a deepened understanding of the richness of human experience.  T2 camps enhance life skills of observation, focus, self-confidence, discipline, integrity, commitment and teamwork.

The Shakespeare Academy is a two-week “total immersion”  in the theatrical world of William Shakespeare, and is designed to bring students into working contact with the creative process, while focusing and advancing the performance skills necessary to create an ensemble production.

Each program will end with a free public showcase so students can share their achievements with friends and family.

Click here to visit the Theatre Squared website and learn more about upcoming drama classes!

ladybugKaleidoscope Dance Academy Camp:

Kaleidoscope Dance Academy offers themed dance camps in the summer that are perfect for kids who are new to dance as well as more experienced dancers who want to sharpen their skills during the Kaleidoscope ad graphicsummer. Each camp runs from 9 a.m. to noon, and each dancer will receive a camp t-shirt. Some camps include field trips, snow cone treats, visits from real princesses and more!

Summer sessions and themes:

  • June 20-23: Tropical Paradise (Ages 3 to 9; grouped by age)
  • June 27-30: Art of Dance (Ages 5 and up)
  • July 11-14: Frozen in July (Ages 3 and up)
  • July 18-21: Dance is Amazing (Ages 5 and up)
  • August 1-4: Princess Camp (Ages 3 and up)

Click HERE to visit Kaleidoscope’s website for info on summer camps.

Camp options for kids by category:

Art Camps

Time for Art, Community Creative Center, Fayetteville (see more info above)

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville

Painting with a Twist, Fayetteville and Bentonville

Abrakadoodle Summer Art Camps, NWA

Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale

Local Color Studio Gallery, Fayetteville

Mount Sequoyah Summer Camps

Imagine Studios NWA

Outdoorsy Camps

Rogers Activity Center (Field trips include: skating, swimming at Rogers Aquatics Center, Amazeum, High Rise, and much more.)

Ozark Natural Science Center, Huntsville

Hobbs State Park, Rogers (for kids 6-8 and 9-12)

Be Active! summer camps, Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department

Bentonville Parks & Recreation

Summer Golf Camp, First Tee of Northwest Arkansas

Mount Sequoyah Summer Camps

Dance Studios

Kaleidoscope Dance Academy, Bentonville (see featured camp listing above for more info)

The Art of Motion, Fayetteville

Bak Stage, Rogers

Infiniti, Bentonville

All That Dance, Bentonville

Gymnastics Studios

The Little Gym

Aspire Gymnastics Academy, Bentonville

Hopes & Dreams Gymnastics, Springdale

Williams Center, Fayetteville

Club Infiniti, Bentonville


Arts Live Theatre, Fayetteville (Camps offered in June, July & August for ages 5-7, 8-11 & 12-18. Limited space, sign up ASAP.)

Theatre Squared, Fayetteville

Trike Theatre, Bentonville

Arts Center of the Ozarks, Springdale

School of Rock, Bentonville/Rogers & Fayetteville

Northwest Arkansas Suzuki School of Music

Mount Sequoyah Summer Camps

Specialty Camps

Kid’s College at Northwest Arkansas Community College, Bentonville

Prism Education Center (summer-long programs or week-long summer camps are available, see above)

The Jones Center, Springdale (Speed Camp and Ice Skating Camp, see above)

Design Camp at the UofA Fay Jones School of Architecture (for students entering 9th grade)

Driving Academy of Northwest Arkansas (for teens and/or adults)

Apple Seeds Farm to Table Summer Camp, ages 8 and up (June 20-24 only at Apple Seeds Teaching Farm, Fayetteville)

First School, Fayetteville

Experience Robotics summer camps, Bentonville

Nerdies, NWA

Mad Science, NWA

University of Arkansas Volleyball Camp, 4th grade and up

Boys and Girls Club, Fayetteville

Bricks 4 Kidz, Fayetteville

Brick by Brick, Fayetteville

College of Engineering Summer Camps, University of Arkansas (4th grade and above)

NWA Mercy Family YMCA, Rogers (for kids who have completed kindergarten through 6th grade)

Football Camp, University of Arkansas (entering 1st grade up through high school)

Fast Lane Entertainment (one week in June, one week in July)

Grace Point Church, Bentonville (day camp for 1st through 5th grade)

Little Einstein Montessori School, Bentonville

Mount Sequoyah Summer Camps

Overnight camp

Camp War Eagle (Day camps + overnight)

New Life Ranch (overnights and day camps), Colcord, OK

Reading Programs/Summer events

Fayetteville Public Library

Springdale Public Library

Rogers Public Library

Bentonville Public Library

Beauty Buzz: How to deal with under-eye circles

By Andi Douglas

I am 1001 times over the dark circles that have taken up permanent residence under my eyes. Once only a problem for Hungover Andi, they have become a daily struggle and the realization that this is caused by *gulp* the thinning of my skin due to aging sent me spiraling into the five stages of grief.

Denial: Dang, the lighting in my bathroom is awful…I’ll look better once I’m outside.

Anger: This is ridiculous! I’ve never had dark circles before and I WILL NOT have them now. Period.

Bargaining: Okay, if I start going to bed an hour early instead of searching Pinterest and I drink 8, no 10 glasses of water a day they’ll go away. Yeah, that will work.

Depression: If I’m going to look like a raccoon I might as well just sleep all day and create a burrow on the couch. Loafin’ Joes delivers; I’m just a fat raccoon now. Call me Rocky. *sigh*

Acceptance: Siri, how do I cover these freaking under eye circles?

So, here I am admitting that I need to add a couple of extra steps to my beauty routine which I can accept, because to be honest, I wasn’t really getting that extra hour of sleep anyway.

If your dark circles are accompanied by puffiness there are a few ways to minimize those bags. Preventatively, cut down the amount of salt and alcohol in your diet. Both lead to water retention and increased swelling. You can also sleep on an extra pillow to help drain the fluid that is accumulating around your eyes and apply a cold compress or chilled spoon under your eyes for a few minutes in the morning.

To help hide the discoloration, follow these 3 steps:

1. Prep your skin with an eye cream: Dab a drop of eye cream along the under eye area starting on the inside corner and working your way out. There are a jillion under eye creams on the market because we all know our “wisdom” shows first in our eyes, so don’t be afraid to ask for samples and test it out. A couple of top-rated options are Mario Badescu Skin Care Ceramide Eye Gel , particularly effective for puffiness if you keep it in the fridge, and Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream, which lives up to it’s name.

under eye circles2. Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them show: I bet Elsa depuffs her eyes every morning with her icy touch but not all of us are that lucky. Gently dot concealer along the under eye area using a thin concealer brush and starting at the inner corner of the eye were circles are darkest. Choose a concealer that brightens and has a yellow undertone to neutralize the purple color of the dark circles. (FYI: Here’s a great guide to what makeup brushes are for what)

3. Seal the deal with powder: Prevent the concealer from settling into creases and wrinkles throughout the day by applying a light translucent powder on top. Or you can use a matte eye shadow two shades lighter than your skin.

If you too are suffering with the loss of your 30-second makeup routine and having trouble coping, there is a support group. We meet at the Chick-fil-A playground in our active wear.

P.S. If your dark circles happen to be brought on by a new baby, a stomach bug raging through your house, an elementary school yearbook deadline that required several all nighters (true story), or having to wait up late for a tardy teenager, you wear those bags with pride, Mama!