On Your Mind: Mom is worried about daughter who seems depressed

how to talk so teens will listen

Hi. My daughter is 14 years old and is a good student in 8th grade. I’m worried because recently she has started spending long amounts of time alone in her room. She dresses in black, has no friends and cries in secret. I’ve tried talking to her but she doesn’t open up with me. She [...]

On Your Mind: Should I let my 12-year-old watch 13 Reasons Why?

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My 12-year old daughter wants to be watch the show “13 Reasons Why” which is about suicide and other really scary topics. On one hand, I’d like for her to watch it so that we can talk about some important stuff/situations, but I worry that it glamorizes suicide. I haven’t watched it, but from the [...]

On Your Mind: What to do when family and politics collide

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Like so many other people I know, politics has become a major issue in my extended family. There have been tense conversations and some ugly Facebook comments. We’re supposed to be together for a family event soon and I’m already dreading it. What can I do to help my family avoid letting the current political [...]

On Your Mind: Joint custody and consistent parenting

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My husband and I have two boys, both from past marriages. Our Boys are 4 yrs old and 10 yrs old, the 10-year-old lives in our home full-time and goes to his dad’s every other weekend and the 4-year-old we have joint custody with my husband’s ex-wife. We have been struggling with my stepson’s mother [...]

On Your Mind: Young widow dealing with pressure

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My husband died a year ago, so I am now a widow with school-age children at home. My friends and family have been a wonderful support system through this loss. Lately my friends, in particular, want me to “go out, do things and meet people” but I typically turn down those invitations. They are becoming [...]

On Your Mind: New mom in new town is feeling alone and stressed

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My husband and I moved from New York to Arkansas. I have no one but a working husband and a screaming crying toddler. I feel alone and depressed and I’m having a hard time dealing with my toddler’s behaviors and everyday stress. I also don’t sleep very well and it makes things worse. What do [...]

On Your Mind: Normal teenager or something serious?


How can I tell the difference between normal teenage moodiness and something more serious? I’m amazed at how my 15-year-old son can be a happy kid one day and then be sullen, irritable or gloomy the next day. I’ve got emotional whiplash! He seems to be in a “what’s the point of school, grades, college, [...]

On Your Mind: Could it be an eating disorder?


My 13-year-old daughter has lost weight and seems to be obsessed with how much she eats, calories, fat grams, sugar, etc. My husband and I are worried that she could have an eating disorder. Can you give us some advice on how to talk to her about this without causing her to feel like we’re [...]

On Your Mind: “He didn’t mean it…”


I am in a very committed relationship of six years. While we aren’t married, we live as we are and present our relationship to the world as if we were. Today, after an argument I would not deem at all “heated” my boyfriend told me he’d put me through a wall. I sat down next [...]

On Your Mind: Bed-wetting issues

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My son just started Kindergarten and he is still having issues with bed-wetting. Are there any mental health problems that could be causing this to happen to a 6-year-old? What can we do to help? Response by Maya Damet-Powell, LCSW and Haden Shepherd, LPE-I This is a great question and one that comes up more [...]