Gardening: Get ready to grow tomatoes!


By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 If you want to grow food but don’t know where to start, allow me to suggest something with which you might be familiar: Tomatoes. I love tomatoes. For as long as I can remember, they have been a significant portion of my summer diet. Back in [...]

How to start gardening with your kids

gardening with kids

Once we get through the blustery days of March, it becomes much easier to get the whole family outdoors. When the south winds start to blow, be prepared to garden with the kiddos. We’ve heard over and over again that children are more likely to eat vegetables if they have a hand in growing them, [...]

Gardening: What to plant in the fall

fall plants

By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 As the summer winds down, most of us think the gardening season does too. Sure, we all know that mums are a graceful addition to our porches, but you can’t actually grow anything to eat this late in the year… can you? You absolutely can! The [...]

Gardening: Save the bees please


By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 You might have seen a post going around facebook that has a photo with a list of fruits, veggies and nuts stating, “If you like these foods, save the bees!”. While I don’t believe that the end of squash as we know it is ending, I [...]

Gardening: Weed control without chemicals

weed control

One of the most defeating events for a new gardener is when our carefully planted garden beds become overwhelmed with weeds, seemingly overnight. I recall a few years ago when 2 weeks of steady rain kept me from doing any garden tasks. Once the rain cleared I was devastated to see that in that time [...]

Gardening: Creating a Container Kitchen Garden

tomato2 (3)

 By Tiffany Selvey, master gardener and mama of 1 It’s been a slow, leisurely start to the gardening season this year. Many years we jump right from winter into the heat of summer, but the last few months have been cool and wet, a much needed relief from the drought last year. Because of the [...]

Gardening: Things to do before the first frost


By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 We’re coming to the end of another (hopefully) successful gardening season. After the heat and drought this summer, if you managed to keep anything alive pat yourself on the back. The first expected frost date for our area is October 31st. That doesn’t mean that frost [...]

Gardening: Yes, you have time to plant fall veggies!

You don't need a huge garden plot! Raise your fall veggies in containers like these.

By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 After a long, hot, dry summer it’s nice to finally get some rain. The relief couldn’t come at a better time as we make the transition to fall planting. While it would be difficult to get seeds to germinate in in the drought, we are getting [...]

Gardening: What to plant during the fall


By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 With the intense heat we are experiencing this year, it’s hard to imagine that fall planting is just around the corner. While it’s a bit of a challenge to get things to germinate in the heat of summer, it must be done in order to have [...]

Gardening: Keeping plants alive in intense heat and drought


By Tiffany Selvey, Master Gardener and mama of 1 Being in a severe drought by the end of June is a gardener’s nightmare. In a normal year, we would still be working with a surplus of rain from April and May. But as gardeners, we don’t learn as much when things go as they should, [...]